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    1. I find myself staring at the phone once I have put it down … what the hell is Dan playing at? Standing staring at my house for hours on end every evening? Is that legal? Thinking about it, I suppose there isn’t a law against it if he is standing on his property … would it count as stalking?

    2. It was all shown out of scale, of course, and the Lancers’ fighters were the size of pigeons as they spread out around the breaching ship, pretending they couldn’t see the stealthed alien stalking them

    3. In the distance I can see great woods stalking up the hills bordering the valley and flocks of black birds much like crows fill the air above the trees

    4. He was indicted for stalking, for abduction and for a host of other charges, which lead, with a nod and a wink and some party donations, to the minister responsible for such matters making stalking a capital offence

    5. He was indicted for stalking, for abduction

    6. matters making stalking a capital offence

    7. relating to a number of accusations of very persistent stalking

    8. Had the wolf tracked him, using his excellent sense of smell, stalking him, waiting till he was asleep?

    9. Now he knew that one of that race was stalking Ava, no doubt using the technology that she helped invent or bring over from YingolNeerie

    10. I didn’t like that his eyes were stalking her

    11. ”who the fuck do you think you are!” he shouted, stalking towards the two boys

    12. “I swear one this morning was stalking me and as soon as the chance came, it ran down the trench wall nicked the last bit of bacon off the tip of my bayonet and scarpered with it”

    13. Carl and Wil rode their mounts to either side of his horse, a swarm of Guardians surrounding them on foot with blades or bows ready like stalking leopards

    14. I was rewarded with the sight of Mother stalking down the sidewalk in my direction

    15. Floppy started sweating profusely, which he realized was probably the last thing he should do when a wild beast is stalking your scent

    16. And she suspected the cries for help that had come from the building had less to do with burning rafters than with a dark figure stalking the shadows

    17. It had been persistent, stalking its prey patiently, knowing its time would come, not now but soon

    18. The big cat was stalking him again, edging him nearer the door, almost as though the animal was somehow communicating with those outside, herding him towards them

    19. "I was practising my stalking mother, that's why you didn't see me

    20. As the attacking boars passed by on their way towards battle, the hidden defenders slipped quietly out of their hiding places to join with those already stalking the column from the rear, and by the time that Brokin had halted his badgers at the broken oak tree, he was already trapped between Grindel's superior forces in the sett and Cherva's boars in the rear

    21. In the real world, it is men, if they may be properly called men, who are stalking and routinely beating up on defenseless spouses and girlfriends at an alarming rate

    22. He went stalking farther up the trail by the babbling brook

    23. “No it’s not,” he answered, pulling away from her, then stalking around the room, collecting his clothes and pulling them on

    24. He is evidenced to have been charged with stalking a neighbour with criminal intent in the past and was relieved of various drugs, firearms, pornography and photographic equipment at that time

    25. Stalking was an old skill, perhaps grown rusty over the years

    26. Stalking! That's what it was! Yes, she would tell him what she thought next time

    27. Stalking a wounded animal is dangerous

    28. Having made a hundred-eighty degree turn, he began stalking the pursuit

    29. After supper cooked on the gas burner for his return, we sat in a small patch of lamp light, watching the gecko stalking moths

    30. They were stalking the victim right up to his death, and it took place on their turf

    31. We have also charged him with the theft of personal items belonging to the victim and the subsequent stalking of her, leading to the attempted murder

    32. “I can’t believe it either; how could she have ended up in his room in the first place?, your right, its fixation more than stalking but that’s the least of his worries

    33. You are also charged with the lesser crime of theft of certain personal items belonging to Miss Trevor and another count of stalking her leading up to the attempted murder, I would like to call for the opening statements of the prosecution and defense

    34. Then the stalking began again, and with it came a call from the Superintendent

    35. Apparently she had been stalking me for weeks

    36. All my motivation disappears into the darkness—the darkness that is always behind me, stalking me, and the darkness that is always ahead of me, lurking at my light's boundaries and waiting to ambush me

    37. emerged into the night and was stalking the gamers

    38. So the cops all knew him, and to them it appeared, so they said, that he was stalking Christie for about 100 yards

    39. Moving towards her like a lion stalking his prey Morgan drew closer to her

    40. He started stalking him until the next new flare yielded enough light to cup the man�s mouth, pull him backwards onto an upraised knee and reach around to slide the stiletto upwards through his belly into his heart

    41. At higher command levels found at MACV, Whitey had the distinct impression harassment and fear were stalking the corridors

    42. natural enough to back away, knowing that his stalking fate was

    43. But now, my scalp prickled as I spotted the largest cat I’d ever seen, stealthily stalking a doe

    44. slowly stalking what might have been a small animal at the spot of the sound

    45. “It's been stalking M

    46. started stalking Machinma shortly afterward – we saw at his

    47. So after awhile it gets to be uncomfortable—similar to stalking

    48. With a howl, it jumped to its feet and began to sniff the ground stalking its prey

    49. No longer having to waste time worrying about her stalking Harry, I took the

    50. I raised my shield instinctively; I had the feeling something was stalking me

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    stalk stalking still hunt

    "stalking" definitions

    a hunt for game carried on by following it stealthily or waiting in ambush

    the act of following prey stealthily