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Sheik in a sentence | sheik example sentences

  1. The first phase would involve the Sheik.
  2. He then rang the Sheik for further instructions.
  3. The Sheik leaned back in his chair and spoke to Grimes.
  4. The Sheik unravelled the roll and stared at the scripture.
  5. Abu al-Niyah, leader of the Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman Brigade.

  6. We have finished the building stage, Sheik, said Grimes.
  7. I should have some cleared funds in my account from Sheik Manally.
  8. Perhaps you could speak with Sheik Bousaid before you make any decisions.
  9. I am turning the meeting over to our leader – Sheik Mahmoud Imali – he.
  10. The Sheik Omar Brigade was one of the most virulent anti-West haters on the.
  11. Then, he would call the number he had been given for the leader of the Sheik.
  12. Sheik Mohammed Del Alaz hobbled around his large hospital room gazing at his treasures.
  13. Hello Mohamed, what can I do for you? still bemused as to how the Sheik had found.
  14. The Sheik became tired and said they would continue the conversation the following day.
  15. For now, Nidan was a guest in that neighborhood, in the home of Sheik Mohammed Zahawi –.

  16. Farah, receiving the same invitation as Nidan from their gracious host, the Sheik – would now.
  17. When can I expect my treasure and my other instructions to be carried out? Enquired the Sheik.
  18. After several years of living the high-life, the Sheik and his advisors warned Grimes that they now wanted results.
  19. The Sheik threatened to cut off his funds for search and excavation, wine, women and song and give him a short deadline to produce some proof.
  20. He didn’t care, he knew that he was a dead man walking, but figured that the Sheik would assume that he had bolted far from Vegas and search elsewhere.
  21. When she asked, the man simply told her that Sheik Bousaid wanted to ensure that she was okay after the arduous trip but she suspected something was wrong.
  22. A Cambridge professor who specialised in translating early languages, and although Grimes had previously duped the professor, they formulated a plan to fool the stupid Sheik.
  23. Grimes never phoned the Sheik often and when he did it was either from somewhere on his Middle East visits or the United Kingdom, telling Mohammed that he had been doing research.
  24. The short, dumpy, sweaty, dinner-suited sheik ignored my outstretched hand, instead reaching with hirsute paws to grasp at my shoulders; staring up my nostrils as if assessing a camel.
  25. Or they are expecting some Arab Sheik mate of theirs (they tend to be "friends" with the rich and famous) to make an investment at some stage in the future which is always next month.

  26. Need I go on,” said the sheik “Oh” he added, remembering something else “as well as a shopping list there was also an item that my research team couldn’t understand, but a friend of yours from England, Dan, kindly pointed out that it was the instructions for using your mobile phone”.
  27. The Sheik had never cared about the money, which meant nothing to him, he’d sort of respected Grimes for being able to fool him for all those years, he liked this toffee nosed Englishman and he’d only sent Mophi to scare him and then return to Saudi, which had been accomplished at the cost of only two lives.
  28. Funded by the Sheik, he lived far beyond his means and kept the Sheik continually paying for the fictional quest to discovery of the whereabouts of the missing Gnostic gospels of Judas Iscariot, which Grimes had claimed contained documented conversations between Judas and the Messiah and stating that the information within the gospels had been reputed to be mind blowing revelations about Judas being requested by Jesus to betray him to the Romans, thus completing his final act for god.

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