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  1. Every sense at its sharpest pitch.
  2. It’s the sharpest one I could find.
  3. The sharpest of knives never cut so deep.
  4. The sharpest thorn defending the rose.
  5. Then the youngest sharpest one I call old 'Needle-.

  6. The girl’s sharpest memories were utterly useless.
  7. The sharpest move is the gyration away from the trend.
  8. With the sharpest of movements, he hauled a young woman.
  9. Every one of his senses had been at its sharpest back then.
  10. Just in case, she took the two sharpest and slit a hole in the.
  11. They were three of the sharpest law-enforcement minds in the city.
  12. I’ll give you one of my sharpest knives for this job that you may keep.
  13. He was the leader and the sharpest; he gave off a confident but sly presence.
  14. Whilst not always the sharpest knife in the box, Stu’s libidinous sense of what.
  15. Red Fox, with his military skills, was the sharpest arrow shooter and a skilled fighter.

  16. Children have ever been the bow from which the sharpest arrows have pierced man's heart.
  17. Even in his weakest states, he always had the sharpest mind and the most detailed memory.
  18. They hadn’t found any scissors, so Thomas had grabbed the sharpest knife he could find.
  19. Ambassador’s chauffeur, had a fantastic physique, was not the sharpest tool in the shed, and.
  20. Dantes concealed two or three of the sharpest fragments in his bed, leaving the rest on the floor.
  21. The two that Adam had watching me while he was gone aren't exactly the sharpest tools in the shed.
  22. Bjorn was more like his poor mother; dark, swarthy and not the sharpest sword in the stubby scabbard.
  23. Dale wasn’t the sharpest tack in the box, but he was good at figuring out people’s ulterior motives.
  24. We pressed on to The Sharpest Thorn, which began with a dandy stepping out on New Year’s Eve:.
  25. The severest pointed harpoon, the sharpest lance darted by the strongest human arm, impotently rebounds from it.

  26. Immediately, Chance penetrated their group's circle; attempting to reveal his sharpest moves for a silent approval.
  27. While these guys may not be the sharpest knives in the drawer, it does not mean that we should underestimate them.
  28. The young girl then walked into the kitchen, turned on the light without any fear and searched for the longest and sharpest knife.
  29. Those tourists with the sharpest eyesight or longest telephoto camera lens saw a yellow, six-pointed star pinned to her left sleeve.
  30. The patience and the humility of the face she loved so well was a better lesson to Jo than the wisest lecture, the sharpest reproof.
  31. I verily believe that her not remembering and not minding in the least, made me cry again, inwardly,—and that is the sharpest crying of all.
  32. Looking around at the racks and shelves filled with everything a warrior could want, my sharpest regret was that I could not take it all with me.
  33. Whilst they weren’t the sharpest knives in the box they knew what they were doing when it came to stopping someone that had upset Father Benson.
  34. Whilst not always the sharpest knife in the box, Stu’s libidinous sense of what was possible confirmed the Countess’s assessment of the situation.
  35. EITHER YOU’VE GOT the sharpest nose for a story I’ve ever seen, I said to Cindy Thomas angrily, or I may start to think of you as a murder suspect.
  36. He looked across at the man opposite him - a man who he had always held in the highest esteem, probably the sharpest brained and best Prime Minister he had ever served.
  37. While those differences were notable concerning the war in the Pacific and Asia, they were sharpest when the question of how to take on the Germans in Europe was raised.
  38. I carried the clay mask to a table and I pulled out my sharpest knife and began to carefully carve out where her eye sockets were, but being careful to leave the clay on the edges.
  39. The sharpest contrast was in the utilities sector, which had the highest hit ratio of the short straddles, approaching 60%, and the lowest hit ratio of the long straddles, only 20%.
  40. Ida Wells led an anti lynching campaign, but it was international pressure during the Cold War, combined with the Civil Rights movement that led to the sharpest decline in lynchings.
  41. Sandaria might continue to nourish reservations over the inner circle’s version of the Archangels, but her sojourn here in Nimue’s Cave had soothed those reservations’ sharpest edges.
  42. I had little objection to his being seen by Herbert or his father, for both of whom I had a respect; but I had the sharpest sensitiveness as to his being seen by Drummle, whom I held in contempt.
  43. Here you'll find the good (press releases crafted by some of PR's sharpest writers), the bad (press releases filled with hype, fluff and poor writing) and the ugly (you'll know 'em when you see 'em).
  44. Ahdymsyn wasn’t the sharpest arrow in the quiver by a long chalk, but at least that very lack of imagination made him unlikely to come up with any bright ideas—or with any ideas, really—of his own.
  45. But it would be unjust not to tell, that she never uttered a word in depreciation of Dorothea, keeping in religious remembrance the generosity which had come to her aid in the sharpest crisis of her life.
  46. But, sharpest and deepest pain of all,—it was for the convict, guilty of I knew not what crimes, and liable to be taken out of those rooms where I sat thinking, and hanged at the Old Bailey door, that I had deserted Joe.
  47. On the eleventh night after my latest encounter with that gentleman—they were all numbered now—I had an alarm that perilously skirted it and that indeed, from the particular quality of its unexpectedness, proved quite my sharpest shock.
  48. But what if chance were already a known, that only seems to be unknowable because it eludes even the sharpest of our present measuring tools? From the little that I know of the study of fractal geometry, it is largely the observance of turbulence within fluid dynamics.
  49. There, in the autumnal Nature, the external lifelessness corresponds to the internal condition of decay; but here, in the spring, the external lifelessness is in the sharpest contradiction to the condition of the internal restoration and the change to a new form of life.
  50. The former produces speed reading because they engage the peripheral-vision to chunk words simultaneously, not just one-word at a time; while the latter is automatic, and keep adjusting our eyes to place the words we read on our foveal centralis, the sharpest focusing area of our retina.
  51. MAYBE IT WAS BECAUSE I didn’t sleep, tossing the whole night because this SOB—who was always the first to dash away when one of his buddies had the urge to go golfing, and pretended to be this fawning, adoring husband in public—was hurting one of the sharpest girls in the city, someone I loved.
  52. In the figure with the white tunic from Velazquez's "Surrender of Breda," here reproduced, note the wonderful variety on the edges of the white masses of the coat and the horse's nose, and also that the sharpest accents are reserved for such non-essentials as the bows on the tunic and the loose hair on the horse's forehead.
  53. I shouldn't have been a Napoleon, but I might have been a major, he-he! Well, I'll tell you the whole truth, my dear fellow, about this _special case_, I mean: actual fact and a man's temperament, my dear sir, are weighty matters and it's astonishing how they sometimes deceive the sharpest calculation! I--listen to an old man--am speaking seriously, Rodion Romanovitch" (as he said this Porfiry Petrovitch, who was scarcely five-and-thirty, actually seemed to have grown old; even his voice changed and he seemed to shrink together) "Moreover, I'm a candid man.

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