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Spattered in a sentence

1. His face was spattered with.
2. You spattered with your spoon.
3. The license plate was spattered.
4. His suit was spattered with blood.
5. It spattered all over the windshield.
6. Grapeshot spattered the English ship.
7. They were spattered with your vomit.

8. Ashley’s fragrance was spattered everywhere here.
9. Spattered with size and lime of their lodges they.
10. Blood was spattered everywhere on the wooden walls.
11. And thereupon, he spattered the polished boots of a.
12. A surge of blood spattered as she drew the blade back.
13. Blood spattered across the ring as her lip burst open.
14. He wore no shirt, and his bare skin was spattered with blood.
16. It spattered the clothes of commuters, pooled under the bodies.
17. I got spattered with blood helping to carry him to his lodging.
18. Blood spattered the ring and a red spray coated Alexia’s face.
19. When he shook the blood off the blade some spattered on her face.
20. His briefcase was spattered with droplets of water from the misty rain.
21. It reminded him of the first time the blood had spattered into his mouth.
22. He was in a huge space that was spattered with tasteful minimalist finery.
23. He was drenched through, it is true, and he was a good deal spattered with mud.
24. Traces of over-spray from the disabling liquid had spattered back into her face.
25. The left arm of your jacket is spattered with mud in no less than seven places.
26. The light hit a figure on its knees crying tears of blood that spattered on the rocks.
27. And the painted, ruby eye of the dragon on the spattered banner stared out from the black.
28. Round the outside of the crater the sloping ground was spattered with black and red lumps.
29. The eaves of the old barns are spattered with droplets of mud where the birds are building nests.
30. The bullet ripped through Joe’s head and spattered the closest Warriors with blood and bits of gore.
31. The onlookers moved far enough back not to be spattered with burning phosphor should the thing explode.
32. Blood from the wolf spattered against her skin, warm and acrid, and she thrust the branch forward again.
33. Henderson screams as she is spattered with the blood ejected in trajectory from his dismembered remains.
34. Saul, his face and hands spattered with blood, stood on the top of the steps and looked around bewildered.
35. Her white coat was spattered with dried blood, her name tag askew, her face drawn, her eyes huge and hungry.
36. Dried blood spattered strange patterns around the jaw and cheek bone whilst bare teeth grinned wildly at him.
37. Dried bloodstains spattered the sleeve of the white lab coat that appeared to be thrown on as an afterthought.
38. The old Welshman came home toward daylight, spattered with candle-grease, smeared with clay, and almost worn out.
39. I stared at the luminous ripples breaking over my hands, shimmering sheets spattered with blotches of bluish gray.
40. I could tell by their blood spattered faces that the infected hit this area hard, maybe harder than it hit the city.
41. George's clothes had been hastily donned, but his knuckles were raw, and his hands and face were still spattered with blood.
42. Their eyes were an eerie white, skin grey and spattered with blood, their faces and arms covered in open wounds and lesions.
43. Venus’s dog chose this moment to trot over and investigate William’s high-tops, which were spattered with paint like pigeon shit.
44. I was looking for something—but what was it? I could see his blood spattered on the walls, on the curtains, the sheets, the throw rug.
45. Naked, blue with cold, growling strangely and shaking off any attempt by me to touch him, he closed his eyes and licked at rain spattered lips.
46. In the stress of the moment he grasped a corsair by the neck and shook him so violently that blood from the man's wounds spattered all near them.
47. Hurley really was struggling to keep from collapsing and the handkerchief really was spattered with bloody specks of what had once been his lungs.
48. The remains of the dream were still spattered everywhere, sticky globs of grease that they were, but Ingrid knew she was awake now--and in trouble.
49. They rattled up to the house and saw Patty’s Cavalier and another car, some bucket-seated sportscar that looked about ten years old, spattered with mud.
50. Hegler continued as he pointed toward the screen which was now displaying a blood spattered, greasily scene that could have come from the Vietnam War era.
51. He was afraid to leave off to bind it up while Hunter was there, and consequently as he worked the white tiles became all smeared and spattered with blood.
52. Two of them raised their wands but I used mine on the techs, blowing holes through their hearts and blood spattered the walls to coat the windows in crimson gore.
53. Then the wizard fled away into the empty meadowland, and on his trail came the king, riding hard, swinging the great sword that spattered his trail with crimson drops.
54. Suddenly the day turned cold and she shivered as the overcast sky opened and a few drops of rain mottled the sidewalk and spattered on the windscreen of a car that pulled up in front of them.
55. Two of the Viirin darted forward to take the spit, one at either end, and they carried it to the table, dumping it in the center where it spattered and sizzled on the ancient wooden surface.
56. For a long time they continued to look at red Rugay who, his arched back spattered with mud and clanking the ring of his leash, walked along just behind ‘Uncle’s’ horse with the serene air of a conqueror.
57. For a long time they continued to look at red Rugáy who, his arched back spattered with mud and clanking the ring of his leash, walked along just behind Uncle’s horse with the serene air of a conqueror.
58. He noted the extreme care which the woman took that none of the matter should touch her hands, and once when a particle spattered upon one of her fingers he saw her plunge the member into a vessel of water and quickly rub the tiny stain away with a handful of leaves.
59. She would drive her red Maserati with the skill and speed of a female Fangio and they would traverse vast distances in France and Italy to find a special church, a castle buried in a forest, a statue of a general or a poet spattered with bird droppings and a pigeon on its head that she wanted to paint.
60. The only thing that interested him now was the question of in what way he could best, with most propriety and comfort for himself, and thus with most justice, extricate himself from the mud with which she had spattered him in her fall, and then proceed along his path of active, honorable, and useful existence.
61. This morning, knowing that if I went down into the town I would arrive spattered with mud up to my ears and so bedraggled that the pew-opener might conceivably refuse me admission on the ground that I would spoil her pews, I set out for the nearest village across the hills, hoping that a country congregation would be more used to mud.
62. Fermina Daza and Florentino Ariza stayed at the railing, surrounded by noisy passengers who made bets on how well they could identify the lights in the city, until the boat sailed out of the bay, moved along invisible channels and through swamps spattered with the undulating lights of the fishermen, and at last took a deep breath in the open air of the Great Magdalena River.
63. She began to do it with the crumbs of love that still remained from Europe, and both allowed themselves to be betrayed by memories, softening without wanting to, desiring each other without saying so, and at last they would die of love on the floor, spattered with fragrant suds, as they heard the maids talking about them in the laundry room: If they don’t have more children it’s because they don’t fuck.
64. The north-men came like stinging hornets and spread on all sides like fearful wolves, robbing, violating, committing sacrilege everywhere, ripping and slaughtering my flock of virgin scholars! Alcuin -- behold with pity and tears the shrine of Saint Cuthbert, spattered with the blood of the brides of God, stripped of its ornaments, trampled by the polluted steps of pagan fiends, within fire-black walls once graced by Northumbria's finest art! A place more venerable than all in England was the prey of pagan wretches.
65. Then, as specimens of other genera, blowfish resembling a dark brown egg, furrowed with white bands, and lacking tails; globefish, genuine porcupines of the sea, armed with stings and able to inflate themselves until they look like a pin cushion bristling with needles; seahorses common to every ocean; flying dragonfish with long snouts and highly distended pectoral fins shaped like wings, which enable them, if not to fly, at least to spring into the air; spatula–shaped paddlefish whose tails are covered with many scaly rings; snipefish with long jaws, excellent animals twenty–five centimeters long and gleaming with the most cheerful colors; bluish gray dragonets with wrinkled heads; myriads of leaping blennies with black stripes and long pectoral fins, gliding over the surface of the water with prodigious speed; delicious sailfish that can hoist their fins in a favorable current like so many unfurled sails; splendid nurseryfish on which nature has lavished yellow, azure, silver, and gold; yellow mackerel with wings made of filaments; bullheads forever spattered with mud, which make distinct hissing sounds; sea robins whose livers are thought to be poisonous; ladyfish that can flutter their eyelids; finally, archerfish with long, tubular snouts, real oceangoing flycatchers, armed with a rifle unforeseen by either Remington or Chassepot: it slays insects by shooting them with a simple drop of water.
1. The walls spattering with dark.
2. Roger fired again, spattering the rear of Doyle’s.
3. Harry has a spattering of blood on his shirt but he's OK, It's alright babe.
4. It began to sizzle, with grease spattering and flaring on contact with the coals.
5. It seemed she could hear every drop falling from the tree and spattering onto the soggy leaves below.
6. Its depth prevents spattering, and tin and aluminum admit quickly the chill of the ice or cold water.
7. They moved too quickly for him and one of them slashed at his chest, spattering the ground with his blood.
8. With the gay talk and jokes, the petting and a spattering of serious conversation, time went by like a dream.
9. The 3-tiered fountain loomed in majestic proportions and the cooling liquid sprinkled us in spattering gaiety.
10. Gobbets of mud flew stories high as claws gouged the saturated soil, spattering everyone within a quarter mile.
11. Shuddering, his orgasm finally exploded into her hand, dripping down her fingers and spattering onto the floor.
12. A spattering of white crosses erected roadside pays homage to those whose concentration lapsed on the sharp bends.
13. There was nothing but the wind against the windows, the rain spattering out their own song, the marbled Madonna smiling down at them.
14. Mixed in with the applause, though, was a spattering of whistles and the stamping of feet, the European equivalents of catcalls and boos.
15. She knew for certain she hadn’t been successful when the soldier backhanded her, knocking her to the ground and spattering her clothes with mud.
16. No matter how carefully the hose operator directed the effluent flow, it occasionally hit the gondola or part of it blew back, spattering the two with waste.
17. The sleeve of her robe was adorned with the outlines of a lucent branch of delicate plum blossoms whose dark centers were a spattering of minuscule droplets.
18. Occasional raindrops began spattering the pavement slabs, indecipherable on the tarmac of the street, the windscreen wipers of the Audi commencing by way of response.
19. His followers wore his red-and-black livery, and they all splashed into town with banners flying, their horses’ hooves spattering the citizens with rainwater and mud.
20. Up ahead I could see the end of the growth of the big trees giving way to a brief spattering of smaller trees, with even a few stars filtering through gaps in the canopy.
21. I swallowed the rising bile back down my throat as it locked eyes with mine while ripping into the woman’s intestines, sending blood and guts spattering all over itself.
22. I put my right hand out and hit her in the face with my palm, feeling the crunch of breaking bone as her nose was squashed against her cheeks, feeling the spattering of blood on my arm and face.
23. The soldiers near him are so horrified by the spattering of blood, which forms a trajectory seemingly of the speed of light, that they do not even pay attention to the lasers that take them next.
24. The moment Camilla's feet hit the concrete, the woman turned and set off toward the building, each booted step spattering Camilla’s white jeans with a mist of red-brown water, dyed with earthy dust.
25. He was gone so swiftly, his black cape melting into the night, that they could hardly realize he had been there at all until they heard the spattering of gravel and the mad pounding of a horse going off at full gallop.
26. Now came the awesome thunder of twenty-four aircraft engines, all running full-out for brief spattering seconds as they checked their revs, the thrust, the magnetos, and then the intermittent blast and roar when they took off in twos.
27. A never-ceasing from the trains, made the mud and confusion worse as they toiled in and struggled out, line of army wagons and ambulances, loading and unloading supplies and wounded drivers swearing, mules plunging and mud spattering for yards.
28. What a terrible light might have proceeded from the despairing explanations of Jean Valjean, and who knows whether that hideous glare would not have darted forth as far as Cosette? Who knows whether a sort of infernal glow would not have lingered behind it on the brow of that angel? The spattering of a lightning-flash is of the thunder also.
29. Instead of a roar, there was a spattering of applause – a few, ‘Allah, Akhbar! shouts – then,.
30. We were about to move ourselves to one of the adjoining tables when Mr Eye-Muncher spoke, spraying us with a light spattering of aqueous fluid,.
1. And notice these spatters?
2. Blood spatters on the pot marked windshield.
3. Blood spatters all over its white curly fur.
4. Blood spatters the walls as the body count rises.
5. The walls were riddled with bullet holes and blood spatters.
6. Its laugh is the mouth of a volcano which spatters the whole earth.
7. Deek’s vest lay in the dirt beside several spatters of dried blood.
8. Yellow stains marked the armpits of the vests and several sported dried blood spatters.
9. I tried to map out the fragile spatters, but they kept rearranging themselves, and when I opened my eyes they dissipated completely.
10. Spatters of blood covered Demilan face, and as he rose from his latest kill, he saw Maileena lying on the floor, and Odis still sitting on the couch, choosing to be a good boy, and not trying to piss off the ex-soldier.
11. I fancy it knew me: it pushed its nose against mine by way of salute, and then hastened to devour the porridge; while I groped from step to step, collecting the shattered earthenware, and drying the spatters of milk from the banister with my pocket-handkerchief.

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1. Reflexively, Jet ducks to avoid the spatter.
2. Wynne heard him land with a spatter at the bottom.
3. Drips from the roof spatter nearby, making me jump.
4. From the roof came the first experimental spatter of rain.
5. There were bloodstains on the walls and spatter on the floor.
6. The limb rolled into the corner, blood spatter covered the wall.
7. His eyes noticed blood spatter on the floor and creeping up the wall.
8. But, none of them had experience with analyzing blood spatter evidence.
9. He heard someone heaving behind him and the spatter of vomit on the sand.
10. Hair, fiber, blood spatter, footprints, receipts, notes—forget all of that.
11. I want the wind to blow on me, and the sun to burn me, and the mud to spatter me.
12. Noise, blood spatter and the removal of dead bodies is something they would avoid.
13. There was so much blood evidence, spatter and splash and handprints on everything.
14. Holder will connect the spatter of blood dots; she will root out the healing spring.
15. I only hope your mobster guest doesn't spatter too much while he's playing the glutton.
16. He got out of the way of the spatter and stood, watching Diondra on all fours, weeping.
17. Hal felt cold seawater spatter over him, and he jerked upright and snapped his eyes open.
18. But then the beast will crawl to us and lick our feet and spatter them with tears of blood.
19. Crime Scene Investigators found a bullet embedded in the concrete and possibly blood spatter.
20. Without any warning a stiff breeze swept over us, along with a spatter of oversized raindrops.
21. From blood spatter patterns and the bullet spray I think this is one scenario we should consider.
22. Tasting a fine spatter of peach juice on my face, I watched it sail up and up, into the hot afternoon sky.
23. The Agents only talked to him when they needed him to investigate the blood spatter and determine a cause of death.
24. A cloud covered the sun and there was a surprising small spatter of rain, a total shock in the midst of a sunlit day.
25. CSU was working fast and well, photographing scrapes on car doors, marking blood spatter, bagging found objects on the asphalt.
26. Stark pointed out that Annemarie’s blood spatter radiated out straight across the bed and that the stain pattern was uninterrupted.
27. Blood spatter, mostly of the arterial kind, had sprayed the contents of the freezer and the doors on both sides of the shattered glass.
28. There was a general cheer and a spatter of applause as the Shadow Witch finished speaking, the group of witches high on their recent victory.
29. Right, Sarge! Private Kyndyrs saluted, vaulted back into his saddle, and disappeared down the muddy track to Treykyn in a spatter of mud.
30. But her pace never changed, and Vronsky, feeling a spatter of mud in his face, realized that he was once more the same distance from Gladiator.
31. Visibility was very poor—there wasn’t much to see at all except the spectacle of fast-moving fog, and the occasional spatter of heavy raindrops on the grass.
32. There was a sudden spatter of rain on the window, and Hal wondered if he should go home before it really got started or wait and see if Robbie’s parents would offer dinner.
33. In the same way we shall never cease to maintain that the house-porters who clear away the mud from the wooden pavement in the Viborgsky Side ought not to spatter the legs of passers-by, but should throw the mud up into heaps as is done in Europe, and so on, and so on.
34. And it’s really not cool to know that stretching all the way from here to Canada, if you ever reach it, will be a string of stops like forty miles apart where any witness might have seen him, a Negro with green hair dragging another boy, singly gloved and clutching his stomach, to right where you see that pink spatter, Officer.
35. Father Roman, dried-up, small, alert, wrinkled, with big round eyes, a sharp chin, and a great snuff-taker, was an old campaigner, too; he had shriven many simple souls on the battlefields of the Republic, kneeling by the dying on hillsides, in the long grass, in the gloom of the forests, to hear the last confession with the smell of gunpowder smoke in his nostrils, the rattle of muskets, the hum and spatter of bullets in his ears.

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