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Socialise in a sentence | socialise example sentences

  1. And did you socialise with them?
  2. Siri and Unica began to socialise out of working hours.
  3. The problem was it was just too far away for them to socialise there regularly.
  4. Such outings would usually happen on a Sunday, as they would socialise in the.
  5. There was little time to socialise and when it happened it was invariably with.

  6. The group were a little standoffish about him as he didn’t really socialise with them.
  7. Even though the chains are long enough enough for them to socialise with each other, fights are unknown.
  8. He’d had to work his way through both high school and University and hadn’t had the time to socialise.
  9. Most folks I Lewa Marathon, one of the better sponsored runs went know like running because they get to socialise.
  10. Nathalie was adamant that Nicky had to socialise more and start going out with someone else, which she refused even to consider.
  11. So the bank was always busy, and, more to the point, there were always plenty of new and wealthy people for Pierre to meet and socialise with in the expensive bars and restaurants he frequented.
  12. Siri was now seventeen and, as Christmas approached, there was an abundance of opportunities to socialise and Siri’s two friends, having noticed Siri’s loss of enthusiasm, had decided that it was about time that they engineered a weekend for him in Oxford.

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