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    1. Drips from the roof spatter nearby, making me jump

    2. He heard someone heaving behind him and the spatter of vomit on the sand

    3. Wynne heard him land with a spatter at the bottom

    4. that led to the creation of the impugned forensic report on blood spatter

    5. tried to spatter George's spotless reputation

    6. I only hope your mobster guest doesn't spatter too much while he's playing the glutton

    7. His eyes noticed blood spatter on the floor and creeping up the wall

    8. From blood spatter patterns and the bullet spray I think this is one scenario we should consider

    9. crumble and spatter in the air

    10. Crime Scene Investigators found a bullet embedded in the concrete and possibly blood spatter

    1. The eaves of the old barns are spattered with droplets of mud where the birds are building nests

    2. Blood spattered the man’s

    3. And the painted, ruby eye of the dragon on the spattered banner stared out from the black

    4. A surge of blood spattered as she drew the blade back

    5. His face was spattered with

    6. His suit was spattered with blood

    7. Blood spattered across the ring as her lip burst open

    8. Blood spattered the ring and a red spray coated Alexia’s face

    9. "You spattered with your spoon

    10. Blood spattered its white

    1. Spatters of blood covered Demilan face, and as he rose from his latest kill, he saw Maileena lying on the floor, and Odis still sitting on the couch, choosing to be a good boy, and not trying to piss off the ex-soldier

    2. The walls were riddled with bullet holes and blood spatters

    3. Yellow stains marked the armpits of the vests and several sported dried blood spatters

    4. Blood spatters on the pot marked windshield

    5. Deek’s vest lay in the dirt beside several spatters of dried blood

    6. and ash, and Geonosian goo, Iratus had only a few spatters of blood on

    7. [Hastily scribbled, the ink splotched, a few spatters of candle wax] Jonas has seen something strange and terrible

    8. Blood spatters the walls as the body count rises

    9. I tried to map out the fragile spatters, but they kept rearranging themselves, and when I opened my eyes they dissipated completely

    10. Blood spatters all over its white curly fur

    1. It began to sizzle, with grease spattering and flaring on contact with the coals

    2. Now came the awesome thunder of twenty-four aircraft engines, all running full-out for brief spattering seconds as they checked their revs, the thrust, the magnetos, and then the intermittent blast and roar when they took off in twos

    3. Harry has a spattering of blood on his shirt but he's OK, "It's alright babe

    4. The walls spattering with dark

    5. Gobbets of mud flew stories high as claws gouged the saturated soil, spattering everyone within a quarter mile

    6. She knew for certain she hadn’t been successful when the soldier backhanded her, knocking her to the ground and spattering her clothes with mud

    7. I put my right hand out and hit her in the face with my palm, feeling the crunch of breaking bone as her nose was squashed against her cheeks, feeling the spattering of blood on my arm and face

    8. Instead of a roar, there was a spattering of applause – a few, ‘Allah, Akhbar!” shouts – then,

    9. A spattering of white crosses erected roadside pays homage to those whose concentration lapsed on the sharp bends

    10. insubordination spattering the air

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    Synonyms for "spatter"

    spatter spattering splash splashing splattering splatter splutter sputter sputtering plash splosh swash bespatter patter pitter-patter spit sprinkle shower drizzle fog effervescence fizz spray

    "spatter" definitions

    the noise of something spattering or sputtering explosively

    the act of splashing a (liquid) substance on a surface

    dash a liquid upon or against

    rain gently

    spot, splash, or soil