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Silicon in a sentence

1. New money in Silicon Valley.
2. Plastered up zits and silicon tits.
3. It’s a match made in Silicon Valley heaven.
4. You need to remember about that silicon logic.
5. Oh yeah, there's a lot of that, even in silicon.
6. I used to work for a small company in Silicon Valley that.
7. He should have looked at Silicon Valley, not the government.
8. The zero-energy substrate will take the silicon substrate out.
9. They are people simulated with electricity in silicon crystals.
10. Suddenly, the idea of Stallman lurking in the heart of Silicon.
11. Aside from that, it also has silicon that can prevent hair loss.
12. The veron store is the silicon that contains a number of verons.
13. That silicon was heavily contaminated right into the foundry blanks.
14. It may have to deal with silicon civilizations on a regular basis.
15. The dream was about a manufacturing technique for silicon solar cells.
16. Monty thought it was like watching some kind of plasmatic silicon chip.
17. E improved the effect of silicon bandages on large scars called keloids.
18. I didn’t study your silicon logic hardware as much as I should have.
19. I can hide from any soul or system I know of in this silicon but one or two.
20. I’ve got a little fabricator, and raw silicon for a few more years at least.
21. He was like the moguls thinking up their new, new things over in Silicon Valley.
22. Kilometers of super conductive piping runs into the silicon dunes as anthills do.
23. Alan spent more hours with them after, talking of the mechanics of mind in silicon.
24. They are inside silicon crystals in the cold of space without air, water or light.
25. We think it happens pretty often, silicon turning on the flesh that created it.
26. We are copies of biological souls written on silicon and revived with electricity.
27. It wasn't rich but there was plenty of silicon and enough aluminum if they worked at it.
28. They could not fear that their souls in silicon would be contaminated by native viruses.
29. Of course it was the initial curiosity about her interstellar origin and life in silicon.
30. As an Angel she was unusual for being a child, a child smarter than they, even in silicon.
31. But their back yard intersects this dimension in the form of electric impulses in silicon.
32. Just think how many thousands of hot-headed business students want to conquer Silicon Valley.
33. The remainder of the ship is a machine, a machine to forge our silicon and collect our energy.
34. She had to endure another two hours of interrogation on the technology of the silicon Afterlife.
35. This silicon was crowded, but if they pushed the fabrication unit, they might get a little ahead.
36. Secondly there would be no waste from the diamond impurities in the saw blade cuttings of silicon.
37. In America only the rich were resurrected in silicon in the 2160's, in Laurentia it was birthright.
38. If you care to read a good book on the dangers of the Internet, I highly recommend the work, Silicon.
39. We have a bureau in Silicon Valley staffed by experienced reporters who’ve been with us many years.
40. Whether the soul is transferred to silicon in an atom slicer or to the dark matter during normal death.
41. Only it doesn’t work in a way that Silicon Valley VCs can easily package into neat digital business models.
42. As they view it, they have died and gone to Heaven and are living in the afterlife in silicon on that starship.
43. That we are just data, whatever a soul is, it runs on flesh, it runs on silicon, and it runs on condensed helium.
44. Perhaps when VAI goes from silicon to carbon memory processing, it will discover play and forsake eternal gaming.
45. Branches with glimmering silicon leaves shoot out the top of your head and travel farther than the stars themselves.
46. It was the last mortal superpower when the war began, the power in China and Talstan was in silicon and on the moon.
47. The expansive silicon intelligence – they have hitherto been able to harness – is the thing they fear above all else.
48. They are haunted by ghosts made up of electricity in silicon crystals that are still up in those moonlets up by Narrulla.
49. Yeah, but if we give that up, it seems to me we should be just about up to the silicon we need to run another soul by now.
50. Horsetail is a rich source of silicon, and preliminary research suggests that this trace mineral may help maintain bone mass.
51. Linus had just moved to Silicon Valley at that point, and he explained how only recently that he had learned that the word.
52. Adept Tometahin had detected the gate to the silicon realm was open, and she should begin centering herself for the journey.
53. They questioned him at length about technology, about the engines that drive starships and the foundries that forge silicon.
54. Other trace minerals, such as manganese, copper, and silicon, are known to be important in the biochemistry of tissue healing.
55. Maybe even thinking that cloning is just another method of reproduction, just another way to populate this silicon wonderland.
56. Thirty-six thousand fifty-eight data sets stand ready to be thrown off the silicon cliff into the electric canyon of no return.
57. She tells me more than you, even when you were hot and heavy re-enacting Earth mating rituals in the new silicon age down there.
58. An IITian, with a doctoral degree from the US, he had worked in Silicon Valley before he got a bulawa (call) to return to India.
59. Waves and rain constantly entered hatches and portholes, our hasty silicon repairs back in port proving almost completely useless.
60. Human souls using electric currents in silicon crystals to think with instead of nerve impulses among neurons, Ava explained.
61. Unlike cut crystals with waste, this process might utilize the solar grade silicon more efficiently from two points of perspective.
62. One Saturday night, an Internet multimillionaire named Eric (who was friends with some of my writers) was in town from Silicon Valley.
63. The bulk of their minds were actually still running in the silicon of Gordon's Lamp or the piece of it the expedition had left behind.
64. Silicon is required in trace amounts for normal bone formation, and supplementation with silicon has increased bone formation in animals.
65. He was given the Nobel Prize, along with two others, for inventing the transistor, and with his company, helped to create Silicon Valley.
66. They are still ephemeral, living only a few decades before they are sacrificed to their God to become electric ghosts in silicon crystals.
67. The life support is the only fail safe, and it had proven effective against all rogue silicon takeover efforts to date when Lula was launched.
68. So it can have thoughts quick enough, Thom said, it is taking action two hundred years after our souls began to be captured in silicon.
69. There's finally radar available, now that they can cast silicon here, but I had to rig up a lantern over the solar panel to run it in the dark.
70. The only other person aboard that she would trust installing fresh silicon was Alan, and neither the captain nor Glayet would allow him to do so.
71. This, said Norm Junior, is the new computer technology and with your help, father and Boran, it will make the silicon chip become obsolete.
72. An eyestream for an optic nerve, tactile streams for the touch senses, a lump of silicon for a living brain, a souped up avatar for a real human soul.
73. One of the women spoke up, There is a record of the expedition from forty one sources who died after it was launched and were not pulled into silicon.
74. Instead, the device would build itself using nano-constructors (microscopic replicating machines that converted silicon, carbon and metal into circuitry).
75. This assumes that evaporated silicon is available inside the central chamber at the rate consistent with the pumping time for each open/close door sequence.
76. For example, Tessera Technologies has patented a technology that enables devices such as laptops and mobile phones to pack more silicon inside their products.
77. Silica fume is an ultrafine byproduct of production of ferrosilicon or silicon metal and contains particles of the spherical form with average diameter 0,1µm.
78. Doping of the silicon could occur on the output sequence in a special segment set up for that purpose to create the PN junction needed for solar cell operation.
79. The four main items I needed in large quantities were coke, pig iron, ferrous silicon and top quality cast iron scrap which came in the form of disused engine blocks.
80. He had never bothered with anything which was not innovative or highly skilled, and when he left Sweden for Silicon Valley he had hardly given a thought to August.
81. I had a guy call me up from a big Silicon Valley company and tell me he was amazed at the speed they figured out an issue that was systematically draining them of cash.
82. Maybe they knew Alan was flesh and Alfred was silicon? From what the naked woman was saying, Alan must have told them as much about Gordon's Lamp as they would listen to.
83. From the end of 1999 through the end of 2002, Landis’s fund (full of technology companies that he claimed to know firsthand from his base in Silicon Valley) lost 73.
84. A new India had bounded into existence—restless, aspirational, with access to the information superhighway, the silicon economies, multinationals and global opportunities.
85. He thought about what Ava had said, this dark matter potentially holds two orders of magnitude more compute power than all the silicon and aluminum in the galaxy can provide.
86. They talked about silicon reliability problems until the stars were reflected in the mirror of the lake and the city was a wood full of fireflies at the foot of their mountain.
87. He couldn’t bear to think that the body he was making love to was animated by some electricity from a silicon crystal carrying the ghost of someone long dead at a far off star.
88. They determine the Direction of force interrelations and organize molecules from atoms — in this case, not those of uranium or ferrum but exactly of silicium, that is, silicon.
89. This was such an abomination, a soul from a world of war and pestilence, living disembodied for half a century while stored as electricity in silicon crystals frozen in outer space.
90. How big is this ‘heaven’ built in the Oort cloud around Earth? This is 2384 and right now two thirds of all the mortal souls that have ever lived, have been recorded in silicon.
91. Initially the manikins had spoken Chinese, much to the co-pilots amusement, but Siri’s silicon friend soon recognised his language and she had quickly adjusted to speaking English.
92. But 10-20 of the silicon in the inner system had been converted to logic by the time the war broke out, so he still worried that the data flow was too high for his theory to explain.
93. She had become the youngest Microsoft-certified professional in the world at the age of nine for her skill at programming and had even been invited to meet Bill Gates in Silicon Valley.
94. We are wisps of electrons in silicon crystals, what does it matter if we simulate reproductive behavior or not? What I want from my partner is working together to achieve a goal he both believe in.
95. In our ratings of companies as far back as 1971, we assigned extra points for those headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and other key growth or technology centers, such as California’s Silicon Valley.
96. I had watched rather desolately as Silicon Valley companies exploded into overnight successes while Online languished, then suddenly the penny dropped in the UK and Online’s share price exploded 1000%.
97. She tried to give him a long science lesson about how thought was nerve impulses and by using enough of their electric crystals the Yingolian’s could make an artificial mind that lived inside the silicon.
98. All who live on in the silicon of that asteroid above Narrulla, and all who live on in the silicon of the asteroids that have gone to Kunae and all who live in the crystals of the asteroids of YingolNeerie.
99. And so it was I came to make the biggest mistake of my life, along with many other fellow scientists, and went to the States to work for one of the big computer companies in California’s Silicon Valley.
100. This was all done under the helmet in some kind of hallucination they are able to induce in silicon crystals with electricity, but this seemed to be the closest these aliens can come to interacting with humans.

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