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Sharer in a sentence | sharer example sentences

  1. A sharer in his lucre; so these do.
  2. Otherwise you are a sharer in his sin.
  3. The fifth sharer in Edmond's bequest, was his own.
  4. I had been aware of the problems of a teammate of mine who was an avid file sharer.
  5. Your food will be changed as much as we can under the Lyr’s nose and we will send messages to your shield sharer.

  6. If one were a sharer, there would be neither need of force nor guilt of conscience, for one would already be doing the caring that democracies bicker about doing.
  7. But if the husband know that his wife has gone astray and if the woman does not repent but persists in her fornication and yet the husband continues to live with her he also is guilty of her crime and a sharer in her adultery.
  8. We do not all need to know how to build a self-maintaining permanent residence, the sharer lifted a sanctuary nurtured offering of health and wellness, a sandwich for wholeness of body and peace of soul, to their chest pounder.
  9. I fancied, too, that I was, as it were, to blame in regard to her, for having come upon her tears the day before and hindered her grieving, so that she could hardly help looking at me askance, as an unpleasant witness and unforgiven sharer of her secret.
  10. Upon the whole, however, the trip had been sufficiently successful to satisfy all concerned; while the crew, and particularly Jacopo, expressed great regrets that Dantes had not been an equal sharer with themselves in the profits, which amounted to no less a sum than fifty piastres each.
  11. She wrote to me saying she was going to be the life companion of the finest thinker of the age; her people, so illiterate and so full of prejudices, could not, she supposed, be expected to appreciate the splendour of her prospects; she thanked heaven that her own education had saved her from such a laughable blindness; she could conceive nothing more glorious than marrying the man in all the world whom you most reverently admire, than being chosen as the sharer of his thoughts, and the partner of his intellectual joys.
  12. As, thanks to man's capacity to express thoughts by words, every man may know all that has been done for him in the realms of thought by all humanity before his day, and can, in the present, thanks to this capacity to understand the thoughts of others, become a sharer in their activity, and can himself hand on to his contemporaries and descendants the thoughts he has assimilated from others, as well as those which have arisen within himself; so, thanks to man's capacity to be infected with the feelings of others by means of art, all that is being lived through by his contemporaries is accessible to him, as well as the feelings experienced by men thousands of years ago, and he has also the possibility of transmitting his own feelings to others.

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