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    1. started to pull it gently through her sleek, long, black hair, how odd that they still

    2. rat, brown and sleek, scratched at scraps and bare bones in the shadows

    3. and into the sleek, tanned lines of long distance attraction,

    4. There was one floater park in Hazorpean, less than an hour away for as sleek a creature as that Kassikan floater

    5. The inside was sleek with six large seats facing forward, two on each side and one in front

    6. "Yeah she's in a sleek package, but she can be a hard bitch

    7. The apartment itself comprises three decent sized bedrooms, a large lounge with balcony (with washing line arrangements), a dining room, decently appointed kitchen and bathroom – all very modern and sleek

    8. A sleek Brazilian jetliner took them the last three hundred and fifty years, flying around and around the harbor in a steep bank for forty five minutes before landing

    9. She was much fuller in the chest, though was not as sleek and quite a bit more muscular, maybe how Tdeshi would feel today

    10. The door opened and a sleek man of medium height with a thick, light brown ponytail and long, light brown beard in a matching chin-band entered the room carrying a pile of folders

    11. He was still as much of a dandy as ever, dressed in a sleek, supple carapace with a flared, ruffled collar and above-the-knee slipper socks and gauntlets

    12. He stumbled across another short stairway, this one held him and he got thru into a room where he felt two niches in the wall with a sleek machine and racks of cards

    13. The man, who called himself AlfredMikreedy, was covered from head to foot in a long heavy worksuit with a sleek and formal mountain shirt over it

    14. She took me to the cove, where a sleek bireme was waiting

    15. Figures, that he would drive something black and sleek

    16. Sleek with buttons I was afraid to touch, since I didn’t know what they would do

    17. She was 8 feet long with sleek black fur

    18. It looked thin and dull, anything but the sleek black tresses Nerissa remembered

    19. Now, however, because she was so hot, she was happy that he did not wear them, for she could instantly see his cock, the dark pubic hair, the puffy balls, the sleek belly

    20. Also the place was packed and not just with soldiers there were sleek good looking women on the streets and large bosomed country women selling their produce

    21. But all of them were well fed and riding sleek horses and they were accompanied by cavalry troopers immaculately attired right down to the polished ammunition bandoliers that were strapped across their chests

    22. As we waited for our orders to move a large contingent of cavalry rode by row after row of sleek well fed horses with the cavalrymen looking down on us from on high

    23. The cautious kitten was a sleek black with a white throat, chest, and belly, and four little white paws, like the rain boots in my closet

    24. She ran a hand along his sleek neck and patted the muscular shoulder

    25. The craft was sleek as a hyperplane, yet festooned with fusion engines

    26. He was a large badger, muscular, his coat sleek and grey

    27. Thesa could see how self-confident the badger was– his sleek coat shining in the fading moonlight, his eyes sparkling with triumph

    28. She danced with sleek move touching Luke’s body then extended her

    29. Her clothes were so tight she thought her bones would break—and then they were gone, torn, falling from her sleek black body in shreds

    30. The timing of her departure was truly impressive: as the sleek form of the cutter receded from view, an inbound sea-going tug appeared, towing, at the end of a long cable, a barge stacked high with logs

    31. Flares of light flickered on and off, casting monstrous shadows on the sleek gray metal floor

    32. Sleek and stiff and new the horse gallops

    33. They are polished and sleek, and instead of boards running perpendicular to their path, there are sheets of textured metal

    34. She was bareheaded and her golden hair--hair of a warm gold, "molasses taffy" colour as Di Blythe had said--was pinned in sleek, close coils over her head; she had large, tranquil, blue eyes that always seemed full of friendliness, a high white forehead and a finely shaped face

    35. James Perry was a sleek, rubicund man, with a bristling white moustache, bushy white eyebrows, and a shining bald head

    36. George's sleek back and felt horribly afraid

    37. In his hand he held a staff, but one completely unlike the sleek black staves of the Magi

    38. Her blonde hair and sleek, lean body as well as her hazel eyes made her appealing in the eyes of Luke

    39. She had on a bathrobe over sleek, curvy body

    40. His sleek black hair had been tied behind his head in a

    41. Manda looked at his sleek blue car

    42. The décor is sleek,

    43. She had sleek black hair pulled back in an unforgiving bun

    44. He and I sat at the back of the sleek black luxury sedan on our way to G-Industries

    45. She looked around the sleek interior and figured that the

    46. The house was low and sleek

    47. Past the brown, sleek, earth colored walls, we head to the elevators, going up to the twenty-first floor

    48. The train was modern, sleek and for the most part, seemed

    49. It was sleek and low, dark and smooth, with gleaming white sails and lines, and it’s interior was luxuriously appointed for ten travelers

    50. He erased the illusion, and cast one of another pair, these about a hundred and twenty centimeters tall with sleek brown fur and long gray whiskers

    1. My eyes trailed her as she sleeked towards her brother, who had stepped out valiantly into the middle of my room showered by the moon and the road lamp

    1. plucking him playfully by the hair, sleeking his cheeks, and forwarding

    2. As it was not then very material to keep much measures with a mere natural, I made presently free with him, though at my first motion of meddling, his surprise and confusion made him receive my advances but awkwardly: nay, insomuch that he bashfully shied, and shied back a little; till encouraging him with my eyes, plucking him playfully by the hair, sleeking his cheeks, and forwarding my point by a number of little wantonnesses, I soon turned him familiar, and gave nature her sweetest alarm: so that aroused, and beginning to feel himself, we could, amidst all the innocent laugh and grin I had provoked him into, perceive the fire lighting in his eyes, and, diffusing over his cheeks, blend its glow with that of his blushes

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    Synonyms for "sleek"

    sleek slick satiny silken silklike silky aerodynamic flowing streamlined groomed glassy polished shiny glossy

    "sleek" definitions

    make slick or smooth

    well-groomed and neatly tailored; especially too well-groomed

    designed or arranged to offer the least resistant to fluid flow

    having a smooth, gleaming surface reflecting light