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  1. The eyes sorrowed at her; at the door; at her again.
  2. All the friends she had made were sorrowed at her departure.
  3. Halon remembered Amtril and sorrowed for the loss of his son.
  4. A thing had not begun, but already I sorrowed after its death.
  5. She sorrowed because she realized she would never be able to trust her sister again and Lucia would not be a part of her future the way Ailia had envisioned.

  6. Though all our hearts are sorrowed, we ask that sorrow be set aside for a few hours, and that you all attend, to join us in making this evening’s nuptials a happy and joyous event.
  7. His mother grieved to see him work so hard; she sorrowed that he was day by day toiling at the carpenter's bench earning a living for the family instead of being, as they had so fondly planned, at Jerusalem studying with the rabbis.
  8. But, in the lapse of the toilsome, thoughtful, and self-devoted years that made up Hester's life, the scarlet letter ceased to be a stigma which attracted the world's scorn and bitterness, and became a type of something to be sorrowed over, and looked upon with awe, yet with reverence too.
  1. He walked alone and sorrowing.
  2. Sorrowing, anguish, and distressed are.
  3. One would think that it was sorrowing with us.
  4. THE ANGUISH (or sorrowing - not torment) OF THE RICH MAN.
  5. The Lord said, Although sorrowing over those who ought not.
  6. So stood they there both awhile in wanhope sorrowing one with other.
  7. This tomb was erected by his sorrowing mother to her dearly beloved son.
  8. ANGUISH (or sorrowing - not torment) OF THE RICH MAN WAS ISRAEL BEING RE-.
  9. Our sorrowing hearts will follow your sublime penance with reverence and love.
  10. The anguish (or sorrowing– not torment) of the rich man was Israel’s sorrowing.
  11. Sorrowing to lose their lovely leaves, they consoled themselves by watching for the sun.
  12. Which means that if wrath and anger are attributes of God, so are sorrowing and grieving.
  13. It is used only two other times and was translated "sorrowing" in the King James Version.
  14. It was beautiful, sad, sorrowing, final, though with a strong sense of peace and release.
  15. Sorrowing, I tried to reconcile the dreams of my youth with the realities that threatened to swamp me now.
  16. You needn't tell me anything about his respectable old father and his sorrowing mother and weeping sister.
  17. These women, so swift to kindness, so tender to the sorrowing, so untiring in times of their unwritten code.
  18. But will he have no sorrow, or shall we say that although he cannot help sorrowing, he will moderate his sorrow?
  19. The position of this sorrowing orphan, without defenders, alarmed me as much as my inability to protect grieved me.
  20. His mother said unto him, Son, why hast thou thus dealt with us? behold, thy father and I have sought thee sorrowing.
  21. The anguish (or sorrowing– not torment) of the rich man was Israel’s sorrowing because of being rejected by God as a nation.
  22. Sorrowing, anguish, and distressed are emotions or strong feeling that a person has within himself, not something that comes from without.
  23. May the Mother of God protect thee! Thou heart of gold, why hast thou not written for such a long time to thy sorrowing little dove, Teresa?
  24. I have a strange notion somehow of having dreamt that there was a sound of blubbering, a sound a sorrowing man could make, somewhere near this boat.
  25. It is used only two other times and was translated "sorrowing" in the King James Version, when Mary said to Christ "and I have sought thee sorrowing.
  26. He beat upon his great chest with his clenched fists, and then he fell upon the body of Kala and sobbed out the pitiful sorrowing of his lonely heart.
  27. He will say: ‘would that I had rendered (good deeds) for my life!’ : At that time, he will feel a great regret and his heart will break sorrowing.
  28. As the two boys walked sorrowing along, they made a new compact to stand by each other and be brothers and never separate till death relieved them of their troubles.
  29. I felt this big sorrowing man's head resting on me, as though it were that of a baby that some day may lie on my bosom, and I stroked his hair as though he were my own child.
  30. Rubano's father, a decent, sorrowing old man, sat in the rear of the courtroom, probably wondering how it had all happened, for he came evidently of a clean, law-abiding family.
  31. And if they were sorrowing for lost hopes, longing for lost ways of living, no one they were caring about life again, caring with the same urgency and the same violence knew it but they.
  32. Every Easter season, from Sorrowing Thursday (my name for it), through Good Friday (Black Friday, I call it) and grey, lifeless Saturday, I feel the events of the sacred mysteries being repeated.
  33. And they all wept sore, and fell on Paul’s neck and kissed him, sorrowing (odunaomai) mort of all for the word which he has spoken, that they should behold his face on more (Acts 20:37-38).
  34. Alas, rank, and title, and wealth, and education, do not prevent these things! Anxious fathers, and heart-broken mothers, and sorrowing sisters, could tell sad tales about them, if the truth were known.
  35. It was a simple message and a simple offering, and the giver was a poor little black girl; but behind the gift was sincerity and love, and the heart of the poor, sorrowing mother was touched and comforted.
  36. And another possibility is that anger, wrath, jealousy, sorrowing, grieving, etc, are not eternal attributes of God at all, but are instead responsive manifestations of God’s nature against sin, or from being sinned against.
  37. But such was unreasoning memory that, though he stood there openly and palpably a converted man, who was sorrowing for his past irregularities, a fear overcame her, paralyzing her movement so that she neither retreated nor advanced.
  38. Come back, dear daughter, come back to shore; I forgive thee all; let those men have the money, for it is theirs now, and come back to comfort thy sorrowing father, who will yield up his life on this barren strand if thou dost leave him.
  39. With sorrowing heart she reprimanded him in what appeared to be a casual question in the midst of other trivial remarks: Why do you insist on talking about what does not exist? Later she reproached him for his fruitless insistence on not permitting himself to grow old in a natural way.
  40. In this manner, the head of Munro again drooping on his bosom, with Heyward and David following in sorrowing silence, and attended by the aide of Montcalm with his guard, all the white men, with the exception of Hawkeye, passed from before the eyes of the Delawares, and were buried in the vast forests of that region.
  41. And they told one another of what had happened by the way, those from below weeping and sorrowing at the remembrance of the things which they had endured and seen in their journey beneath the earth (now the journey lasted a thousand years), while those from above were describing heavenly delights and visions of inconceivable beauty.
  42. At first she did not guess the marvel, but thought her consolation was because the gift was Tristan’s, till one day she found that it was fairy, and that it was the little bell that charmed her soul; then she thought: What have I to do with comfort since he is sorrowing? He could have kept it too and have forgotten his sorrow; but with high courtesy he sent it to me to give me his joy and to take up his pain again.
  43. Even a sceptic, who can see nothing but a travesty of bitter truth in anything holy or emotional, would have been melted to the heart had he seen that little group of loving and devoted friends kneeling round that stricken and sorrowing lady; or heard the tender passion of her husband's voice, as in tones so broken and emotional that often he had to pause, he read the simple and beautiful service from the Burial of the Dead.
  44. The gaoler standing at his side, and the other gaolers moving about, who would have been well enough as to appearance in the ordinary exercise of their functions, looked so extravagantly coarse contrasted with sorrowing mothers and blooming daughters who were there--with the apparitions of the coquette, the young beauty, and the mature woman delicately bred--that the inversion of all experience and likelihood which the scene of shadows presented, was heightened to its utmost.
  45. There let me find my heart truly humbled for sin, and sorrowing for it after a godly sort: O that I may there look on him whom I have pierced and mourn, and be in bitterness for him; that there I may sow in tears, and receive a broken Christ into a broken heart: And there let the blood of Christ, which speaks better things than that of Abel, be sprinkled upon my conscience, to purify and pacify that: there let me be assured that thou art reconciled to me, that mine iniquities are pardoned, and that I shall not come into condemnation.
  46. Let us not weary of repeating, and sympathetic souls must not forget that this is the first of fraternal obligations, and selfish hearts must understand that the first of political necessities consists in thinking first of all of the disinherited and sorrowing throngs, in solacing, airing, enlightening, loving them, in enlarging their horizon to a magnificent extent, in lavishing upon them education in every form, in offering them the example of labor, never the example of idleness, in diminishing the individual burden by enlarging the notion of the universal aim, in setting a limit to poverty without setting a limit to wealth, in creating vast fields of public and popular activity, in having, like Briareus, a hundred hands to extend in all directions to the oppressed and the feeble, in employing the collective power for that grand duty of opening workshops for all arms, schools for all aptitudes, and laboratories for all degrees of intelligence, in augmenting salaries, diminishing trouble, balancing what should be and what is, that is to say, in proportioning enjoyment to effort and a glut to need; in a word, in evolving from the social apparatus more light and more comfort for the benefit of those who suffer and those who are ignorant.
  1. Now I have double sorrows.
  2. Ours the sorrows he carried.
  3. The sorrows of a single state.
  4. Caused Many Sorrows But Their.
  5. They have many special sorrows.
  6. The country sorrows and despairs.
  7. Our tears and sorrows wiped away.
  8. From the sorrows of Urizens soul.
  10. To comfort Him in the sorrows.
  11. Earthly joys and hopes and sorrows.
  12. Sorrows create tears in the sad eyes.
  13. And sorrows, too, they helped me bear.
  14. You have come to be the man of sorrows.
  15. With endless pains and sorrows there;.
  16. With their lives and loves and sorrows.
  17. I wonder where my sorrows could be!.
  18. All these are the beginning of sorrows.
  19. My sorrows, heartaches, He willingly shares.
  20. A man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.
  21. Learn from the sorrows of others and save.
  22. The hoarse vague echoes of my sorrows sound.
  23. The Delta of Sorrows, says Loki softly.
  24. I said, it is me lost in the sorrows of life.
  25. And loved the sorrows of your changing face;.
  28. He won it, indeed, in great part, by his sorrows.
  29. Life has its ups and downs, its joys and sorrows.
  30. Our sorrows are halved when we share it with our.
  31. Their life does not multiply the pains and sorrows.
  32. Adding to it are the sorrows and anxieties…alas!.
  33. It has the ears to hear the sighs and sorrows of men.
  34. Spirits of Evil, which is the path of death and sorrows.
  35. Jennings's entering into her sorrows with any compassion.
  36. Between my sorrows and joys it is hard to find a balance.
  37. They made vows to one another She told him of her sorrows.
  38. And the rest shall be given over to sorrows, says The Lord.
  39. Jennings’s entering into her sorrows with any compassion.
  40. Determine you'll move past your sorrows and pains and regrets.
  41. Many sorrows befell them afterwards, and they were parted long.
  42. Q: You are advising me to remain indifferent to the sorrows of.
  43. Q: How indifferent you are? All the sorrows of our world are as.
  44. Some, no doubt, have a larger cup of sorrows to drink than others.
  45. Yet, if it isn't raining, you will have complications and sorrows.
  46. How the sorrows of others found echo and response in his own soul.
  47. She listened attentively and genuinely shared in my joys and sorrows.
  48. Nangong Ping was drinking jars after jars of wine to drown his sorrows.
  49. Your spirit therefore is broken and you have grown old in your sorrows.
  50. This book had a far different effect upon me from the Sorrows of Werter.
  51. She’d held fast to her love through the joys and sorrows of the ’60s.
  52. The sorrows of hell compassed me about: the snares of death prevented me.
  53. Ah, dear friend, you are happy not to know these poignant joys and sorrows.
  54. I have a place to go to and share my sorrows with people who understand me.
  55. Perhaps amongst the depravity of the city he really could lose his sorrows.
  56. Vale, Swamp of Sorrows, Tanaris, The Hinterlands, Thousand Needles, Western.
  57. Grievous–Great difficulties and sorrows associated with a great affliction.
  58. Pinger, although I drown my sorrows with wine but never once did I lost.
  59. The Elves have their own labours and their own sorrows, and they are little.
  60. Thou wilt endure what few could bear: great fears and joys and sorrows deep.
  61. I’ve been tempted to go to the pub to drown my sorrows but have resisted it.
  62. The sorrows of death compassed me, and the pains of HELL gat hold upon me: I.
  63. The cords and sorrows of death were around me, and the terrors of SHEOL [the.
  64. He said, Put all your sorrows in the black box, and all your joys in the gold.
  65. It was the sorrows of the war, she concluded, that had changed Madame's nature.
  66. The sorrows of death compassed me, and the floods of ungodly men made me afraid.
  67. Mary said to Catalina they call me co-redemtrix for the sorrows I have suffered.
  68. Even the most enjoyable lives have their share of sorrows, troubles and suffering.
  69. However, one who lost his dear one’s, only he would feel the deep pain of sorrows.
  70. He was now trying to suppress the outburst of sorrows and grieves in his heart that.
  71. But it was all a dream; no Eve soothed my sorrows nor shared my thoughts; I was alone.
  72. But we must have hard hearts if we do not feel that David was indeed a man of sorrows.
  73. Verse 3: HE WAS DESPISED AND FORSAKEN OF MEN, A MAN of sorrows and acquainted with grief.
  74. There are no sorrows on earth like those which children have brought upon their parents.
  75. That was because the two of them shared the same sorrows and grief regarding their loves.
  76. The evil is commited towards a mind born with greifs and sorrows for failier instead of success.
  77. Wipe Away–To dry up and to cleanse, especially when referring to waters of sorrows, which are.
  78. It will minimize your sorrows as you feel the hand of God in your trials to be where you are now.
  79. Even the glimpse of the joy beyond this life did not lessen the sense of sorrows to be borne now.
  80. This is exactly what happened to me and the end result was that I pierced myself with many sorrows.
  81. Neither gnarled fingers nor old scars nor old doubts and sorrows were any of them in evidence now.
  82. What good would it do to confess I had broken his trust? To add a breach of faith to his sorrows?
  83. A child who will only know of love and happiness and nothing of the sorrows of our own young lives.
  84. Humanity will finally gain the wisdom to escape from this cycle of sorrows that has held us captive.
  85. His ear was ever open to the sorrows of mankind, and he always helped those who sought his ministry.
  86. In the crucial moments of life our minds fasten upon the locality where joys or sorrows overwhelm us.
  87. This number one warrior in the Martial Fraternity had actually tried to drown his sorrows with wines.
  88. The sorrows of death compassed me, and the pains of HELL gat hold upon me: I found trouble and sorrow.
  89. He sorrows in this world, and he sorrows in the next world: the man who does evil sorrows in both worlds.
  90. The cords and sorrows of death were around me, and the terrors of SHEOL (the place of the dead) had laid.
  91. Then for many years the nice place I'd fixed up for us went downhill as I drowned my sorrows over losing you.
  92. Such words a man may speak all his life and no one would ever know the sorrows and joys that dwelt within him.
  93. Let's hear the sound of the baby pianny, said Hannah, who always took a share in the family joys and sorrows.
  94. I don’t have her patience, her ability to forgive and forget, her ways of disguising her sorrows with a smile.
  95. In times of joys and sorrows, this journal will compound your joys as you remember the successes you have gained.
  96. He expressed sympathy for the tragedies and difficulties in her life, and shared some of his own sorrows with her.
  97. It was as if joy- a supreme joy apart from the joys and sorrows of this world- overflowed the great grief within.
  98. Tell her to remember our past time, and our great sorrows, and all the joy there was in our loyal and tender love.
  99. I'm feeling the sorrows and the pains of what I'm about to face; what I'm in the middle of, and starting to engage.
  100. They each felt his sorrows, and their own obligations, and Marianne, by general consent, was to be the reward of all.

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1. The Harvest of Sorrow, n.
2. Some sorrow on his voice.
3. His horns had the sorrow.
4. So much grief and sorrow.
5. Dark eyes full of sorrow.
7. And he caused her sorrow.
8. Sorrow has no place there.
9. He has seen sorrow before.
10. Truth, the Cause of Sorrow.
11. There is no need for sorrow.
12. He shook his head in sorrow.
13. The sorrow and pain in her.
14. Thy heart is full of sorrow.
15. Was it sorrow, or anger or.
16. July 27 there was no sorrow.
17. This is what creates sorrow.
18. Covered with the hand: Sorrow.
20. Parting is such sweet sorrow.
21. Sorrow seeped out towards me.
22. His main concern and sorrow.
23. Sorrow stopped only for meals.
24. Katie’s sorrow passed to me.
25. And this sorrow too will lift.
26. The sorrow she felt increased.
27. When I think of all my sorrow.
29. But it apparently had no sorrow.
30. I could see sorrow in His eyes.
31. With sorrow they have suffered.
32. Sorrow seemed to be in the air.
33. No sorrow, no longing was real.
35. Jabez means sorrow, grief, pain.
36. She labelled him pain or sorrow.
37. It tells of a deep, deep sorrow.
38. The sighing voice of sorrow sang.
39. Isaac, with deepest sorrow said:.
40. He shook his head in mock sorrow.
41. I can see the sorrow in his eyes.
42. Be with sorrow and lay bare its.
43. He feels the sorrow in Tabs heart.
44. It is often a great sorrow to me.
45. There would be no need to sorrow.
46. He cried out in sorrow in his heart.
47. It was a mix of elation and sorrow.
48. I cried and I cried in deep sorrow.
49. Her scream was ladened with sorrow.
50. Their sorrow for their father was.
51. I sorrow for the death of Bezedil.
52. The sorrow between his brows altered.
53. Come to ME with sorrow and remorse.
54. The love, hate, sorrow, joy, we feel.
55. The wave of sorrow drained from him.
56. His pain and sorrow in the garden of.
57. I clasped my hands together in sorrow.
58. Mixed joy and sorrow overwhelmed her.
59. I wept again, but not for sorrow now.
60. Do you still have the same sorrow?
61. Our essence is pure our sorrow is ego.
62. She just looks at him with deep sorrow.
63. He became a man of sorrow, died of a.
64. His brain was heavy with a red sorrow.
65. Anger, pain, sorrow, it was consuming.
66. Their sorrow and happiness also count.
67. Words would trivialize my vast sorrow.
68. My heart filled with pride and sorrow.
69. Willow Tree: Sadness; tears and sorrow.
70. A cloud of sorrow passed over his face.
71. Her life was a bleak expanse of sorrow.
72. If the fountains of sorrow are not.
73. Barnes, in sorrow rather than in anger.
74. That every sorrow has a hidden delight.
75. On reaching the end, be without sorrow.
76. And in your haste, Not see his sorrow?
77. She has a great deal of sorrow to bear.
78. It kept me sane while I was in sorrow.
79. Then would my heavy sorrow turn to joy;.
80. He did not know whether to feel sorrow.
81. His rage and sorrow for being torn away.
82. She was also filled with sorrow at the.
83. She cannot even understand my sorrow.
84. A grimace of sorrow crossed his features.
85. This was the sorrow part of being a hero.
86. His Son suffer pain and sorrow from the.
87. It fills me with great sorrow and great.
88. There is no sorrow, nor sense of triumph.
89. Finally, it causes me much sorrow that Mr.
90. I saw a flash of sorrow mixed with anger.
91. Sorrow and apathy sing through the trees.
92. Bliss will succeed and sorrow will fail.
93. When there is sorrow, there is resentment.
94. Robert Conquest in his Harvest of Sorrow.
95. It was the first great sorrow of his life.
96. She was always in my happiness and sorrow.
97. All India has given us is pain and sorrow.
98. A countenance more in sorrow than in anger.
99. The sorrow of The Lord is deep and infinite.
100. Everybody sank in the deep sorrow of ocean.

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