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    1. As the rays slanted in to this table, he enjoyed the warmth

    2. The two of them walked up the slanted ceiling of the stairwell, keeping their eyes on the dangerously, jagged steps above them

    3. Colored sparkles of light slanted in from the enormous pictureglass windows that looked out across the Karedarzin plains

    4. The room became a plotter's den slanted with plans and schemes

    5. on the wane and the sun slanted uninterrupted across the

    6. It was slanted but it was not sinking lower

    7. Then he went on to tell of how much danger his father had put him in once again when he tried to shoot him with a paralysis dart when he was seventy feet above the stone floor and excrement pile of that abandoned area, clinging to a slanted roof

    8. To the other side, a wall of the pyramid slanted up

    9. Its forehead slanted backwards and was four times the length of a humans’

    10. Both had their weapons drawn however, Wil’s axe glowing golden in the darkness, and Carl’s spear slanted at an angle

    11. She seemed to want to keep her Battle Angels close at all times, even when there was no apparent danger, or perhaps it was Terese’s influence that made her keep the emerald bow slanted across her shoulders

    12. ‘Miss Vanda,’ he said with a slanted smile, ‘that was the best show I have ever seen here, it was very exciting

    13. Sunlight slanted down through the trees, and he could hear the tops of them thrashing around

    14. The cabins were picked out in reds, yellows, blues and greens - swirling splashes of colour made vibrant under the sun that slanted down across the tops of the houses on the far bank

    15. As Theresa opened her eyes again, a morning sun sent slanted rays down from the high chimney-hole onto cold, still lake waters

    16. climbed the sharply slanted apron, and entered the depot

    17. He looked up the slanted land

    18. But in addition to this, the story was often slanted for a given effect

    19. The roof was made of planks and slanted

    20. On this average news day, what was printed here presented too much negative, too much doom and gloom, too slanted

    21. so that all news and information could be slanted so that the

    22. His comments were all slanted toward moving what I prided as my objectivity to a more liberal viewpoint

    23. ” Sheramiv noted, indicating spaces on the ends of the hull where the taper of the ship made the floors curved and slanted

    24. His gaze slanted a look at Morgan, with narrowed eyes he watched the prince until Morgan squirmed as he had when he was a young lad under the gaze

    25. He and Whisenand wore dark suits, white shirts, and the distinctive slanted red and blue stripes of school ties

    26. that were slanted tentlike together

    27. through a slanted valley at the far end of which could be seen a small sparkle of blue as if from

    28. slanted to the side in disappointment – or pity

    29. You get to see how slanted news reporting can be

    30. He was old but still had a chirpy look about him, he swayed with the rhythm of the music that he played; his eyes slightly slanted like the people Barrad had seen living in the Steppes

    31. For the next level of sixty degrees I had to be going a bit faster and finally, at the vertical part, the centrifugal forces gave me the illusion of running on a slightly slanted normal road with the little table hanging vertically in mid-air

    32. His arms came around my waist and I lifted on my toes and slanted my

    33. Does the foregoing paragraph seem somewhat "slanted" to the reader? Consider the following:

    34. into packs of domino tiles, slanted and piled atop each other

    35. They finished by standing in a line in the shallow end of the pool, their upper bodies slanted and alternating sides, moving their arms up and down to the beat of Technotronicś Rockinóver the Beat

    36. swung over their heads and onto the stall's slanted roof

    37. An early moon had risen and its light slanted through the pierced dome which by some curious workmanship intensified the light

    38. Outside, the moon had risen to a point where its light slanted dimly down the shaft

    39. Avoid running on paths that are slanted

    40. You need to be extra careful, when you are running on slanted paths

    41. Thus, whenever you have a choice, avoid running on slanted paths, and prefer those that are flat

    42. The floor slanted slightly downward and was worn smooth as by many feet

    43. Protopopoff, a little man with a rosy egg-shaped head and a faint touch of slanted, oriental eyes, laughed as they undressed in the heavy, steamy environment and took sheets that resembled Roman togas

    44. He held the oil lamp as high as he could and saw his passage was blocked completely by a small lake -- a subterranean lake! A few meters out, the cavern roof slanted down and disappeared under the black water

    45. Of the properly slanted line

    46. But oh! that deep romantic chasm which slanted

    47. ‘Transformer, hey,’ he says with a slanted smile

    48. Nonchalantly with his hands in his pockets and a slanted smile he looks at me

    49. squad reached under the slanted top of the podium,

    50. There was the same slanted channel made

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    Synonyms for "slanted"

    aslant aslope diagonal slanted slanting sloped sloping biased colored coloured one-sided

    "slanted" definitions

    having an oblique or slanted direction

    favoring one person or side over another