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Starve in a sentence | starve example sentences

  1. I would have to starve.
  2. I'll starve to death or.
  3. They would starve to death.
  4. We were destined to starve.
  5. Thought I was going to starve.

  6. You go and starve in your own.
  7. I think I’d rather starve.
  8. It'll be the Crows that starve.
  9. God doesn't want you to starve.
  10. They will try to starve you out.
  11. He won’t wait to starve us out.
  12. I go and let the Infant starve.
  13. I have feasted when millions starve.
  14. Even then he would starve a little.
  15. Couldn’t let the wifey starve.

  16. Then he had an idea: Starve them out.
  17. While billions of other humans starve.
  18. I had to eat them or I would starve.
  19. Then let Belinda starve? askt she.
  20. You can stay safe and starve your work.
  21. She wouldn’t starve that was for sure.
  22. I see well enough I shall have to starve.
  23. A farmer so his family wouldn’t starve.
  24. The intention was to let them starve to.
  25. When there was no work they would starve.

  26. He worried that she might starve herself.
  27. Soon you will starve out the army of all.
  28. She'd rather starve than have a ribbon she.
  29. If we make the steppes, we shall not starve.
  30. Without its parents; it would die and starve.
  31. I don’t see why you humans don’t starve.
  32. They did not have much choice: eat, or starve.
  33. You don’t feed him? Won’t he starve?
  34. There's no need to starve yourself or go hungry.
  35. They will cut the power, try to starve him out.
  36. If provisions are wanted, the people must starve.
  37. Starve if you have to, for as long as you need to.
  38. Our body slowly starts to starve itself into a.
  39. The majority of the survivors are doomed to starve.
  40. Kill the mother and the little ones starve to death.
  41. Why, with nobody to take care of you, you’d starve.
  42. I would rather starve than eat the work of your hands.
  43. Most of this class of men would rather starve than beg.
  44. At least, she wouldn’t starve The Maiden’s Odyssey.
  45. They had been respectful of his wishes to starve himself.
  46. Allowing subjects to starve and live out in the elements.
  47. But at leas’ we can starve to death with folks we know.
  48. He was willing to let Mother and Rosemary starve with him.
  49. It was normal to starve your peasants to death every year.
  50. Won’t have a bunch a fellas that hates us to starve with.
  51. They’ll either all starve or change to get off the island.
  52. They cut Leningrad off and tried to starve it into surrender.
  53. She was willing to starve and sleep on the street if need be.
  54. He knew he would not starve to death in the next ten minutes.
  55. We told them that they would either starve waiting or would.
  56. A sin! Why, what harm would you be doing him? He won't starve.
  57. Better to starve to death, she decided, than to live as a pig.
  58. Would you not think I must starve in such a place? But I don't.
  59. Bit by bit, they would starve to death without even knowing it.
  60. I couldn't starve again, knowing what it would do to my stomach.
  61. It’s only a matter of time before we starve to death or those.
  62. Surely there are good artist that starve, Garcia pointed out.
  63. I suppose I'll have to catch something if I don't want to starve.
  64. Eventual y it will starve to death and you will be with one less.
  65. I'm not going to act the lady among you, for fear I should starve.
  66. One thing is for sure: we're not going to starve while we are here.
  67. Without cats, our grain would be eaten by mice and we could starve.
  68. What if the Germans try to starve the ghetto into submission?
  69. Why, you’d starve tomorrow if something went wrong in your kitchen.
  70. Without them crops would not get fertilized and everyone would starve.
  71. Campion's suggestion was that they should simply starve the warren out.
  72. The finches with the weak beaks starve to death and die out.
  73. Combined, these actions should starve the cyanobacteria out of the tank.
  74. It's not like home in the garden, but we certainly won't starve out here.
  75. The Beast will try and starve to death all those who refuse to submit to.
  76. They sit in a fig tree (their job) and slowly starve for fear of losing.
  77. If we didn’t find a healthy reach of water soon, all of us would starve.
  78. Better to cast my Lot with Lancelot, than, by and by, to starve in London.
  79. If every person helps them, they will never remain helpless and starve.
  80. When the; Indigenous people refused to give them food they began to starve.
  81. Attempting to starve him showed that torture was not beyond their thinking.
  82. But I felt we could all afford to starve for a time should it prove necessary.
  83. Shut off his nourishment - starve him to death - he cannot live in a thought.
  84. You will increase your own contamination—but the alternative may be to starve.
  85. To make sure the dealer does not starve, this ‘spread’ varies with the risk.
  86. Their intention was to starve the local inhabitants off their moon and take over.
  87. I won’t have you all starve, simply because I’ve thrown myself at your head.
  88. I had no weapons and neither my body nor the wizard would allow me to starve myself.
  89. You cannot starve a babe and have a man; or do miracles run different than of old?
  90. But they would now be able to starve us all to death in a month if it were not for.
  91. We starve this coming winter or we raise hell, said a small man with a blue cap.
  92. The Vatican swims in gold and riches, while vast numbers of people starve and suffer.
  93. Serminak was hunted out long ago, so if we do not keep crops and livestock, we starve.
  94. I would rather starve and now I was put to the test which I passed with flying colours.
  95. You're afraid they'll starve or rise up against us, continued the Chief Executive.
  96. And you can lose excess (unhealthy) weight easily, safely, and without having to starve.
  97. The positive thought is the strongest plant, and will in time starve out the negative one.
  98. Or… he would starve for five years before he got paid and eventually die of malnutrition.
  99. This is how Money votes for its existence over humanity's: people starve for lack of funds.
  100. They thought that it was better to try their luck rather than to remain confined and starve.
  1. You may end up starving.
  2. But you are starving here.
  3. You are too thin - starving.
  4. He was starving for his work.
  5. I'm just starving that's all.
  6. The fear of starving to death.
  7. But I cannot—-I am starving.
  8. I’m not starving yet, boy.
  9. But arose starving with penury.
  10. This poor boy was starving to.
  11. We’re starving back to death.
  12. He was starving, but when his.
  13. And starving child, rather than.
  14. But hey! I’m not starving yet.
  15. What are we eating? I'm starving.
  16. You mean really hungry, starving.
  17. She was not starving at that time.
  18. Oh? I thought you'd be starving.
  19. She just realized she was starving.
  20. Everyone else is poor and starving.
  21. My fiancée was alone and starving.
  22. This appears to be a starving crowd.
  23. So what's to eat I'm starving.
  24. And the fact that she was starving.
  25. You need not be afraid of starving.
  26. Is that why you are starving me?
  27. What’s on the menu? I’m starving.
  28. We were starving, we had no choice.
  29. I was starving and had to take a.
  30. It was only 5pm, but she was starving.
  31. Yes, I’m starving too, he said.
  32. Why were you starving? she asked.
  33. The minute I smelled it, I was starving.
  34. I’m starving, lead me to the chow.
  35. And she’s starving, Mattie said.
  36. Have you had supper yet? I’m starving.
  37. Better a Wet-Nurse than a starving Babe.
  38. I'm starving, Rick said he was making.
  39. My head hurts and I'm starving to death.
  40. I was tired, starving, time-starved and.
  41. Now that he mentioned it, I was starving.
  42. Boy, Dad, I’m starving for some of.
  43. The animals are exhausted and starving.
  44. I'm cold; I'm wet; I'm starving to death.
  45. They're starving in the treetops, Stan.
  46. I’m starving and it’s getting late.
  47. I have a tonne of starving customers here.
  48. The Witch was slowly starving him to death.
  49. We don’t want the starving beggar to die.
  50. Starving themselves in the midst of plenty.
  51. The two starving men stood staring at them.
  52. Gluttony tortures a starving belly to wrath.
  53. You aren’t hungry, but you’re starving.
  54. Smell of grilled beefsteaks to the starving.
  55. I mean it! I was starving to death, c’mon.
  56. She didn’t have to ask for he was starving.
  57. I don’t know any better place for starving.
  58. We are starving, but we are afraid to go out.
  59. A little starving Mouse had made his way with.
  60. I’m always starving at the end of the day.
  61. Billions of humans will be starving and dying.
  62. I was starving, not sleeping and within a few.
  63. Yet it pained him to think of Sunbeam starving.
  64. He was starving – not literally but he sure.
  65. When you’re starving, crumbs will not suffice.
  66. But Thorin would only say that he was starving.
  67. I rose from this feast starving with heartbreak.
  68. The Daltrys were actually starving their twins.
  69. Everyone starving and at each other’s throats.
  70. A humanity that was starving, homeless and not.
  71. Starving was not such a bad option to Lucy, and.
  72. They were starving, thirsty, and disease ridden.
  73. Everyone had always thought that I was starving.
  74. While not starving, she wasn’t well fed either.
  75. I haven’t eaten since lunch and I’m starving.
  76. It’s starving to death, she said in horror.
  77. They would come with the speed of starving wolves.
  78. I don't know, but I expect starving in the forest.
  79. Starving wildlife will raid crops owned by farmers.
  80. Furthermore, starving and then binging will have.
  81. I wouldn't eat or drink here, if I were starving.
  82. A total of nine emaciated and starving dogs were.
  83. Deep within, both were starving for physical con-.
  84. The aroma hit them, and they were suddenly starving.
  85. When you are starving a mouthful of rice is a feast.
  87. He kissed her forehead, and said that he was starving.
  88. But his return spring was like that of a starving wolf.
  89. As soon as I thought of food, I realized I was starving.
  90. He grinned and whispered back, That I'm bloody starving.
  91. I told you, which was a long time ago, I was starving.
  92. He looked up at his men who were shattered and starving.
  93. I was starving and insisted we start, Yaf finished.
  94. When there were no mills, these women were not starving.
  95. I’m starving! Torie announced walking before him.
  96. And I must say they believed that we were really starving.
  97. Chevalier laughed, Eat it all, you have to be starving.
  98. He was starving and now he fed, fed on his favorite meal.
  99. How about some wine and a snack? I’m suddenly starving.
  100. You can wait fifteen minutes without starving to death.
  1. They had starved to death.
  2. She was beaten and starved.
  3. You're no use to it starved.
  4. Dam if I ain‘t half starved.
  5. He had been starved for hours.
  6. But primarily, we were starved.
  7. A child who is lost and starved.
  8. He was visibly starved for riches.
  9. I told him that I was about starved.
  10. Her brain was starved of oxygen and.
  11. It was nearing 8pm and I was starved.
  12. Good, I’m starved all of a sudden.
  13. You look like they starved you half to.
  14. I’m starved, he said as he opened.
  15. Starved to Death was the most expensive.
  16. Hundreds of thousands of people starved.
  17. The poor unfortunate had starved to death.
  18. He was starved and willing to try anything.
  19. Why? Because the desires have been starved.
  20. I never starved and I knew what good food was.
  21. I either lived with them, or starved without.
  22. This Treebeard at any rate has not starved you.
  23. You woulda starved to death, hadn't been for us.
  24. I wasn’t beaten or starved or without a home.
  25. Some starved; some were tortured by the Indians.
  26. Man had fallen from grace, the children starved.
  27. Viella could tell he was starved for conversation.
  28. Again I would give her to these starved twins of.
  29. There was no reason why she should look starved.
  30. But for me she should have starved in the streets.
  31. He almost starved to death in the mid-winter snows.
  32. Having no commissariat, he has starved his prisoners.
  33. I was starved and chilled and did not know what to do.
  34. There's nothing wrong with you, except you're starved.
  35. He was a lean, starved, haggard thing, all bones and.
  36. Tied him to the gates of Minsk and slowly starved him.
  37. If it weren’t for us it they would all have starved.
  38. True her soul had starved; yes, it had cruelly starved.
  39. He was tortured, beaten, starved, tossed out into the.
  40. Being bedridden, she must have been starved for company.
  41. Furthermore, they are presented as sex starved, wicked.
  42. They're even more mangy and sinewy than starved hairlesses.
  43. Who simply starved to death as unwanted, excess population.
  44. We've been literally starved all the week-end at the Chasms.
  45. He was like a starved man, using my mouth to sate his hunger.
  46. I could feel his power and the blood rejuvenating my starved.
  47. They just froze to death outside, and starved to death faster.
  48. Tainted by alcohol, but revitalising the vampires starved cel s.
  49. Jim laid it in with all his might, for he was most about starved.
  50. She said, "Bet you're hungry!" I was starved, but I kept walking.
  51. In the first two years they almost starved, and half of them died.
  52. Would you like something to eat, it’s done and I’m starved.
  53. He was feeling starved and wanted desperately to replenish himself.
  54. He must be starved, you know;—that is certain; absolutely starved.
  55. But before it ever starved to death it would die from lack of water.
  56. They starved, beat, and tortured them and used them as slave labour.
  57. He must be starved, you know;-- that is certain; absolutely starved.
  58. She'd suffered a broken leg and unable to hunt, had starved to death.
  59. All of them had starved to death after being left behind during the.
  60. The kiss tasted sweeter than a jelly donut and she felt starved of him.
  61. Famine prevailed and thousands and thousands of Syrian citizens starved.
  62. But this would prove to be a hollow victory if Britain starved to death.
  63. The woman was sex starved and seemed to have latched on to him for life.
  64. Hitler ordered them to stop; Leningrad was to be starved into submission.
  65. The inference is that you should have starved genteelly and with pride.
  66. Likewise their children are sentenced to hard labor and starved to death.
  67. How many hours was the guy you starved to death? Or was it a woman?
  68. The beaming grin staring down was that of a starved animal savouring its.
  69. She felt like a gazelle that was thrown into a cage full of starved lions.
  70. I think they have twenty-four hour restaurants here, and I’m starved.
  71. Before I came upon them they were nearly starved, but if you took care of.
  72. Total, 200 millions of people murdered, tortured, starved this 20th century.
  73. With a starved, faint kind of expiring terror, he realized that he was dying.
  74. On the last day of November, they buried an American who had starved to death.
  75. He just put them into slave camps where they were worked and starved to death.
  76. Why outfit a starved 3rd world child with a military boot print of 3 wars, 4.
  77. If the brain cells are starved for more than a few minutes, they begin to die.
  78. There were famines and people starved to death as a result of British policies.
  79. Now, at twenty-four years of age, he was exhausted, starved, beaten—and free.
  80. Starved of oxygen, dizziness and a sharp pain in his head were rapidly worsening.
  81. He once spent six months in jail for stolen goods and the family almost starved.
  82. The British kept Mau Mau suspects in camps where they were tortured and starved.
  83. Having no luck with me, he was soon leaving me tied up, starved and near insane.
  84. The girl has starved so much that a jerk has managed to throw her off balance.
  85. I finished my tea while she nattered on and on about nothing, starved of company.
  86. I think Conthagah and I would have starved if I hadn’t brought along the chili.
  87. There he could have fine sport hunting them, or they could stop till they starved.
  88. I’m starved and that looks incredible, Kurt said sitting down at the table.
  89. Those kept as slaves were savagely beaten and starved so that they could offer no.
  90. After a sleep starved night in his hotel he took a cab to the Senate office building.
  91. They say Tom and his wife used him awful from the start--whipped him and starved him.
  92. The British were sending what crops there were off to London while the locals starved.
  93. Upon entering the shelter they found it packed with starved looking women and children.
  94. They can be fed until they are physically full but symbolically starved, or the reverse.
  95. No longer a mere book, it is a homicidal, psychopathic, starved, and power-hungry being.
  96. In that way the body is essentially starved of important nutrients found in a variety of.
  97. And your family would have no wood for their fire, no food on the table, and you starved.
  98. If by then if you have not starved to death, I will definitely come and take care of you.
  99. I’m too starved for Barrons myself to tolerate the idea of another female touching him.
  100. Only for their Irish friends and neighbours they would have been starved of their culture.
  1. No one ever starves.
  2. So the caveman starves.
  3. So the cave man starves.
  4. This starves them of.
  5. It starves humans of health.
  6. It starves all humans of love.
  7. It starves humans of happiness.
  8. It starves humans of self-esteem.
  9. For want of ten foxes, a lion starves.
  10. Civilization starves humans of freedom.
  11. Pity the wealthy for remaining rich while the world starves.
  12. She hoarded and saved, let her husband suffers and starves, and.
  13. Once he runs out of food, how long until he starves to death? Teddy asked.
  14. If anyone starves tonight, it will be their own fault, David said, chuckling.
  15. Civilization starves humans of every single necessary thing we need to be healthy and happy.
  16. It starves them of every single thing they are designed to have and should have and should not be denied from having it.
  17. Irregular attendance or Holiday church attendance starves us of the spiritual nourishment our leaders can provide through the Word.
  18. The environment becomes a healthy one where everyone eats, no one starves, there are healthy bodies, and aggression over resources subsides.
  19. The poor man starves while they are grassing their royal mountain stags or shooting peasants and phartridges in their purblind pomp of pelf and power.
  20. What political party would your god or love occupy? What country or people can claim to be governed by the gospel of the heart? Not one that wars, starves and ills.
  21. Once an Indian goes out in public and degrades themselves and starves and does incredibly stupid things for no reason, except to experience hardships that other sensible people would never do.
  22. When the world reaches the point of being uninsurable, and Insurancnism starves from lack of premiums, will we then create a common union to share and care for one another, or simply cannibalize the economy, country, and each other?
  23. They damned well deserve a chance—just a chance! It wouldn’t be much of a chance without better supplies, especially at this time of year, but it’d be more than they’d have sitting here while the heretics’ artillery blows them apart … or every one of them starves, anyway.

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