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Slatternly in a sentence

1. Flushing bright red and suddenly afraid of her slatternly behaviour, she noted that she would have to be more careful in her actions.
2. Elsewhere in this volume the slanderous aspersion has been disproved, that the vocation of whaling is throughout a slatternly, untidy business.
3. Who ordered beet-soup? called out the slatternly mistress of the house, a fat woman of forty, as she entered the room with a bowl of soup.
4. A slatternly woman named as the mother and another form equally slovenly as her brother, the youth's uncle, were being ushered by an attendant to the setting.
5. The spirit of the youth saw in the glare his early life in all its misery - an innocent babe born in a dirty, rat-infested slum; birthed to a slatternly slut of a mother.
6. As to her being a person of refinement and well dressed, they are, as you perceive, handsomely mounted in solid gold, and it is inconceivable that anyone who wore such glasses could be slatternly in other respects.
7. The cheaper places were, of course, the least attractive; the halls seemed dingier, the odor of dreary, bygone dinners more pervasive in them; the servants were more slatternly, the landladies themselves more rusty, dusty and depressing.
8. It often grieved her to the heart to think of the contrast between them; to think that where nature had made so little difference, circumstances should have made so much, and that her mother, as handsome as Lady Bertram, and some years her junior, should have an appearance so much more worn and faded, so comfortless, so slatternly, so shabby.
9. Certainly, I had heard Tales of some of these old Women being hang’d or burnt or committed to Bridewell, upon the Evidence of some Half-Wit Child that he was made to vomit Pins, or the Evidence of some slatternly Dairymaid that the old Woman’s Look had curdl’d Milk, or the Evidence of some Town Trollop with Clap that the old Woman’s Touch had caus’d her to abort a Babe she doubtless wisht dead in any case—but nothing of the sort had happen’d in our Parish, so I tended to hear such Stories with a Divided Mind.
10. It is for that reason that all the events and persons of this novel are so vivid and impress themselves on our memory: the weak, good, slatternly mother; the noble, weak, dear father, and the daughter, who is still dearer in her simplicity, absence of exaggeration, and readiness for everything good; their mutual relations, their first journey, their servants, their neighbours, the calculating, coarsely sensuous, stingy, petty, impudent fiancé, who, as always, deceives the innocent girl with the customary base idealization of the grossest of sentiments; the marriage; Corsica, with the charming descriptions of nature; then the life in the country; the coarse deception of the husband; the seizure of the power over the estate; his conflicts with his father-in-law; the yielding of the good people; the victory of impudence; the relation to the neighbours,—all that is life itself, with all its complexity and variety.

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