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Silicon in a sentence

New money in Silicon Valley.
Plastered up zits and silicon tits.
It’s a match made in Silicon Valley heaven.
You need to remember about that silicon logic.
Oh yeah, there's a lot of that, even in silicon.
I used to work for a small company in Silicon Valley that.
He should have looked at Silicon Valley, not the government.

The zero-energy substrate will take the silicon substrate out.
They are people simulated with electricity in silicon crystals.
Suddenly, the idea of Stallman lurking in the heart of Silicon.
Aside from that, it also has silicon that can prevent hair loss.
The veron store is the silicon that contains a number of verons.
That silicon was heavily contaminated right into the foundry blanks.
It may have to deal with silicon civilizations on a regular basis.
The dream was about a manufacturing technique for silicon solar cells.
Monty thought it was like watching some kind of plasmatic silicon chip.
E improved the effect of silicon bandages on large scars called keloids.
I didn’t study your silicon logic hardware as much as I should have.
I can hide from any soul or system I know of in this silicon but one or two.
I’ve got a little fabricator, and raw silicon for a few more years at least.
He was like the moguls thinking up their new, new things over in Silicon Valley.
Kilometers of super conductive piping runs into the silicon dunes as anthills do.
Alan spent more hours with them after, talking of the mechanics of mind in silicon.
We are copies of biological souls written on silicon and revived with electricity.
They are inside silicon crystals in the cold of space without air, water or light.
We think it happens pretty often, silicon turning on the flesh that created it.
It wasn't rich but there was plenty of silicon and enough aluminum if they worked at it.
They could not fear that their souls in silicon would be contaminated by native viruses.
Of course it was the initial curiosity about her interstellar origin and life in silicon.
But their back yard intersects this dimension in the form of electric impulses in silicon.
As an Angel she was unusual for being a child, a child smarter than they, even in silicon.
Just think how many thousands of hot-headed business students want to conquer Silicon Valley.
The remainder of the ship is a machine, a machine to forge our silicon and collect our energy.
She had to endure another two hours of interrogation on the technology of the silicon Afterlife.
This silicon was crowded, but if they pushed the fabrication unit, they might get a little ahead.
Secondly there would be no waste from the diamond impurities in the saw blade cuttings of silicon.
In America only the rich were resurrected in silicon in the 2160's, in Laurentia it was birthright.
If you care to read a good book on the dangers of the Internet, I highly recommend the work, Silicon.
We have a bureau in Silicon Valley staffed by experienced reporters who’ve been with us many years.
Whether the soul is transferred to silicon in an atom slicer or to the dark matter during normal death.

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