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Slashed in a sentence

1. She slashed at it again.
2. He slashed fast and hard.
3. He slashed prices on the.
4. Pain slashed across his face.
5. And slashed the man’s arm.
6. All four tires were slashed.
7. Slashed two of their throats.

8. All 4 of his tires are slashed.
9. Tylin slashed Onn across the back.
10. Daltry had their throats slashed.
11. Captain Hycron slashed her breasts.
12. He slashed with his right blade and.
13. Phil’s raft had been slashed in two.
14. He must have been slashed with some.
15. He slashed his sword again but missed.
16. He slashed with his sword, but missed.
17. Red blood was slashed across the foot.
18. The pity in his eyes slashed through me.
19. He wore a slashed sleeved jerkin with a.
20. He told you he slashed your tires?
21. Couches, chairs, and pillows slashed open.
22. Windzer slashed through the unsuspecting.
23. The arms had been slashed with sabre cuts.
24. The guards slashed and slashed but their.
25. It had to be towed, the tires were slashed.
26. Walter Trentkamp’s throat had been slashed.
27. Drawers were emptied, cushions slashed open.
28. She had been stabbed and slashed repeatedly.
29. She squealed and slashed at me with her belt.
30. As she’d feared, her tires had been slashed.
31. Soneji/Murphy slashed out with his knife again.
32. Langdon had been slashed and stabbed to death.
33. Unprofitable stores were relentlessly slashed.
34. What mattered was that his stomach was slashed.
35. The news said her throat was slashed, not bitten.
36. I slashed at his suit but only scored the surface.
37. It's losing his mom and dad that slashed him hard.
38. He climbed into a hot bath and slashed his wrists.
39. When he slashed his wrists, I had to do something.
40. Halit sidestepped the clawed leg and slashed at it.
1. Ganesh swung his blade, slashing her face.
2. It snapped at Thalia, slashing with its claws.
3. Her opponent lunged again, slashing at her face.
4. Doug reached out, slashing the man's hand with.
5. He rushed in, slashing with the crescent blade.
6. I will prefer slashing my wrist than eat that.
7. The bird pecked frantically, slashing his knuckles.
8. Sam on his knees was now slashing at it with a knife.
9. I’m slashing my offer for Private from twenty to ten.
10. Old Sir William was there, slashing his way towards him.
11. The hot stinging bite of a hand slashing across her cheek.
12. Their Swords of Light came slashing out of their scabbards.
13. A sudden, slashing rain came down, and the islands vanished.
14. Oreo leaped on its back clawing and slashing it to the bone.
15. I was doing a six-month sentence for slashing a guy’s face.
16. After a few minutes of slashing, the bodies become a body fort.
17. I kept on slashing and swinging my sword at the merman but he.
18. The eagle swept over her head, its talons slashing at empty air.
19. Over and over she jumped on the serpent’s back, slashing with.
20. Luna pounced on the other, slashing at its eyes with her sharp claws.
21. But he couldn’t see himself cutting his wrists or slashing Jade’s.
22. To a man, Pengrove’s troops were armed with whipsnares and slashing.
23. The sky was soft lavender, with slivers of silver slashing across it.
24. It was a relief from the large slashing pellets of the earlier downpour.
25. Butterflies in his stomach turned to razor blades slashing at his heart.
26. The howls of the wolf-beasts melded with the slashing steel of the trolls.
27. Whipping and slashing in combination was a rare, possibly unique signature.
28. He tried to protest, but she was already slashing at the leading clown with.
29. He was screaming in agony as the lioness dragged his body back, slashing at.
30. Louie counted nine of them, slashing around the bombers, machine guns blazing.
31. A lone dracolich guardian leapt onto his back, clawing and slashing at his helm.
32. We were at it then in a dangerous dance of whirling bodies and slashing blades.
33. He whirled the club around and wailed it down on one of those slashing scimitars.
34. She slipped out from in front of my slashing advance and made a quick stab at me.
35. She jumped for the mech’s foot, slashing the tendons in the knee clean through.
36. I dodged back, slashing at his arm, and my knife penetrated his coat at the elbow.
37. I pulled out of his mind, mostly because his thoughts were slashing through my heart.
38. What came next was an off-center polygon, low and to the right, eight-sided, slashing.
39. Struggling and slashing my way through, I came to a clearing where a Jeep was waiting.
40. The Oak Creek defenseman was called for slashing with only 30 seconds left, and if Oak.
1. He slashes his women.
2. The wind slashes across the field.
3. Mine was white with red slashes through it.
4. Cut four 4-inch slashes in center of crust.
5. I knew what they were—self-inflicted slashes.
6. The rough edge slashes his skin and draws blood.
7. He had open sores and slashes throughout his body.
8. That’s when I notice new, but fading slashes near.
9. The boy had multiple slashes his penis had almost been.
10. Some with shot wounds; most with horrible cutlass slashes.
11. With a leap, she launched several slashes down at the Hero.
12. Life as she knew it and everyone she loved were destroyed with two quick slashes.
13. His cape was now tattered and had a few slashes from battle, but it still held up.
14. Hook in hand, she slashes at his father’s face, barely missing his mouth by an inch.
15. He launched a flurry of slashes at Eugenie but each time her sword deflected his blows.
16. Someone had taken a knife to it and… Amir jan, the slashes cut this way and that way.
17. His body was found in an alley drained of blood, and he also had animal-like slashes on his arm.
18. As he continued to gaze, Simon could see that great slashes and swathes of white floated in the blue.
19. Three slashes across his lower back laid open the material, along with the skin and muscle beneath it.
20. Suddenly they were both talking at each other in rapid rips and slashes of life story and love professions.
21. This is Corn Harvest, she said as she began stepping forward making sideways angular slashes through the air.
22. Is that with two zeros in the middle, and shouldn’t there be slashes through them? As it turns out, the first answer is.
23. She tried to put her hands out to ease the pressure on her scalp, but the rough terrain cut slashes into her delicate skin.
24. All of these appeared as well to have suffered the wrath of a swordsman, two of the bodies even baring slashes to the neck.
25. She had changed into a pale blue silk dress with silver embroidery across the breasts and dark blue slashes across the thighs.
26. When Amaranthe woke, early morning light slipped between the boards across the windows, streaking the maze of hanging papers with slashes.
27. The young man then comes running out from his hiding place and, using his sword, he slashes a long cut under the dragon’s left fore-arm.
28. Notice that our quote marks are straight up and down and that our diagonal slashes are in the opposite direction of those used in Microsoft Windows®.
29. He was smaller than the rest, and slightly hunched over with angry red slashes on his upper body and face, with one that went right across his forehead.
30. Cali, perched on her bed as usual, was wearing a comfortable pair of baggy purple sweatpants and an oversized gray long-sleeve T-shirt with black and white slashes across the front.
31. True written representation of speech would require a system more difficult to read and write than all the dots, dips, dashes, letters, marks, strokes and slashes of dictionary entries.
32. Such an economy coupled with huge slashes in war, defense, intelligence, government employment, and give-aways, cuts the government budget while raising the productivity in the market place.
33. It is true that, in order to see if it was strong and fit to stand a cut, he drew his sword and gave it a couple of slashes, the first of which undid in an instant what had taken him a week to do.
34. SAMANTHA: Here, you didn't like this? Now, is this better? And this? I can fix this one too! You happy now? And these are too provocative? Here! (She picks a pair of scissors and slashes more clothes.
35. Having a date as yyyy/mm/dd on one page and another in the format of mm/dd/yyyy in another diagram will create problems, as will the use of slashes for the separator of one date and hyphens for another.
36. Some analysts and commentators spread a litany of anti Yankee buts, sharpened slashes against the assaulted country and consoling and even cheering hand-clapping for the executors of such atrocity.
37. Who would have said that, after such mighty slashes as your worship gave that unlucky knight-errant, there was coming, travelling post and at the very heels of them, such a great storm of sticks as has fallen upon our shoulders?
38. They dashed at the grating and escaped by it, save one that, finding itself hard pressed by the slashes of Don Quixote's sword, flew at his face and held on to his nose tooth and nail, with the pain of which he began to shout his loudest.
39. A canonical name is a DN in which the domain name comes first, followed by the names of the object’s parent containers working down from the root of the domain and separated by forward slashes, followed by the object’s RDN, as follows:.
40. Its 594 holes were spread over every part of it: swarms of bullet holes, slashes from shrapnel, four cannon-fire gashes at least as large as a man’s head, the gaping punch hole beside Pillsbury’s turret, and the hole in the rudder, as big as a doorway.

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Go and smash it in and slash the tyres.
A foot above the lower hem there was a slash.
The gift! Ayah replied with a slash of.
Then you slash the maintenance budget to zero.
I need a slash, I said when she got back.
And with one clean slash she beheaded the mech.
What would a biological Borg slash Kelvan look.
I pressed a third time and Slash told me that he.
He bound up the long, jagged slash on Kay’s leg.
With a slash of his broadsword he severed the chain.
S slash (/) Effectively the same as using the MMDDYY.
She made a small slash in Jessicas palm and let the.
Toward evening the Slash Bar herd could be seen in the.
I slid the edge across his neck in a slash which near.
The first slash was blocked, the second brought him a.
The Slash Bar crew heard the news and rode hilariously in.
A lucky slash of a butcher knife severed his jugular vein.
He returned to his room for his coat while I smiled at Slash.
Some had felt the slash of the enemy's sword and were being.
With one swift motion, I slash at his throat with my machete.
You’re over qualified to be a doctor slash psychiatrist.
A quick slash to the throat of his opponent and Bael was back.
Ensure that you have a trailing slash / at the end of your path.
In the case of directories that indicator is a forward slash (/).
Star wanted to leap at the man and slash his throat to shut him up.
That Slash Bar outfit will be in here before the night’s out.
The falling star was a bright slash of paint across the oaken sky.
It could have been Slash if you’d slipped an axe into her hands.
A big white house, and to the right, the darker slash of the forest.
The brigand swung his head back, getting a slash across his face but.
The method I have chosen is to slash the femoral artery of a pestering.
The extreme tension on the line enabled me to sever it in one quick slash.
Some had felt the slash of the enemy’s sword and were being attended to.
The field is silent – no bees, no hum, no insect slash and bird beak feed.
But it doesn't work on me and then use his knife to perhaps slash my head.
You draw his guard, then stab, slash! And either his head is off, or yours.
When he found out what had happened to Frans, he tried to slash his wrists.
The sunlight warmed the twin smiles, and the matching slash scars they both.
Sailing ships were neither slash lizards nor race horses at the best of times.
This caused people all over France to begin to slash at and drown one another.

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