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Spasm in a sentence

1. A spasm of fear clutched at me.
2. I thought it was a death spasm.
3. I thought it was a death spasm.
4. A spasm writhed through her diaphragm.
5. Her whole body was wrung with a spasm.
6. I cried out as another spasm shook me.
7. George’s heart went into spasm like.

8. He fell into a spasm of choked coughing.
9. She sniffed at it and at the spasm that.
10. It is a sort of epileptic attack, a spasm.
11. Nothing is more painful than a muscle spasm.
12. In mid-cough spasm, he saw flashes of light.
13. The moment was the last and strongest spasm.
14. He coughed once and felt a spasm in his chest.
15. That bloodless lip quivered to a temporary spasm.
16. My thigh muscles spasm and I collapse on the grass.
17. The fact that you can manipulate muscle spasm with.
18. But by an effort of will the spasm passed; then—.
19. A quick spasm flicked through Tom’s arm, that was all.
20. A spasm of irritation tugged at the corners of his mouth.
21. But a spasm jerked through him, and his eyes bulged wide.
22. At these words Shoop’s entire body went into a wild spasm.
23. A spasm of anger passed swiftly over the hobbit's face again.
24. His mouth suddenly in spasm said Oh I oh u would me no OK.
25. Gollum sniffed at the leaf and his face changed: a spasm of.
26. The spasm final y stopped and he was left panting, trying to.
27. His butt clenched in one involuntary spasm as she touched him.
28. During your discussion with her you notice a slight hand spasm.
29. He nodded and then a spasm went through his body, followed by a.
30. A look of fear crossed his face in competition with the odd spasm.
31. Dawes's struggles suddenly renewed themselves in a furious spasm.
32. When my thighs began to spasm however, I pulled off, collapsing.
33. I thought she was saying her goodbyes, but her body began to spasm.
34. As if to contradict him, a spasm of pain wracked the wizard’s chest.
35. Where are you? Nonhlanhla? A spasm in his gorge and he felt the vomit.
36. One simple squeeze, a reaction, a muscle spasm, and he can be with Bex.
37. The second was the last and Samson fell to his side as the spasm subsided.
38. The child stopped for an instant, had a spasm of fright and began to scream.
39. The quick snap of Jesse’s head might have been mistaken for a muscle spasm.
40. Suzy swallowed a gulp, held back her tears, and waited for the spasm to pass.
41. She tried to shake her head, and suddenly the same spasm came over her again.
42. He had just expired, with clinched hands, his mouth in a spasm of agony, and.
43. Jennings talked of Edward's affection, it cost her only a spasm in her throat.
44. And a spasm, a marbling of conflict, passed through Cliff’s over-bright face as he.
45. A moment of pain, white-hot and all-consuming, her whole body going into sharp spasm.
46. It is a persistent involuntary spasm of the vaginal wall that interferes with penetration.
47. Not an inch of flesh, not a muscular spasm, not a single thrust and withdrawal was missed.
48. The thing that saved him from his death ride was a muscle spasm that shot him in the back.
49. About thirty seconds later the quivering white buttocks clenched in spasm and he collapsed.
50. A few moments later, the convulsions stiffened into spasm before Musab became limp and still.
51. Enough, enough, Sonia, enough! Let me be!" he cried in a sudden spasm of agony, "let me be!".
52. Inhaled smoke can irritate the throat causing it to contract in a sudden spasm, closing the airway.
53. Tears filled her eyes as each gut-wrenching spasm sent gush after gush into his warm mouth and face.
54. He preferred not looking at her and not speaking, until he had got over the first spasm of vexation.
55. Enough, enough, Sonia, enough! Let me be!’ he cried in a sudden spasm of agony, ‘let me be!’.
56. The spasm came again, and this time Billy strained, and the muscles stood out on his arm and shoulder.
57. She mastered herself, controlled the spasm in her throat and went on reading the eleventh chapter of St.
58. He made a sudden movement backward, and I, fearful that we were observed, crouched in a spasm of terror.
59. When it was finally lowered the dog sank his teeth, I switched on, and the mutts jaw locked in death spasm.
60. When the last spasm of orgasm writhed through her and her legs opened, he lost no time in climbing on to her.
61. As Jai and Ceder looked on in horror, the dark hand flexed and squeezed, causing the Dangler to spasm rigidly.
62. At last, the Dye-Away Spasm seem’d upon her and, with a piercing Cry, she ceas’d her Motions and lay still.
63. The young woman finally ended her call and let her head go down on the bed while a spasm of pain shook her body.
64. They broke into guffaws once more, and when the spasm passed she went to her purse and held out something to him.
65. Your choice will lead to pain in a local muscular spot as a result of spasm caused by lack of blood circulation.
66. As I spoke he gave my wrist a convulsive grip; the smile on his lips froze: apparently a spasm caught his breath.
67. I was in the middle of another swallow and spat out the water in my mouth as I went into a violent coughing spasm.
68. She contained a spasm of fear before answering, resigned to whatever was coming: the whole of history was at stake.
69. This gives my left arm time to spasm, and it shoots out into the sacred no-man’s-land that separates the two teams.
70. It wasn’t long before she experienced another spasm and began to pinch his backsides with all her finger strength.
71. Pausing in the hallway, Vinnie read from the book, his jaw muscles alternately tightening and releasing as if in spasm.
72. She is insane, muttered the prince, suddenly recollecting all that had passed, with a spasm of pain at his heart.
73. Then as the last spasm coursed through her, she felt as if she was dissolving and separating into millions of tiny stars.
74. A spasm takes me by surprise and a single thin, watery spurt flies from my erect, engorged love-rod and lands in her ear.
75. The nurses stood horrified as Melvin’s chest began to chew on the doctor’s head and the doctor’s body began to spasm.
76. Iron bands tightened around his chest and he struggled to breathe, while every muscle in his body now went into tetanic spasm.
77. Joan Sutherland in La Traviata at Covent Garden triggered a spasm of yawning in Jeremy; gooseflesh and cascades of tears from me.
78. The raven above him cawed stridently, and he cast an involuntary glare upward, grinding his teeth in a spasm of nervous irritation.
79. She choked out tears, feeling tremendous emptiness flowing through her, trying to retch it out with each sob, each spasm of her body.
80. The kid was skinny and anaemic-looking with a hairstyle from hell, and had strangely rounded shoulders which shook with some sort of spasm.
81. A spasm of pain seemed to twist him, and he turned away, peering back up towards the pass, shaking his head, as if engaged in some interior debate.
82. The man bowed in a spasm of coughs, and the lady said, See? It’s become worse in this horrible damp, and I shall make you do something about it.
83. When the current was switched on, the writhing mass instantly and violently arched their bodies, opening wide their large mouths in a grotesque spasm.
84. His dark, handsome, aquiline features were convulsed into a spasm of vindictive hatred, which had set his dead face in a terribly fiendish expression.
85. They twitch, they spasm, they roll, they gargle—it is without mercy as Mary watches them that she sees in their faces portraits of madness and evil.
86. You see, when I hit that wall I broke my collarbone, so when that happened your body must have had a muscle spasm which threw your shoulder out of joint.
87. He pointed out that perhaps people do and maybe that’s why people die all the time, and then another spasm hit me and I bit through my lip and passed out.
88. And that very apprehension, that very wonder, brought on the spasm in his throat that always precedes such attacks, and he fell unconscious into the cellar.
89. The noise Tadelis made was not what was traditionally thought of as laughter; it was more in the way of a spasm ground out between tectonic plates of anxiety.
90. Colic is caused by spasm (contraction) of the smooth muscles of the hollow organs such as the intestines, stomach, gall bladder, urethra, and fallopian tubes.
91. Claudia wrung his hands, and her own heart was so wrung that she lay fainting on the bleeding breast of Don Vicente, whom a death spasm seized the same instant.
92. The pressure and added heat of bodily contact had speeded the spasm on through, but no sooner had she seemed to relax than another was upon her, and then another.
93. Good heavens, to think that within a few hours I should myself have lost it! His handsome face was distorted with a spasm of despair, and his hands tore at his hair.
94. He shook with a violent spasm, coughed—his tongue wagged limply out of his mouth like a tar-covered snail—and regurgitated the same wooden flute that Eany had used.
95. A violent spasm passed through her straining body, then a final one, before she abruptly sagged bonelessly in her magic bonds, panting and softly crying, utterly spent.
96. She stood up, tried to take a step, but suddenly a violent spasm of pain deprived her of all power and all determination, and with a loud groan she fell back on the bed.
97. It was a convulsion of obscenity, a spasm of lasciviousness – an exudation of secret hungers framed by compulsion: desire without pleasure, pain mated awfully to lust.
98. Supplementation with 1 gram of vitamin C per day reduces the tendency of the bronchial passages to go into spasm, an action that has been confirmed in double-blind research.
99. These are mainly used in the treatment of abdominal colic, biliary colic (spasm of the bile duct), renal colic (spasm of the urinary tract) and menstrual pains (dysmenorrhoea).
100. For a moment or two, she twirled in a spasm of incredible intensity; then the sorceress fell silent, wrapped herself in her black mantle and vanished in an ethereal green cloud.

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