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Sifted in a sentence

He sifted through the sheets.
He sifted through her things.
Godwyn sifted through the coins.
He sifted through the large stack.
He sifted through countless tales.
On low speed, add the sifted cocoa.
She sifted through what he told her.

As the other customers sifted out i.
Tiny flecks of sawdust sifted through.
John Baret sifted through a batch of paper.
The newsprint crackled as he sifted through it.
He sifted through the question appreciatively.
Dust sifted into the cab despite closed windows.
The ceiling shuddered, and cement dust sifted down.
Hundreds of scenarios sifted gravely through her mind.
You can have the ashes after they are sifted for solid.
Everything now would be filtered and sifted for meaning.
Constraint and formality sifted in and filled the boiler.
The suitcase was not locked, lifted to the bed and sifted.
I carefully sifted through the last chapters for the passage.
Moving to the closet she sifted through the dresses, search-.
Here and there, snow sifted down through fissures and crevices.
EO304, he mumbled to himself as he sifted through the files.
A process, the tailings of which, would be sifted on a large scale.
Gradually, add the sifted dry ingredients, scraping the bowl with a.
The interrogator went to the table and sifted through Farah�s equipment.
Israel is sifted through all nations, but God is not only sifting Israel.
Taksin and Pon sifted through the paperwork, examining documents and maps.
He sifted through this information while sitting in the W’s hotel lobby.
Even as she sifted through her feelings, she couldn’t pinpoint the cause.
You have sifted out the bad and the ugly and given us the cream of the crop.
His mind desperately sifted through the available options left open to him.
We watched the flames burn down the candles as the incense smoke sifted off.
Add the sifted dry ingredients alternately with hot water and mix until smooth.
She sifted through the pretrial hearings, jury selection, the opening statements.
I sifted through the piles of clothing and other miscellany on the bedroom floor.
The three men left the bar and the crowd sifted through the doors in to the laneway.
Most of the time he sifted out the unnecessary and kept a close eye on the necessary.
The chlorophyll is released from the liquid and is sifted finely with a filter cloth.
The Nose sifted and worried this air, like a connoisseur busy with an ancient vintage.
SIFTING: Fae method of travel.
Sifting through all of those.
When her quick, half-hearted sifting of.
He is sifting the hearts of those nations.
The sifting process they named examinations.
Nothing but fog sifting across the empty boulevard.
Spend hours sifting through resumes or job applications.
The other animals got busy again, too, sifting the wreckage.
His hands dropped in front of him and he began sifting the loose.
She paused, sifting her hands nervously through the brown beach sand.
In addition to me, who are the other two sifting in? Jada says.
But suddenly, you hear a rattling noise sifting through the arid air.
I’d wondered how she was preventing an Unseelie Prince from sifting.
Hang a sifting cloth over the stove so that the cheese stays lukewarm.
Israel is sifted through all nations, but God is not only sifting Israel.
Bolt stands at the front of a line of customers, sifting through some photos.
But the answer was there, sifting down the midway in the whorling wind devils.
I have a lot of data that I am sifting through, and I hope he can confirm some.
MacArthur, who had been sifting through the file while listening, then intervened.
The old man nodded his head and continued to do so while sifting through his binder.
The only answer was the dust sifting down and around the spiral stairwell from above.
The only answer was the dust sifting down and around the spiral stair well from above.
You will remove the ward that prohibits our sifting, or you will take away her spear.
After marking the quadrants, we started removing and sifting the first layers of topsoil.
Sifting through the linen was next, but no, there was nothing he could use there either.
Brown leaves fluttered slowly down from the bare branches, sifting upon his mailed shoulders.
He said: I recognize that this sifting of the kingdom distresses you, but it is unavoidable.
Mark had spent the entire afternoon sifting through all the information he’d gleaned in the.
Sift through a fine sieve with a sifting cloth and store in an airtight container in the fridge.
The only problem will be sifting through such a vast quantity of knowledge to pick out the most.
We’re still sifting the dirt in the yard, but we’re done with the main house, he told me.
It was a time of quiet departures, of the sifting away of all that was not staunch against winter.
GRAY MAN: Tall, monstrous, leprous, capable of sifting, he feeds by stealing beauty from human women.
In all recipes where flour is used, unless otherwise stated, the flour is measured after sifting once.
After sifting through its contents, he finally came up holding what looked like a shoe box in his hand.
Afters hours of sifting through the rubble, it was Wilx who finally found an uninjured sample of Jupiter.
They vaguely discerned and dimly foresaw the approaching times of spiritual sifting and cruel adversity.
They knew your name, but not mine? Murdam asked as he started sifting through the pallets and debris.
As I’m sifting through the hot pictures in my mind, she walks over to the elevator and presses the button.
He began sifting around tarps and trying to find planks far apart enough that he could fit in between them.
She recognizes it; she’s seen it when he sifts through his memories.
A mortar shell explodes somewhere in the city, and a flurry of dust sifts down.
The Nassarius Snail is a saltwater snail that is used as part of a cleanup crew that sifts through.
She sifts right from wrong in a realm where the villains were the local gentry and the heroes were outlaws.
The Unseelie Princess sifts in, snatches the princes’ heads, and sifts out before my brain manages to process what my eyes just saw.
I gasp when the Unseelie Princess from whom I’m supposedly protecting the Nine sifts into the room, materializing directly behind Barrons and Ryodan.
Each person sifts through the cards and then deal out which persons they believe should be executed, though obviously the President has the final say.
The most common that you can find in any appliance store is a rapidly rotating disc that tears whatever you need to juice apart and then sifts the juice through a fine net into a container.
As Ralph crouches on the rock, keeping an eye out for stray or deliberate weapons, he takes what is left of his mind and sifts out the noise and the pain, all the colours of orange, red and black.

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Sift together the dry ingredients.
Sift the flour and salt into a bowl.
Doug felt the breath sift over his lips.
Sift together the remaining ingredients.
If he could sift through her thoughts….
Sift the flour and salt together into a bowl.
I used the shovel to sift through the ashes.
Sift the sugar with the baking powder and salt.
That's why I want to sift the matter to the bottom.
Sift away the cocoa beans and add 1 percent gelatin.
Sift through a sieve with a double layer of filter cloth.
Let us sift it, and examine it, and see what it contains.
Sift the truth from the lies and your eyes will be opened.
It would take him a long time to sift his way through them.
Sift through our memories and you can verify it for yourself.
Sift together the cocoa and confectioners sugar and set aside.
Sift confectioners' sugar over potato mixture a cup at a time.
Mori tipped his head and Thaniel saw him sift through memories.
Together they seemed to sift the vital fact from an experience.
Sift the rest of the dry ingredients together and add to the mixture.
I can sift through your brain, and pick out information that you know.
Save the first rinsing water and sift it into a clean glass container.
Few of the Fae can sift, and we’ve killed most of the ones that can.
Phoebe, however, began to sift the state and pulses of my heart toward.
Sift the flour and salt together, cut in the shortening and mix with hands.
Gomes too got on his hands and knees and began to sift through the rubbish.
Morosely he watched the mist of white air bubbles sift through the sea water.
There isn’t much to sift through because the excavations began this morning.
O let not Satan have us to sift us as wheat, or however let not our faith fail.
Then the roar of the planes was gone and the smoke started to sift apart overhead.
I had a lot more questions to ask but wanted to sift through the data a bit first.
Its wish to sift him as wheat, but I intercede for him, that his faith may not fail.
Sift the confectioners sugar over potato, stirring and adding about 1 cup at a time.
This careful self-censoring is supposedly done to sift out flawed and mistaken theories.
They shovel or scoop sand into their mouth and then sift the sand in their mouth and then.
Sift through a fine sieve with a sifting cloth and store in an airtight container in the fridge.
Pour into a can with a tight lid and leave it in a cool place for three to four weeks, then sift.
She however decided to use that chance to go sift through the equipment bags left behind by the CIA agents.
He had to make two more visits, and then he had to retire under the black cypress tree to sift his findings.
Perhaps he wanted to believe him rather than listen objectively, then sift the probabilities from the fiction.

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