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    side by side

    1. they lay side by side staring at the rising field of stars that glistened above the olive

    2. The two pilots sat side by side in there with room to spare

    3. Now satiated, dripping sweat and smeared with Cretan soil, they lay side by side staring at the rising field of stars that glistened above the olive trees

    4. It would have been big enough for two men to lie down in side by side with their equipment if it didn't open horizontally

    5. Side by side and side to side, they skipped and swept in harmony and fun

    6. Together we lay side by side defending the roads of Athens and firing our pistols at the Nazis

    7. I couldn't see her face as we sat side by side, but I knew she'd

    8. God has made the one side by side with the other, to the end that man should not find

    9. They lay side by side, two statues from a mediaeval tomb in a village church

    10. He squatted next to Harry and began laying the rest of the floor with him side by side

    11. She slid back farther on the cushion and before long they were lying side by side so he could just hold the book out and point to the letter in question

    12. Alex and Kit stood side by side, next to the door and Jim stood at her side with his hand resting on her shoulder

    13. There wasn’t quite enough room for them both side by side so Alan got up behind her and she sat between his legs

    14. Side by side, they bravely awaited its arrival; elves, dwarves, humans and giants standing as one

    15. Sleeping side by side in a

    16. The staff she worked with at RIS was top notch, side by side and humorous

    17. Side by side the elven pair stood against the Reapers, a storm of black ash and silver-fire

    18. Still, I felt exultant fighting side by side with Andrastus as we drove off our oppressors

    19. Couldn’t he see this was a time for joy, not sorrow? Was he so burdened by our mutual failure to save Euredon that he could never know happiness again? Didn’t he feel this bond between us, this promise that we’d always prosper side by side?

    20. couldn’t have been clearer if they stood side by side

    21. Zarko caught up with her and they walked side by side in silence as they made their way to the slaves’ quarters

    22. Once there, they could see a larger pool coming from two books, sat side by side in the next aisle - history

    23. They didn’t say anything as they stood side by side almost at attention

    24. The tunnel widened enough to where they could walk side by side comfortably with some space between them

    25. “Can you let me go love as I can’t breathe and you are crushing my ribs?” I stood back and held her at arms length and saw that her cheeks were stained with tears also I invited her in and we sat side by side on the bed both a bit self conscious at first

    26. The old and the new, side by side

    27. two truck trailers pulled side by side

    28. He entered the inner circle and stood side by side with his contender, facing the crowd

    29. The pair of women came sweeping into the room with platters of roast duck, their faces wreathed in smiles, moving side by side in smooth harmony

    30. Kay allowed herself to be drawn, and the two stood side by side staring down into the quiet courtyard

    31. That an individual is (inherently) ―good‖ and that the corruption of (natural) goodness is understood within the context of conventional designs does not follow in the manner that (natural) goodness would never compromise itself inasmuch as it would be contrary to its (nature) to do so; each social unit being (naturally) good; that is to say, (natural) goodness, standing side by side with (natural) goodness, would (naturally) reject its mutual corruption as well as its own corruption and furthermore, the assumed absence of evil, understood as the antithesis of ―good,‖ would (otherwise) preclude the introduction of unwholesome examples seeking to promote a corrupting influence on (natural) goodness; moreover, were (natural) goodness

    32. Two rabbits, one caught by the neck, lay side by side further along the path, obviously long dead

    33. England has also joined the war effort against those criminals and our Polish brothers who are in our country are fighting side by side with us against the occupiers of their land

    34. They were racing side by side

    35. All these campaigns of repression either originated in Washington, or Washington worked side by side with campaigns of repression overseas from virtually the beginning

    36. For a brief moment of time, they were laughing together as one, facing death side by side and shoulder to shoulder, in the cold, damp woodlands of their home

    37. I wouldn’t want you to miss it,” she patted him on the arm as they sat side by side

    38. When his moonstone was set side by side with Teresa's, the edges touching, he knew what would happen

    39. the laughter stopped as our horses began to move, side by side,

    40. A Pepsi dispenser and a confection machine – a variety of chips and chocolate bars available at inflated prices - were side by side along the back wall for the thirsty or hungry

    41. They started walking together side by side on the marble road, under the blue and black starry-lit sky

    42. The sun had swung overhead and descended towards the west when its weakened rays found Truman and Beth lying flat on their backs, side by side on the lawn, their energy spent – but their spirits rejuvenated

    43. Afterwards, when they were lying side by side, sated, Colling began moaning and sighing dramatically

    44. They sat side by side, saying little, waiting

    45. The pix of the two, side by side

    46. were side by side not far from the private chambers of

    47. Maybe we would be better to say instead “Healthy Mind ~ Healthy Body” since mind is always the starting point but the old wisdom of putting them side by side seems to have been forgotten in modern healthcare

    48. How could he just ignore her as if she was some small lap dog only meant to follow in his heels? Yes, she was their prisoner, and yes, he was made responsible for her, but at least he could say something or walk side by side with her

    49. While the two siblings now peacefully slept side by side in the Healers’ House, the Ainatunarit’s Army celebrated

    50. We have lived side by side with the humans in recognition that we although apparently are different from them, are all of the same, of the Light

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    beside equal next to against