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Sinkhole in a sentence

the trap door of another sinkhole.
into the ground in a giant sinkhole.
the sinkhole, soon returned to solid ground.
The boy was found unconscious in a sinkhole.
clear that I had built my house on a sinkhole.
uneasy about the discovery of another sinkhole.
Branan was particularly interested in the sinkhole that the.

Like hell! Shouldn't have been in that sinkhole to start with.
of wandering into a sinkhole when crossing was terrifyingly high.
at once that a sinkhole must have been strategically placed on the.
reconnaissance captain before he could reach the other sinkhole and.
It was as though a ginormous sinkhole had opened up and the family business fell through.
Suddenly the ground gave way and Jeremiah found himself once again caught up in an underground sinkhole.
You stand on the edge of wooden sinkhole waiting for the nose to rustle out where Boo Bear is hibernating.
From my perspective, there was nothing but a tree trunk with a sinkhole big enough for a few foxes to squeeze through.
A few seasons of steady snowfall and rain could weaken the ground and cause the entire graveyard to collapse into the ground in a giant sinkhole.
They rode single file until he ducked through a stone arch and then dismounted, leading his horse through a tunnel and emerging into a sinkhole the size of a small baseball field.
Dead end? There was nothing but a giant tree trunk that grew straight up into the ceiling and a three-foot sinkhole in front of us, which was probably home to some underground animal that I didn’t want to bump into.

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Synonyms for sinkhole

sink sinkhole