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Standards in a sentence

1. One, more to his standards.
2. By covert standards, it was.
3. Then I have no moral standards.
4. But setting standards is one.
5. Not all standards are the same.
6. Savage by our standards anyway.
7. The moral standards of America.

8. Herb was wealthy by my standards.
9. Standards of Conduct Office, 184.
11. I mean, by Dauntless standards.
12. Small and cramped by DC standards.
13. Such high standards are essential.
14. All of these are human standards.
15. Old, that is, to modern standards.
16. His moral standards were low but.
17. Well, by feline standards, that is.
18. By animal standards, humans are weak.
19. These standards always stay the same.
20. M: Discard all traditional standards.
21. He was huge, even by wolf standards.
22. He was huge, even by troll standards.
23. Table 13-4 PPP and Related Standards.
24. It was long overdue, by any standards.
25. That’s huge by anyone’s standards.
26. By my standards that's an A for effort.
27. But by 2003’s standards it was small.
28. They live above their normal standards.
29. Without reliable audit standards, the U.
30. Lower standards of cultural brainwashing.
31. It is preferable to use standards fonts.
32. They are meant to ensure high standards.
33. Standards should be established based on.
34. Safety Standards Concerning The Pool Which.
35. Years ago, the standards were a lot higher.
36. Thus, industry standards are an important.
37. Having been aware of accounting standards.
38. The Order must have lowered their standards.
39. What standards and procedures are followed?
40. They shall go hindmost with their standards.
41. Virgos always have high standards in love.
42. I am hugely impressed by the high standards.
43. STANDARDS you can satisfy any other standard.
44. She had certain standards, mostly involving.
45. But by Dauntless standards, that’s nothing.
46. You would think you would have some standards.
47. She was also beautiful by his Human standards.
48. By local standards 'short' was if cut at all.
49. Lucy did not find her mother’s standards so.
50. He was large even by troll standards, with a.
51. Lower standards of laziness and mindless ease.
52. Mount your standards on the nearest, high.
53. The house is well-equipped by Indian standards.
54. By Afghan standards, my question had been bold.
55. The middle classes maintained higher standards.
56. The party that has the highest moral standards.
57. I’m all for high standards, but the ways in.
58. George’s standards and will be worthy of them.
59. This may seem inconvenient by present standards.
60. This again is using human standards of importance.
61. Failure to comply with standards and regulations.
62. And this takes us to double standards, and what.
63. This is due to international standards on human.
64. Stricter regulations and standards must be estab-.
65. All because of the double standards of age racism.
66. The law also set up standards to reduce coal dust.
67. Actually, she took the standards her parents and.
68. It was incredibly carefree by today’s standards.
69. You can't try to have Godly standards by using the.
70. We are not the only people to have moral standards.
71. God's standards I used to love saying that I was 'a.
72. Insist that they lower the standards to zero levels.
73. It was a rather horrifying affair, by any standards.
74. Over the years our educational standards have changed.
75. The price is a little steep by Earth standards, $200.
76. While I kept telling God that I wanted His standards.
77. The California condor by human standards is ugly and.
78. Camping resorts are plentiful and standards are high.
79. The barbecue was spectacular, even by Texas standards.
80. Their rules and routines maintain these low standards.
81. FUCK IT, when it came to each of these standards.
82. Accounting standards, global investing and, 717–718.
83. A lot of people in Beatrice have no standards, could.
84. That’s an outstanding result, by anyone’s standards.
85. By human standards she was probably around twenty or so.
86. We decided in Earth standards the year would be 100,000.
87. By her taciturn standards, that was positively garrulous.
88. When I mean well, I mean as per Global Council standards.
89. While meeting industry standards will determine ball.
90. This technology provides standards for line rates up to 9.
91. That is one trader setting standards for the entire team.
92. His standards were high, almost irrationally so, and he.
93. The Past should never be judged by contemporary standards.
94. He must lower his standards, expectations, and self-worth.
95. That’s a pretty great return, by anyone’s standards!.
96. We have standards on the site and your palace builder had.
97. But by our standards Air Products was somewhat overbonded.
98. People have different standards of being the customer;.
99. I do, but it is a cumbersome one by today’s standards.
100. There must be different standards for different conditions.

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