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Shepherd in a sentence | shepherd example sentences

  2. The Lord is our shepherd.
  3. You are the chief shepherd.
  4. The Lord is my shepherd.

  6. The Shepherd and His Flock.
  7. Pharaoh was a shepherd king.
  8. Moses ran after the shepherd.
  10. As formerly the shepherd sits.
  11. You are: The Shepherd of Israel.
  12. She kept a fat shepherd as.
  13. You are the shepherd of the Lord.
  14. Michael Shepherd rubbed his chin.
  15. The Parable of The aged shepherd.

  16. Poimen(4166) - a shepherd, pastor.
  17. No more at dawn the shepherd will.
  18. He became a shepherd on a mountain.
  19. He will feed his flock like a shepherd.
  20. Design for Church of the Good Shepherd.
  21. You are the great shepherd of the sheep.
  22. Not far away, the shepherd had fallen.
  23. The German shepherd puked his brains out.
  24. He shall feed His Flock like a Shepherd.
  25. You are the one shepherd, of the one fold.

  26. It was the shepherd boy who was shouting.
  27. Catholic House of the Good Shepherd, 195.
  28. He was a shepherd boy and while his big.
  29. Jesus will be the one shepherd of Israel.
  30. The shepherd plaits his shoe of bark,(66).
  31. The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.
  32. The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.
  33. You are the shepherd and bishop of my soul.
  34. And not one was turned away by the shepherd.
  35. The old man turned to the shepherd lad:—.
  36. Lewis was about to leave when Shepherd said.
  37. Pastor: One who feeds the flock; a shepherd.
  39. He found a young shepherd watching his flock.
  40. Marian Reynolds and Michael and Ruth Shepherd.
  41. The old shepherd, anguished by transcendental.
  42. Out of it stepped a huge English Shepherd dog.
  43. Their place was not to judge, but to shepherd.
  44. That shepherd who first taught the chosen seed.
  45. So this was the shepherd and this was his cave.
  46. He was a poor boy, an orphan, a usual shepherd.
  47. And I might as well have been a German shepherd.
  48. We’ll have a German shepherd name Alex with us.
  49. Up until the age of forty he was a poor shepherd.
  50. What I had not realised, since the Shepherd had.
  51. Now repeat after me—‘The Lord is my shepherd.
  52. The shepherd said something else while gesturing.
  53. The German shepherd was a neutered male and the.
  54. He appeared to be an ordinary old German Shepherd.
  55. He sends for the shepherd and the shepherd tells.
  56. When he was a shepherd boy he used to practice all.
  57. He does not feed nor shepherd them as he should be.
  58. This shepherd feeds himself and feeds not My sheep.
  59. He was the crooked shepherd by his given authority.
  60. Odysseus is only recognized by a blind old shepherd.
  61. Shepherd Dog actors from the 1930s through the 1950s.
  62. A few days later we came to the help of the shepherd.
  63. The shepherd has no family, nor children of his own;.
  64. He’s water from the Rock, the shepherd of the flock.
  65. God of Jacob; from thence is the shepherd, the stone.
  66. What would it look like if the Lord was my shepherd?
  67. Upon arrival, I noticed that the German shepherd was.
  68. Near the seated man stood a young boy, the shepherd lad.
  69. At that moment, the German shepherd found a gap in the.
  70. One of Jacob, (from there is the shepherd, the stone of.
  71. In olden days there was a shepherd whose name was Magnes.
  72. As soon as the German shepherd awakened, he growled at me.
  73. In the play just quoted, Corin, the old shepherd, says:.
  74. Within the distance of a mile she met a solitary shepherd.
  75. The Shepherd is sent down and gathers together His sheep;.
  76. The standardization of the German shepherd breed began in.
  77. As Lewis picked up the phone Shepherd blew his stack again.
  79. Still, should the scab of the sheep cause the shepherd to.
  80. Bagman Jesus had been the good shepherd of a wounded flock.
  81. The shepherd boy called to the sheep and cracked his whip.
  82. They are presented in the Bible as a farmer and a shepherd.
  83. He that is a hireling, and not a shepherd, whose own the.
  84. Soon a shepherd heard also, and came to rescue the animal.
  85. The shepherd thought for only a few seconds before replying.
  86. All of this had been witnessed by a local shepherd who was.
  87. German shepherd dogs are respected in K-9 Units and in the.
  88. He who is a hired hand, and not a shepherd, who is not the.
  89. He felt that he should shepherd the new spiritual movement.
  90. Judas was only fourteen when he decided to become a shepherd.
  91. A shepherd sat on a promontory, a crook stuck in the ground.
  92. In the middle a shepherd was standing, leaning on his crook.
  93. Peter exhorts elders in I Peter 5:2-3, shepherd the flock of.
  94. But when the shepherd arrives up on the mountain where he is.
  95. A true shepherd loves his sheep even when the sheep reject him.
  96. Many came seeking the shepherd, and many others asked for help.
  97. David was a shepherd, he was a tough man, he was a man’s man.
  98. Just as a shepherd wishes to provide protection and necessary.
  99. Shepherd Boy with the Gioconda Face, with his finger pointing.
  100. He is our life giver and the Good Shepherd of the human flocks.
  1. In shepherding the.
  2. The bouncers and the bar staff are shepherding the punters out onto the streets.
  3. But unlike him, Esau was a hunter, which skill came before shepherding and long before farming.
  4. A Ranger we called Ranger Molloy had been shepherding our rifles and some gear with us in a Hummer.
  5. A Ranger we called Ranger Molloy had been shepherding our rifles and some gear with us in a Hummer.
  6. A study within anthropology reveals that farming (agriculture) was a newer skill than shepherding (animal husbandry).
  7. Or perhaps this was Walt Whitman bleeding beyond the ruled margins of the school day; Mercer had been shepherding his students through Song of the Open Road.
  8. We can also conclude from the Bible, as well as from other sources, that shepherding was a largely solitary occupation that could lead to many hours of contemplative thought.
  9. No further action! No reason given! DS Brooks was shepherding the case through court for the police so he was spitting blood when he was told the DPP were not going to prosecute.
  10. Instantly she felt that she was in error for thinking that what was transpiring around her was any fault of those shepherding her through the fires and the depravities of the enemy.
  11. We will find at the end that it misses, but we will find even later that it is shepherding a smaller rock that impacts the Kassikan, a rock they won't notice till a couple days before the impact.
  12. When Soffen nodded yes, both guards quickly took up position on each side of her, then keeping close in so she could not escape, they began shepherding her along the path towards Brockenhurst Sett.
  13. It doesn’t want to be venerated in any way and only wants to see Humanity, which it had been shepherding for millions of years, improve gradually and eventually abandon its wars, its intolerance and its hatreds, to live in peace.
  14. If the eyes could kill, at that precise moment I would be shepherding for the heaven paths; the hate look catapulted by Duprina furrowed the vast space that was separating us, to settle, spiteful, on the innate shield of my indifference.
  15. The large amounts of open land needed by semi-nomadic, shepherding societies have been periodically challenged by the needs of settled largely agricultural entities, for the exclusive use of the lands immediately surrounding the semi-permanent habitations afforded by this newer way of life.
  16. Eventually, by a time somewhat before Abraham, a de-Marché had settled over this dispute wherein, when shepherding nomads wished to approach villages and towns (for purposes of necessary trade), according to Bible sources, they would send, ahead of that approach, an ambassador to assure of their peaceful intent.
  17. Of course, by not shepherding you through the entire life spans of these made-up gentlemen I risk you focusing on some of the more tawdry elements that crept into the Beatle story in their later years, but I trust you'll keep the innocent, idyllic elements of the tale intact and will stay pretty much in the matching-slacks portion of the band's career out of respect for the field of entomology.
  18. So, in an attempt for recovering the role that God had granted him, of shepherding of the lost souls of his herd, and having come to the place of the concentration and verified that the assertions of the devout women were true, he occupied his place at the head, pushing Tula with his elbow superficially backwards, in an attempt for taking the leading role of the woman and granting to the gathering a religious character.
  1. While they shepherded the.
  2. The throng shepherded him over the.
  3. Shortly after the summit, O'Reilly shepherded summit at-.
  4. The bull replaces Jesus to be the shepherded of his cattle.
  5. Seeing that all were ready to start she shepherded them to the.
  6. Celeste really did look ill, thought Madeline as she shepherded the twins in the door.
  7. The bag with her clothes bobbed up and down and did not leak as she shepherded it in front of her.
  8. Grace shepherded out the last of them while Thaniel waited for her at the foot of the hotel stairs.
  9. She opened wide her arms and shepherded us out of the kitchen, a doctor leading us away from a deathbed.
  10. Greg and Avi, who had shepherded the project from the beginning, were publicly given credit for its success.
  11. I want to thank her for her patience and trust in me as she shepherded this project along for the last couple of years.
  12. Drew watched him tear up his card and felt his temper rising, but before he could react Todd had shepherded him through the door.
  13. Greetings were exchanged but before she could draw the next breath she was shepherded into a large office occupied by the Ambassador.
  14. Holmes, any friend or near-friend, encountered, cornered, begged, worried, and at last shepherded home for lunch, or tea-and-biscuits.
  15. Whatever the reason, she’d finally allowed herself to have feelings for the man who’d shepherded her across the ocean, back to her homeland.
  16. Look to your front and keep moving we have our orders and what is happening behind is no concern of yours, and he shepherded us on our way.
  17. Tommy returned back to his tasks of preparing the ferry for undocking, while Bob shepherded Adam up the old, polished, teak steps into his wheelhouse.
  18. Brother Francis had shepherded Brother Benedict through the many phases of his vocation and now was content to memorialize him in his heart from Hawaii.
  19. Gad and Naaman had shepherded their people to him in time, and they carried with them weapons fashioned from whatever could be found as Moshe had directed.
  20. Rhett pulled the carriage over to the curb, and Scarlett looked shepherded along by an officer and a squad of men wearing the insignia of the engineering corps.
  21. When it became apparent that Annie was in complete control and I was merely a muttering hindrance, Andrew stopped pretending to be interested in some dyed feathers and shepherded me away.
  22. Or Dog brought Mr Jackson, Mrs Gillespie, Mr Smith, Mrs Holmes, any friend or near-friend, encountered, cornered, begged, worried, and at last shepherded home for lunch, or tea-and-biscuits.
  23. A half hour later, we’re shepherded to a second terrace where a table has been set, and for the next two hours, Kate and I take turns answering questions about ourselves, our backgrounds, and the case.
  24. She was nearing the bottom when a minibus pulled in to the side of the road and disgorged a bunch of uniformed schoolchildren, chattering excitedly as they were shepherded down the path to the town by two harassed-looking teachers.
  25. Possibly, her new career choice had been influenced by a palliative care nurse practitioner, Bev Lyttle, and Printhie from the Victoria Order of Nurses, whom together had lovingly shepherded both Ted and Geri through the processes of living with dying.
  26. Having shepherded the last of the exhausted stragglers into the already settled encampment, Moshe, on seeing that the motley herd had already been bedded down next to whatever pasturage was available, slim as that appeared to be, headed to the tent of Moses and Aaron.
  27. Having shepherded the last of the exhausted stragglers into the already settled encampment,.
  1. He invited the shepherds to.
  3. The Shepherds and the Angels:.
  4. Shepherds was, by contrast, a.
  5. The shepherds did as he told them.
  6. While shepherds washed their socks.
  7. Why shepherds? Why not some middle.
  8. He had two German Shepherds on his lot.
  9. Remove from us the false shepherds who.
  10. Some had even talked with the Shepherds.
  11. The invited group were shepherds and the.
  12. With hunters and shepherds, hanging is a.
  13. We can overthrow the oppressive shepherds.
  14. The shepherds could see he wasn’t joking.
  15. After all, elders are also known as shepherds.
  16. These shepherds were sitting around their campfire.
  17. These men are shepherds, for they have been keepers.
  18. Your sons shall be shepherds for forty years in the.
  19. The Pyrenees may have arrived with their shepherds and.
  20. Whilst the shepherds have perpetrated a minor crime, you.
  21. The grass was growing and the shepherds would be here soon.
  22. When he returned, he led a group of shepherds into the room.
  23. Eight other German Shepherds had passed away over the years.
  24. Upwards of thirty persons, all gaily attired as shepherds and.
  25. Be an example and an inspiration to all your fellow shepherds.
  26. Ruth stayed in a corner of the hut while the shepherds were there.
  27. Then said the Shepherds, From that stile there goes a path that leads.
  28. And there were shepherds in the same country abiding in the field, and.
  29. Arabian pitch tent there; neither shall the shepherds make their fold there.
  30. Among nations of shepherds, both those causes operate with their full force.
  31. It was such a shout as would shake the field beasts and the shepherds asleep.
  32. I didn't know the Shepherds, as they moved next door to Rod a month ago from.
  33. Later, I heard many listened as the story of the shepherds and a star was told.
  34. Matthew bought a solid state Russian radio in Shepherds Bush market, that the.
  35. There was one hitch, the Egyptians regarded shepherds as an abomination, they.
  36. Not that I expected anyone to show up on the hillside unless they were shepherds.
  37. Their shepherds saw us from the cliff tops and reported our location to his father.
  38. I kept all these happenings in my heart, wondering at the behavior of the shepherds.
  39. As shepherds are Pastors, or priests, Spiritual leaders of the congregations of the.
  40. I kept those things in my heart, along with the memories of the Shepherds and the Magi.
  41. This same star led a group of dirty, smelly, yet gentle shepherds to see the new Baby.
  42. He asked them then if they had not of those Shepherds a note of direction for the way.
  43. In the movie, Ace is played by two German shepherds – that’s how intense the role is.
  44. There were pious shepherds dressed in long robes, with sandals and a shepherd’s crook.
  45. Thus, by the Shepherds, secrets are reveal'd, Which from all other men are kept conceal'd.
  46. He also said: "to see the unshod and bare 'uncivil' shepherds elongating their buildings".
  47. I don"t know what happened with the shepherds, and I"m not sure I believe what they said.
  48. Therefore, ye shepherds, hear the word of the LORD; As I live, saith the Lord GOD, surely.
  49. And because you are false shepherds, the sheep know not your voice and will not follow you.
  50. An army of shepherds, on the contrary, may sometimes amount to two or three hundred thousand.
  51. The distinction of birth not only may, but always does, take place among nations of shepherds.
  52. Come to the Shepherds, then, if you would see Things deep, things hid, and that mysterious be.
  53. What happened? I looked into the foothills and saw shepherds sitting, watching their flocks.
  54. These shepherds brought presents of incense, myrrh, gold, and other fine things such as linens.
  55. At the same time the Church in North Korea recognizes whom God has specifically gifted as shepherds.
  56. Such people can only form a herd of animals which is directed by the shouts and goads of the shepherds.
  57. Give to our shepherds and servant leaders soundness of doctrine and holiness of life, and preserve them.
  58. They knew that the tree was an ancient Entwife, one of the last companions to the shepherds of the forest.
  59. This technique is most suitable for bigger, strong willed breeds like German Shepherds and Rottweiler’s.
  60. At the time of writing we have two big Shepherds, a mother and son who have been with us for eight months.
  61. But as husbandmen have less leisure than shepherds, they are not so frequently employed in those pastimes.
  62. The most barbarous nations either of Africa or of the East Indies, were shepherds; even the Hottentots were so.
  63. They had been living in the forest, Merthin gathered, a group of youngsters pretending to be nymphs and shepherds.
  64. They reached a road, and had to step to one side to let two young shepherds pass with their large flock of sheep.
  65. There remain then only the lyre and the harp for use in the city, and the shepherds may have a pipe in the country.
  66. They were only shepherds, so they didn´t have many comforts to share; and could not afford to stop working either.
  67. As bright as the star that brought shepherds to the manger, it hovered over the end of the building where we lived.
  68. In that poem, he evokes the ancient way of choosing between shepherds, when they elected the Elder shepherd, or.
  69. Did not the Shepherds bid us beware of the flatterers? As is the saying of the wise man, so we have found it this day.
  70. It would be better to be a congregation without shepherds than a congregation with shepherds like those described in.
  71. Is a staff meeting only intended for shepherds? Maybe the only people in attendance should be the music teachers.
  72. A nation of hunters can never be formidable to the civilized nations in their neighbourhood; a nation of shepherds may.
  73. I was informed these were caves where shepherds, as well as travelers and different animals made these holes their homes.
  74. She ignored a group of shepherds in a distant pasture: shrewd Harry Ploughman would not waste big Sam on such light work.
  75. The ordinary pastimes of such husbandmen are the same as those of shepherds, and are in the same manner the images of war.
  76. Then he asked them, saying, Where did you lie the last night? They said, With the Shepherds upon the Delectable Mountains.
  77. Zion, and utter his voice from Jerusalem; and the habitations of the shepherds shall mourn, and the top of Carmel shall wither.
  78. This Richard was an illegitimate child who was given as a child of six by his parents to some shepherds on the Swiss mountains.
  79. The shepherds insisted I share their raki making me a little unsteady but glad to be with this whole gang of howling musicians.
  80. And so we became goatherds and shepherds, caring for the animals day and night, taking it in turns, in pairs, to stay with them.
  81. He had scanned the immediate area as he waited on the conversing lawman and nothing other than the two dead Shepherds was evident.
  82. But whither gone the umma there; what with the shepherds of the faith thus stymied, the Musalmans of the region have no clue either.
  83. Howl, you shepherds, and cry; and wallow yourselves in the ashes, you principal of the flock, for the days of your slaughter and of.
  84. So says the Lord God to the shepherds; Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! should not the shepherds feed the.
  85. Shepherds, with their flocks out in the open during the day, would take them to caves to keep them safe as the weather became colder.
  86. He said, "What is the matter with you?" They said, "We cannot draw water until the shepherds depart, and our father is a very old man.
  87. The natural messengers of the bandits are the shepherds who live between the city and the mountains, between civilized and savage life.
  88. Why, you see, he has a good understanding with the shepherds in the plains, the fishermen of the Tiber, and the smugglers of the coast.
  89. Hungarian goulash (gulyás) is the very traditional stew of Hungary which was recorded as far back as the Ninth Century Magyar shepherds.
  90. From the corridor came the sound of barking and a moment later a handler came into the office with two large German shepherds on leashes.
  91. Like as the lion and the young lion roaring on his prey, when a multitude of shepherds is called out against him, he will not be afraid.
  92. His brothers were also shepherds, but he had learned Latin from the local priest and his family reluctantly let him go off to be a priest.
  93. Then said Hopeful to the Shepherds, I perceive that these had on them, even every one, a show of pilgrimage, as we have now; had they not?
  94. Maybe, he thought, he might find a shepherds hut high up, somewhere where he could sit, wait for the stars and hear the moon a little more clearly.
  95. Water this one in the way you taught the woman to clean, this one in the way you taught the hoopers, and this one in the way you taught the shepherds.
  96. And when thou comest there from thence, said they, thou mayest see to the gate of the Celestial City, as the shepherds that live there will make appear.
  97. But when the Shepherds heard their answers, being pleased therewith, they looked very lovingly upon them, and said, Welcome to the Delectable Mountains.
  98. Among nations of shepherds, a more advanced state of society, such as we find it among the Tartars and Arabs, every man is, in the same manner, a warrior.
  99. Quietude of custody, rather, befitting their station in that house, the vigilant watch of shepherds and of angels about a crib in Bethlehem of Juda long ago.
  100. If the hunting nations of America should ever become shepherds, their neighbourhood would be much more dangerous to the European colonies than it is at present.

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