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Sheriff in a sentence | sheriff example sentences

  1. A sheriff has to know.
  2. The sheriff shook his head.
  3. The sheriff took care of.
  4. The sheriff took off his.
  5. I need to tell the sheriff.

  6. I do, said the sheriff.
  7. Sheriff Tramell turned to Mr.
  8. My husband is the sheriff.
  9. I’m gonna call the sheriff.
  10. She's a pretty one, Sheriff.
  11. The sheriff arrested me today.
  12. The sheriff would never run.
  13. Sheriff Reese and his deputy.
  14. Yes, the sheriff, I said.
  15. Sheriff Tramell sent me there.

  16. The sheriff cleared his throat.
  17. Come with me to the sheriff.
  18. He looked over at the Sheriff.
  19. In the jail cell, the sheriff.
  20. The man did as the Sheriff said.
  21. The sheriff turned with a glare.
  22. I heard about Harper, Sheriff.
  23. The sheriff gazed up at Ronald O.
  24. The sheriff begged Tom for help.
  25. The sheriff was grinning broadly.

  26. The sheriff thought for a moment.
  27. The Sheriff went over to help Sam.
  28. Sheriff Reynolds is not my type.
  29. The sheriff and I couldn’t.
  30. Sheriff Keene shouted at the door.
  31. The sheriff seemed to accept this.
  32. The Sheriff is already on the way.
  33. The Sheriff thinks they might be.
  34. The sheriff felt groggy and tired.
  35. The Sheriff couldn’t stay there.
  36. The sheriff knows we’re here.
  37. Or else I’ll call the sheriff.
  38. Ted answered the door to a Sheriff.
  39. The sheriff face displayed surprise.
  40. Then call the Sheriff soon as you.
  41. Both the sheriff and the prisoner.
  42. Steady, Sheriff, this is a gift.
  43. Miss Handle, The sheriff said.
  44. Pull out! the sheriff ordered.
  45. The sheriff growled with impatience.
  46. The sheriff had tried to pull a gun.
  47. I would appreciate that, Sheriff.
  48. The paramedics stared at the sheriff.
  49. All of what? The Sheriff asked.
  50. The Deputy Sheriff came to his boss.
  51. The Sheriff went back into the Gully.
  52. That sheriff next door was a hazard.
  53. Now the sheriff came into the saloon.
  54. Especially a two-bit sheriff in.
  55. The sheriff asked, "And the third?".
  56. Probably not, the sheriff said.
  57. He’s coming, the sheriff said.
  58. The Sheriff walked into Will’s room.
  59. But the sheriff has checked into him.
  60. Try this then, said the Sheriff.
  61. There‘s a new sheriff in town!‖.
  62. The sheriff said: Let’s sit down.
  63. Still smiling Olin lied to the sheriff.
  64. He said he would talk to the sheriff.
  65. She turned around to face the sheriff.
  66. The sheriff tipped his hat to the girl.
  67. It was the home of the county sheriff.
  68. War? What war? the sheriff asked.
  69. The sheriff informed of the situation.
  70. Call the sheriff, the clerk said.
  71. Where are you goin’, sheriff?
  72. The Sheriff shook his head in disbelief.
  73. So, where is the sheriff? I asked.
  74. The sheriff snarled: That’s enough!.
  75. We have a morgue, the sheriff said.
  76. With the sheriff, his truck rolled over.
  77. Don’t move! The Sheriff told him.
  78. Sheriff Bernard showed Ralph to his room.
  79. The town’s sheriff sure fits that bill.
  80. Catherine then at the approaching sheriff.
  81. No, no he’s not, the sheriff said.
  82. No thank you, Sheriff, she replied.
  83. I’m not stupid sheriff, Stan said.
  84. Not that way! The Sheriff told them.
  85. Send one of the men to fetch the sheriff.
  86. The sheriff squatted down and put a leg.
  87. The sheriff was squint-eyed and speechless.
  88. Killing the sheriff hadn’t been sensible.
  89. Okay, dear, the Sheriff acknowledged.
  90. The sheriff is outside, he announced.
  91. Harry, a deputy sheriff by the name of T.
  92. The Sheriff looked murderous at that point.
  93. She had nothing else to say to the sheriff.
  94. Brother Follett and the sheriff on the slab.
  95. Sure you did, interrupted the sheriff.
  96. Deputy sheriff comes on by in the night.
  97. It was the aging horse of the former sheriff.
  98. The Sheriff went in and went to find his son.
  99. I don’t understand, the sheriff said.
  100. The sheriff nodded and pointed to the cowboy.

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