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Stinger in a sentence

1. Stinger said that it was a.
2. My mother calls me Stinger.
3. Thomas and Stinger took the.
4. Stinger reacted at the same.
5. Barstow and his squire Stinger.
6. Stinger was stirring the stew.
7. Thomas and Stinger saw to the.

8. It took some doing but Stinger.
9. Stinger was openly agitated with.
10. Sarah, this is Stinger, my Squire.
11. Stinger nodded and turned to leave.
12. Next she came to Sarah and Stinger.
13. Stinger was dressed in his leathers.
14. Stinger was openly relieved, I.
15. Stinger to each member of the family.
16. The missile on TV wasn’t a Stinger.
17. Thomas and Stinger ran to find Daphnie.
18. Stinger was the first to feel the bite.
19. Stinger suddenly brought them up short.
20. Kile agreed to do as Stinger had asked.
21. Stinger and Sarah entered the room next.
22. Stinger was asked a few questions but.
23. My Squire Stinger spoke of the Mother.
24. Daphnie and Stinger had multiple bites.
25. The Dragon asked to speak to Stinger next.
26. Will you do this for me? Stinger asked.
27. Tee and starts hissing loudly, her stinger.
28. Thomas signaled for Stinger to lead the way.
29. Stinger, I can see that yours are equally.
30. Looking at Thomas in total horror, Stinger.
31. Stinger yelled that they were all around them.
32. Will Stinger be coming with us? she asked.
33. Stinger seemed well at home in the outdoors.
34. But what does a Squire do? asked Stinger.
35. Stinger would not look him in the eyes, I.
36. The page asked what Stinger wanted done with.
37. Stinger looked up and asked why, You dont.
38. Stinger, what other routes are open to us?
39. Stinger had walked by on his way to the stables.
40. Stinger and locked her arms around his neck and.

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