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Starvation in a sentence | starvation example sentences

  1. I tell you it's starvation.
  2. She was close to starvation.
  3. The starvation rate was always.
  4. They taxed people into starvation.
  5. Waste makes a mockery of starvation.

  6. It saved the sailors from starvation.
  7. But starvation, that’s a possibility.
  8. My father died of starvation last week.
  9. She had no skills so starvation loomed.
  10. That’s how close I came to starvation.
  11. This will put your body into starvation.
  12. Genteel starvation, I think—and hope.
  13. Plenty for some, starvation for most!.
  14. In many places starvation is ever present.
  15. Mass starvation and mass death: guaranteed.

  16. Their killing, starvation, torture in the.
  17. The Dutch invented a new form of starvation.
  18. People lived in constant fear of starvation.
  19. One million died from starvation or disease.
  20. Starvation will force you to steal from me.
  21. And those who fear homelessness and starvation?
  22. Waste is not fun, it is pollution and starvation.
  23. Either we died of starvation and the associated.
  24. Millions of people die from starvation every year.
  25. The danger is not from starvation, but indigestion.

  26. It’s basically in charge of your starvation status.
  27. It’s oxygen starvation, and the brain runs on oxygen.
  28. Plenty of food to prevent starvation but not the food.
  29. Naturally, in her starvation state she wanted to eat it.
  30. That was before they turned on themselves in starvation.
  31. Forced labour, starvation and horrible treatment were the.
  32. The anorexic becomes obsessed with her starvation routine;.
  33. It was only a few flying fish that kept us from starvation.
  34. Starvation, typhus, plague, tuberculosis, were trusty weapons.
  35. At the point of starvation and extreme hunger scraps of salted.
  36. But they are family and how could I let them die of starvation.
  37. They would rather me to be dead of starvation than to have that.
  38. There is a discussion of starvation and diabetes at this site:.
  39. You can die of starvation and thirst, exposure or heat or cold.
  40. We die of starvation, in order to be able to kill one another off.
  41. The boy leaps on them as if he has been on the verge of starvation.
  42. After that, he’ll probably take an easier way out than starvation.
  43. Has there ever been a starvation of not enough tools with humans? No.
  44. However, the body often goes into starvation mode during these diets.
  45. They could not afford to deny the hardships of poverty and starvation.
  46. They would live out their lives here without starvation or euthanasia.
  47. Starvation and privation… families living in hovels without any heat.
  48. There is also some older research that starvation is good for diabetics.
  49. Millions of people die every year through malnourishment and starvation.
  50. Their starvation of the inner self brings with it desolation and blind.
  51. I could see the same starvation in his eyes, which I could feel in mine.
  52. Love is not the consumption by a few to the starvation and pain of many.
  53. Robert had showed him some flowers he could eat to stave off starvation.
  54. Gaunt, emaciated to the point of starvation, her face is long and narrow.
  55. They'll mostly die of starvation, or worse, or they'll come crawling back.
  56. In Russia, real starvation occurred as the food chain virtually broke down.
  57. I don’t think I can wait much longer…I’d die from starvation!.
  58. With the claws of oxygen starvation tearing at his chest, Will did a quick.
  59. Do not significantly restrict fat or carbohydrates or go on a starvation diet.
  60. As a result, our forces eventually had to surrender, mostly due to starvation.
  61. Consumerism and overpopulation and global starvation are the tools that will.
  62. The only real and lasting solution is to give up the starvation and restriction.
  63. During the Middle Ages, for example, elective starvation was viewed as a means.
  64. He’d remembered those long hours before the numbness of starvation had set in.
  65. The model involves throwing boiled water, beating, electric shock and starvation.
  66. Totally lacking water, food, medical care, skeleton dogs, dogs dead of starvation.
  67. Thanklessness is the starvation of the spirit, which can kill both mind and heart.
  68. Paying the poor slaves starvation wages that did not give them enough money to eat.
  69. Straight down there, forty miles away, our family ranch was— old starvation ranch.
  70. The greatest incidence of anorexia, or elective starvation, has been reported in the.
  71. But their fear of starvation did not vanish even though it was completely unjustified.
  72. Your body goes into starvation mode, and it starts to look around for baggage to shed.
  73. We do this in anticipation of possible long-term hunger or starvation at a later date.
  74. Imagine seeing murder, disease, starvation, rape, incest and war as part of God's plan.
  75. You only care about the starving millions until your own starvation is blamed upon them.
  76. This is the starvation that a diet of I'mage produces: processed food on a virtual table.
  77. To abandon a man to starvation! What are they made of to do such a barbarous thing!.
  78. I explained that I had escaped from the Warhoons and was dying of starvation and exhaustion.
  79. But it is true that we have exchanged corpulence for starvation, and either one will kill us.
  80. Poverty, starvation, and the miseries of the lower classes simply do not exist in these books.
  81. She had a pretty face, but she was so thin that she appeared to be on the point of starvation.
  82. Johnson and Rutherford's guilt is in failing to stop this extermination and starvation tactic.
  83. By the time the war ended in 1918, thousands of people all over Europe were facing starvation.
  84. It ain’t always losin’ someone nor hard times nor high taxes nor even downright starvation.
  85. Nathan ignored him, staring at her as if she was a buffet of food and he was dying of starvation.
  86. I didn’t see any injuries, or signs of frostbite, only symptoms of dehydration and starvation.
  87. It would be strange to have any policy argument in favor of starvation or against indoor plumbing.
  88. Joseph was at his lowest point ever, he watched as his men died from starvation and the bitter cold.
  89. He could hang himself with his handkerchief to the window bars, or refuse food and die of starvation.
  90. Close familiarity with even one or two could make all the difference between survival and starvation.
  91. I doubt that you pampered lilies have ever seen or been close to anyone who was dying of starvation.
  92. These actions resulted in massive deaths through executions, work exhaustion, illness, and starvation.
  93. Some of the basic reasons we hoard things is because of the negative dynamic of the fear of starvation.
  94. Did it produce starvation in the West Indies? No, sir; the politicians of that day did not so calculate.
  95. Been awhile since witnessing a starvation, but it’s still fun to think about, even after all this time.
  96. Wherever Authority and Power crush millions of people into starvation and poverty… there you have chaos.
  97. One of the cruelties of starvation is that a body dying of hunger often rejects the first food it is given.
  98. We lost an average of at least 500 men a day, the majority of them Filipinos, from diseases and starvation.
  99. Flesh is torn and tattered over the scarcity of over-abundance, spasming the globe in gluttonous starvation.
  100. He finished the thought mentally: Since she has prophesied for me an end of poverty, misery, and starvation.

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