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Shutting in a sentence

1. I’m not shutting you out.
2. She was shutting him out of it.
3. The sound of the door shutting.
4. After shutting off the car, she.
5. Shutting the line down was anathema.
6. We’re shutting down the system.
7. Sit, he said, shutting the door.

8. He answered by shutting his cell phone.
9. The key issue is shutting up the heart.
10. Almost shutting the cabinet door, she.
11. Lyons stepped forward, shutting her off.
12. No, he whispered, shutting his eyes.
13. The door came down, shutting out that world.
14. Go now! he shouts, shutting the door.
15. I could hear my other organs shutting down.
16. I do the flying, and you do the shutting up.
17. The man sure spent a lot of money shutting.
18. She said that shutting down was not allowed.
19. I thought I was shutting the simulation down.
20. Shutting her dry mouth abruptly, Anne slunk.
21. Her shutting me out was the worst of the two.
22. Then the porter was there, shutting the grill.
23. Then Murphy running water and shutting it off.
24. Krepps started shutting the store down for the.
25. I am, rather, she answered, shutting her eyes.
26. Well, said Kristie, shutting off her phone.
27. The kid trimmed out, shutting down the throttles.
28. YO Ben came in shutting the door behind him.
29. We need a fire, she said, shutting her eyes.
30. Then he goes outside, shutting the door behind him.
31. Stop them, she said again, shutting her eyes.
32. Then a door opening and shutting was what she heard.
33. It sounded like a door shutting but he wasn’t sure.
34. That does feel good, she said, shutting her eyes.
35. The noise is overwhelming her, shutting down her mind.
36. Shutting the trap door she shoved her tongue down his.
37. God, this whole town is shutting down, I muttered.
38. My numbed mind is shutting out much of the environment.
39. The last thing I remember is him shutting the curtains.
40. Shutting his eyes, he could see it printed on his lids.
1. That just shuts you up.
2. She shuts the door again.
3. My mind never shuts up.
4. It then opens, then shuts.
5. Sean shuts his eyes briefly.
6. The only shop shuts at seven.
7. He leaves and shuts the door.
8. Russ walks in, shuts the door.
9. He shuts the door with a slam.
10. Finally he shuts off the radio.
11. John shuts the door of the Jeep.
12. Miles shuts the door behind him.
13. Then he shuts the whole thing off.
14. Billy sits back and shuts his eyes.
15. The door shuts, and I open my eyes.
16. Silence shuts the door of emotions.
17. Helen's the hair shuts out from me.
18. If one door shuts, another will open.
19. Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of.
20. The body shuts down to repair itself.
21. He shuts his eyes to block it all out.
22. The door opens and it shuts with a bang.
23. She leaves and shuts the door behind her.
24. The mouth shuts and Archan swims to shore.
25. Evans open his eyes, then shuts them again.
26. Every so often a room door opens and shuts.
27. He goes into the bathroom and shuts the door.
28. Diane D quickly shuts off the computer screen.
29. Gimmie a pint before he shuts this place down.
30. He shuts his eyes and lets his mind stretch out.
31. Dave opens the frig, peeks in, shuts it quickly.
32. The door shuts and its just Kristin and me left.
33. I fly through the small opening before it shuts.
34. He strides into the bathroom and shuts the door.
35. When I about to open the door, he instantly shuts.
36. And stubbornness shuts the door to reconciliation.
37. This syndrome shuts down all the body’s systems.
38. He shuts the door and hangs something on the back.
39. He shuts the door, comes back and sits beside John.
40. Your gift are shuts down because you are shut down.

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Shut up, I told it.
Shut up and come on.
I shut up after that.
After that I shut up.
If he shut his eyes.
The door shut on him.
Sit still and shut up.
He meant keep shut up.
Now, shut up and rest.
He kept his mouth shut.
He shut his eyes again.
He wanted to shut it.
The whole city was shut.
The car was shut off….
I squeeze my eyes shut.
I tried to shut him up.
She blinked and shut up.
His need shut down as.
So, I shut up for the.
Once again, I shut my.
Tucked in and shut away.
You can just shut up!.
She kept her mouth shut.
He shut his eyes tightly.
The door opened and shut.
Sure shut him up though.
Let us shut this one up.
Don’t shut down on me.
Now shut up, all of you.
The doors shut behind us.
He banged the door shut.
The gate was shut, but.
You can shut it down.
I had to shut her up.
I squeezed my eyes shut.
That should shut him up.
Shut up the stove, Nels.
So I kept my mouth shut.
I shut the door and left.

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