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Spasm in a sentence

A spasm of fear clutched at me.
I thought it was a death spasm.
I thought it was a death spasm.
A spasm writhed through her diaphragm.
I cried out as another spasm shook me.
Her whole body was wrung with a spasm.
George’s heart went into spasm like.

He fell into a spasm of choked coughing.
She sniffed at it and at the spasm that.
It is a sort of epileptic attack, a spasm.
In mid-cough spasm, he saw flashes of light.
Nothing is more painful than a muscle spasm.
The moment was the last and strongest spasm.
He coughed once and felt a spasm in his chest.
That bloodless lip quivered to a temporary spasm.
My thigh muscles spasm and I collapse on the grass.
But by an effort of will the spasm passed; then—.
The fact that you can manipulate muscle spasm with.
A quick spasm flicked through Tom’s arm, that was all.
A spasm of irritation tugged at the corners of his mouth.
But a spasm jerked through him, and his eyes bulged wide.
At these words Shoop’s entire body went into a wild spasm.
A spasm of anger passed swiftly over the hobbit's face again.
His mouth suddenly in spasm said Oh I oh u would me no OK.
Gollum sniffed at the leaf and his face changed: a spasm of.
His butt clenched in one involuntary spasm as she touched him.
The spasm final y stopped and he was left panting, trying to.
During your discussion with her you notice a slight hand spasm.
He nodded and then a spasm went through his body, followed by a.
A look of fear crossed his face in competition with the odd spasm.
Dawes's struggles suddenly renewed themselves in a furious spasm.
When my thighs began to spasm however, I pulled off, collapsing.
I thought she was saying her goodbyes, but her body began to spasm.
As if to contradict him, a spasm of pain wracked the wizard’s chest.
Where are you? Nonhlanhla? A spasm in his gorge and he felt the vomit.
One simple squeeze, a reaction, a muscle spasm, and he can be with Bex.
The second was the last and Samson fell to his side as the spasm subsided.
The child stopped for an instant, had a spasm of fright and began to scream.
The quick snap of Jesse’s head might have been mistaken for a muscle spasm.
Suzy swallowed a gulp, held back her tears, and waited for the spasm to pass.

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