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    stand up

    1. They struggled to stand up as fast as they could before she could yank their ears off of their head

    2. "Why don't you stand up, turn around, come over here and tell me that," he paused, "little white boy

    3. “Please… stand up”, he said quietly

    4. When one refuses to stand up

    5. It is truly sad when one person can have such an influence, especially when others are not strong enough to stand up for what is in the best interest of

    6. This means at times Christians must stand up to rebuke the bullies who try to take

    7. I nodded and watched him stand up and move into the doorway

    8. I held onto the towel so that it did not slip from my head and did my best to stand up

    9. This man who suffered more than anyone else that I know – save Christ – was able to then stand upon Mars Hill and tell them about the God who gives all things

    10. “By this, therefore, shall the iniquity of Jacob be purged: and this is all the fruit to take away his sin, when he maketh all the stones of the altar as chalkstones that are beaten in sunder, so that the idols and images shall not stand up,” Isaiah 27:9

    11. Men and women stand up to be counted

    12. Because they had so held to the words of Moses, Moses will in that day stand up and give an account against them

    13. Similarly, if we think that we are somehow accountable only to those that are pastors or of the same spiritual quality as we, then those who were babes in the faith will stand up and condemn us

    14. Those who have spoken, but we wouldn’t listen will stand up and tell Jesus, “Well, they did know, because I told them…”

    15. "I'll stand up with this one if it doesn't," he said, holding the fake crossbow Desa made the first day

    16. ’ He laughed, rolling over so he can stand up

    17. It was all about dealing with problems and they got me to stand up and talk about mum and dad dying and how I’d dealt with it

    18. mattered that they stand up and be counted in a way that would

    19. 1 Ask the subject you wish to test to stand up and

    20. I slowly stand up

    21. then, one of the women would stand up straight and very still,

    22. time was coming that I would have to stand up and take a side

    23. need to find an issue and stand up to him - prove your

    24. stomach rumbled but before he could stand up, vomit splattered on his shoes

    25. All at once the voices told me to stand up again

    26. The thought made the hairs on his neck stand up

    27. She had already seen him and was starting to stand up

    28. We do not stand upon formalities here

    29. prepared to stand up to Philippe

    30. She was relieved to have someone to stand up for her, but she rather wished, he hadn't promised she’d have all the answers, by morning

    31. "You have to stand up to him

    32. There was no way the vial could stand up because of its pointed bottom

    33. "You there!" Theodorous said, trying to stand up tall and proud, though gravity and humility were both working against him

    34. " Desa was out from under the coach by now and starting to stand up

    35. and said, “Stand up first!”

    36. Before they could stand up, Tragus stepped around a hemlock

    37. It made the hair on the back of his neck stand up

    38. You need to stand up for yourself

    39. To dream that you are being tracked indicates that you need to be more careful and stand up for yourself

    40. You need to be more assertive and stand up for yourself

    41. And that is where her thoughts paused as she at last summoned the strength to stand up in the great pool room

    42. Shootfighting does incorporate a lot of stand up

    43. The girls, her classmates, try to restrain their laughter, as they know it will soon be their turn to stand up and sing

    44. He recalled that his idea for staircase bowling to break in the new Temple had been hastily dismissed, though he still mused that the old oak craftsmanship would stand up to a few bowling balls just fine

    45. ‘Stand up and repeat “’TIS THE VOICE OF THE SLUGGARD,”’ said the Gryphon

    46. We saw others bend, stoop, then stand upright, as they checked their crops, as well

    47. “What the fuck is going on what’s happening?” He was trying to stand up but had caught his tunic on a nail jutting out from the side of the trench which now held him back

    48. We seemed to have been crawling forever towards the rear and suddenly much to our relief there was no shrapnel at all and we could stand up and walk which was heaven itself

    49. The tiny cabin was too low to stand up, and less than two metres in diameter, but it still took several minutes to bring the air pressure up to a breathable level and even then the air was icy cold

    50. Then I thought I can’t listen to this bullshit anymore and I was just about to stand up and punch the bastard right in the middle of his smug well fed face when Anne exploded like a signal rocket

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    get up rise