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Sheepdog in a sentence | sheepdog example sentences

  1. The Pyre was employed as a sheepdog in the Pyrenees.
  2. The Icelandic Sheepdog is of the Nordic Spitz breed derived.
  3. Although later in the century the Icelandic Sheepdog almost.
  4. It becomes a sheepdog that fights with the savagery and lawlessness of a wolf.
  5. But it wouldn’t have been a sheepdog that walked out that gothic, towering front door.

  6. I have decided upon the sheepdog, he announced loftily, which drew a curious gaze from Nightfall.
  7. And the old sheepdog, Beth, which Andrew had seriously considered replacing, took on a new lease of life, and suddenly seemed able to get the sheep to do anything she wanted, and without fuss.
  8. She remembered it all now, all of the things she had never been able to recall: the ashes and burning embers that were all that remained of the cottage; the barking of the sheepdog as she ran to the place where all of her hopes had burned to the ground.

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