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    1. I hope with all of the shortcoming of mine on you by just hoping you'll try to understand

    2. emotion that’s caused by consciousness of guilt, shortcoming or

    3. He then sent His Word, and raised him up and said to him, "Fulfil your offering, for indeed, Adam, it is worth much, and there is no shortcoming in it

    4. He then sent His Word and raised him up and said to him "Fulfil your offering for indeed Adam it is worth much and there is no shortcoming in it

    5. this is a significant shortcoming of the model The limitations of the Standard

    6. shortcoming that can occur in the middle of your party, but thanks to a wel thought-

    7. The rational part of his brain recognizes this as a shortcoming, something that compromises his work

    8. And that shortcoming alone proves that they are seriously deficient

    9. You know that your brethren love you in spite of this weakness, and you should also understand that this shortcoming in no way impairs my affection for you, but it lessens your usefulness and never ceases to make trouble for you

    10. the time‖ This acknowledges their shortcoming while at the same time

    11. will (ALLAH willing) compensate for the shortcoming

    12. The Japanese fighter pilots would be unable to quickly warn the bombers they were escorting because of that crucial shortcoming

    13. However, the biggest shortcoming of the French Air Force in Indochina, apart from old aircraft in insufficient numbers, is the limited amount of tactical and medium bombers

    14. their greatest shortcoming and difficulty

    15. His conscience easily allows him to act as a shadow of God, having telephone to call God at any shortcoming things

    16. This physiological shortcoming of infants can be

    17. In the first place, when a woman wants to get back to her normal sexual self, it proves she is active and is aware of her shortcoming sexually

    18. was innocence of his first conscience but for the owner, innocence meant a great shortcoming

    19. like him, maybe his only shortcoming was that he was not a visionary like Tim

    20. It is because of this shortcoming that the entire group of science explorers are now searching

    21. Does a blind man have the notion of beauty? I never thought about it or realized before this additional devastating shortcoming in his existence

    22. aid on the shortcoming

    23. Thus, God is superior to all because he is the supreme giver, and the offerings of man fall short by an infinite distance of being a full return for the gifts of God; but gratitude in some degree makes up for this deficiency and shortcoming

    24. Art thou real, my ideal? it was called by Louis J Walsh, Magherafelt, and after there was something about twilight, wilt thou ever? and ofttimes the beauty of poetry, so sad in its transient loveliness, had misted her eyes with silent tears for she felt that the years were slipping by for her, one by one, and but for that one shortcoming she knew she need fear no competition and that was an accident coming down Dalkey hill and she always tried to conceal it

    25. AT&T discovered this shortcoming when it began doing research into computer networks that would run over the existing telecommunications infrastructure

    26. The fundamental shortcoming of the Ethernet protocol is that data can travel in only one direction at a time

    27. The main factor limiting the growth of the Internet is the 32-bit size of the IP address space itself, and a newer version of the IP protocol, called IPv6, addresses that shortcoming with a 128-bit address space

    28. The other major shortcoming of the FAT file system is the amount of information about each file that is stored on the disk drive

    29. Incidentally, that shortcoming doesn't bother us

    30. Exorbitant levels of executive compensation, a shortcoming rampant in the United States today

    31. The principal shortcoming of the paper trail stems from the fact that it is designed and used to provide material disclosures of hard information

    32. It is important to note, of course, that the lack of soft information on the paper trail is a much less serious shortcoming for the long-term investor than it is for the trader

    33. So after reading more on the company and listening to management presentations, he became confident that they could fix this shortcoming with a stronger dose

    34. Another shortcoming in systematic strategies is that their transparency makes them easy to replicate and therefore more exposed than discretionary strategies to consensus positioning or crowding risk

    35. Incidentally that shortcoming doesn’t bother us

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    Synonyms for "shortcoming"

    defect shortcoming deficiency insufficiency fault flaw inadequacy imperfection

    "shortcoming" definitions

    a failing or deficiency