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Stockholder in a sentence | stockholder example sentences

  1. They are a stockholder problem.
  2. He was the majority stockholder.
  3. Typical Stockholder Apathetic and Docile.
  4. In FF, stockholder values flow out of creating corporate values.
  5. If you’re a Greatshakes stockholder, this sounds like wonderful news.
  6. The suitor addressed themselves to Buffett, the controlling stockholder.
  7. The stockholder will receive cash dividends while the call holder will not.
  8. Dividends are mandatory; each stockholder is required to accept the cash payment.
  9. A late Lord Chancellor of England, besides other noblemen, was a large stockholder.
  10. Once the dividend is declared, the stockholder has no choice other than to take it.
  11. An example would be a very small acquisition that does not require a stockholder vote.
  12. Both dividends and stock repurchases result in cash being distributed to the stockholder.
  13. With my father’s death, he would become the sole head and major stockholder of Angel Pharma.
  14. The public Greg Hart was the devoted family man, aggressive executive, sophisticated stockholder.
  15. The excuse that corporations are good for stockholder is another white lie that is never studied.
  16. Control of the size and timing of the payout is with the company and not the outside stockholder.
  17. If a stockholder disapproves of any major policy of the management, his proper move is to sell his stock.
  18. It must never be forgotten that a stockholder is an owner of the business and an employer of its officers.
  19. Certainly there is just as much reason to exercise care and judgment in being as in becoming a stockholder.
  20. It has too nice a ring to it when in reality it denotes nothing but bad news, unless you are a stockholder.
  21. The Duke of Northumberland is said to be the most considerable stockholder in the Bank of the United States.
  22. In either case he undertakes the risks of a common stockholder in order to receive the high dividend income.
  23. The sensible remedy would be to transfer to the stockholder the task of averaging out his own annual income return.
  24. The accounting mumbo jumbo stocks should lead a stockholder to conclude: If you own it and cannot understand it, sell it.
  25. But the rate has been variable, and the average stockholder feels that he is at the mercy of the management’s decisions.
  26. It is a notorious fact, however, that the typical American stockholder is the most docile and apathetic animal in captivity.
  27. Hence the May 1937 balance sheet of Stokely carried a serious warning for the preferred and common stockholder, as the table shows.
  28. There is an inherent conflict between stockholder needs and benefits from cash distributions, and the needs of companies to retain cash.
  29. On the part of the stockholder, the receipt of the cash usually is optional, rather than mandatory (as is the case with dividend receipts).
  30. I am the second largest stockholder in that company and its chief attorney, and I can call upon their skills at any time and very quickly.
  31. The second type is the control stockholder and company seeking to sell securities or to issue them in merger and acquisition transactions.
  32. A discount purchase is one in which a stockholder obtains securities at a price below that which prevails or is to be created in a public market.
  33. The confusion of thought arises from the fact that the stockholder votes in accordance with the first premise and invests on the basis of the second.
  34. The increase in ability to make stockholder distributions over and above actual stockholder distributions, which do not reduce actual invested capital.
  35. The bondholder has a fixed and prior claim for principal and interest; the stockholder assumes the major risks and shares in the profits of ownership.
  36. The stockholder base is less sophisticated: They are slower to sell, they pay less attention, or, even worse, they are composed entirely of friends of the company.
  37. The first is the common stockholder holding minority interests in which dividend income is either insignificant or not part of the holder’s investment objectives.
  38. Stockholder annual reports, 10-Ks, 10-Qs, 8-Ks, and where issued, other documents will give investors strong clues to the encumbrances attached to a business entity.
  39. If, for example, he is still holding the bond at a level say of 180 (90 for the stock), he has for all practical purposes assumed the status and risks of a stockholder.
  40. There seems to be a view that the common stockholder community has a consuming interest in corporate feasibility but that other constituencies (notably creditors) do not.
  41. However, the difference between the seller of naked puts and the stockholder is that the former has some protection against loss –the premium collected when selling the puts.
  42. Cerberus, a GMAC stockholder, was not going to want to commit suicide, or even take a suicide risk, knowing what could happen to GMAC common stock in a Chapter 11 reorganization.
  43. For—presumably again—the rate of return on reinvestment will substantially exceed, in a typical case, what the stockholder could earn on the same money received in dividends.
  44. Experience would confirm the established verdict of the stock market that a dollar of earnings is worth more to the stockholder if paid him in dividends than when carried to surplus.
  45. Stockholder solicitation would be made immensely easier, because Leasco otherwise probably could not obtain a stockholder list or have Reliance mail an exchange offer on its behalf.
  46. The thrift industry presented Chieftain with a two-inch putt in the late 1980s and early 1990s as savings and loans were converting from a mutual to a stockholder form of organization.
  47. The buy stock and puts strategy has a larger initial dollar investment, but the percentage risk is smaller and the stockholder will receive any dividends paid by the common stock.
  48. This may be especially true where corporate prudence would dictate that a dividend be reduced or eliminated, either of which action would tend to result in gross stockholder dissatisfaction.
  49. The omission of the depletion charge of mining companies is not to be criticized, therefore; but the stockholder in such enterprises must be well aware of the fact in studying their reports.
  50. Thus, the public debt security holder may be less protected than the public common stockholder, who tends to be free to take legal actions on behalf of all stockholders or the company itself.
  51. Rather, the liquidation would be a taxable event for the stockholders: Each stockholder would have a capital gain or capital loss, depending on the cost basis each had for his common stockholdings.
  52. The Modigliani and Miller view of the fiduciary management selflessly toiling for the ideal stockholder simply does not accurately describe how all managements of public companies think and operate.
  53. The same is true of split-ups, which create more shares but give the stockholder nothing he did not have before—except the minor advantage of a possibly broader market due to the lower price level.
  54. Many managements want buoyant OPMI prices simply because they would rather have their stockholder constituencies happy, even though shareholder unhappiness would carry no downside risks for management.
  55. The common stockholder is operating with a little of his own money and with a great deal of the senior security holder’s money; as between him and them it is a case of Heads I win, tails you lose.
  56. If a common stockholder had accepted this analysis and exchanged his shares for one-seventh as many preferred, he would soon have realized a large gain both in dividends received and in principal value.
  57. Prospectuses are part of registration statements and are issued when securities are to be offered publicly, either for cash or in an exchange-of-securities transaction where no stockholder vote is sought.
  58. If a reasonable amount of borrowed capital, obtained at low interest rates, is advantageous to the stockholder, then the replacement of this debt by added stock capital means the surrender of such advantage.
  59. In December 2005 Ford Motor Company, the sole stockholder of a company since renamed Hertz Global Holdings (Hertz), sold its entire interest in the common stock of Hertz for approximately $2,295,000,000 cash.
  60. Of course, there were many things about Spalding that were mildly intriguing, such as his frequent dinners at the Dunes Club even though he was not a stockholder and lacked all the privileges attached thereof.
  61. The facts just related without further evidence might well raise a suspicion in the mind of a stockholder that the omission of the dividend was in some way related to a desire to depress the price of the shares.
  62. It is our view that for most companies, the formulation of appropriate shareholder distribution policies requires that stockholder needs and desires be distinctly subservient to the needs of the corporation itself.
  63. In exchange for limiting his participation in future profits, the bondholder obtains a prior claim and a definite promise of payment, while the preferred stockholder obtains only the priority, without the promise.
  64. Assuming that an investor can have no element of control over the company in whose common stock he has invested, that stockholder will want to have opportunities sooner or later to convert that investment into cash.
  65. The increase in value of a business (after adding back stockholder distributions) from one period to the next, with the increase measured by valuation tools that are not subject to GAAP assumptions and GAAP discipline.
  66. Such an arrangement removes or minimizes the danger of extinction of the junior equity through default in bad times and thus permits the shoe-string common stockholder to maintain his position until prosperity returns.
  67. Enforcement of stockholder rights against insiders is undertaken by the regulatory authorities themselves and through the private bar, which brings representative and derivative class actions on behalf of stockholder groups.
  68. In the early 1990s, in an effort to restructure an industry that needed to raise additional capital, many thrift institutions-savings banks and savings and loan associations-converted from mutual to stockholder organizations.
  69. Certainly, no stigma of nonproductivity ought to attach to stockholder distributions of any sort, in any amount, as long as the company distributing can afford to do so and believes the distribution is a good enough use of cash.
  70. In tender offers (or occasionally other market purchases), OPMIs may face the threat of the company going dark in that the nontendering (or nonselling) OPMI common stockholder will be left owning a security for which there is no public market.
  71. The reverse is also true: Doing field work is not a substitute for carefully reading relevant documents—Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, stockholder mailings, court records, competitors’ documents, and industry publications.
  72. The Graham and Dodd approach does recognize corporate and stockholder long-term needs if it is assumed that high dividends result in high stock prices that an issuer is able to take advantage of by issuing new stocks at prices based on market values.
  73. Without access to a stockholder list, Leasco would be able to solicit Reliance shareholders only through newspaper advertisements or through a proxy contest, which of itself would result in all sorts of new timing, legal, and administrative problems.
  74. It may be objected that the suggested arrangement would really give a bondholder no better legal rights than a preferred stockholder and would thus relegate him to the unsatisfactory position of having both a limited interest and an unenforceable claim.
  75. We believe that relationships between managements and stockholders, between managements and companies, between companies and stockholders and between stockholder groups are best viewed as combinations of conflicts of interests and communities of interests.
  76. Since this information is not too readily accessible to the individual stockholder, the statistical agencies could further improve their already excellent service by subjoining the salary and stockholding data to their annual lists of officers and directors.
  77. As a matter of fact, a stockholder derivative action was brought by a Leasco shareholder against the institutional investors, claiming that Leasco was harmed because the E&P constituted a loan to Leasco at exorbitant rates and was in violation of margin regulations.
  78. This would leave the stockholder with no downside protection, but once the existing covered call has expired, or once it’s closed out through repurchase, a new collar that’s more relevant to the current price levels and option expiration dates could be executed.
  79. There were also some local securities that he steadily accumulated as limited offerings became available, among them: First National Bank of Ithaca (ultimately Bank of America) and locally owned Tompkins Trust Company, where at his death he was the largest stockholder.
  80. The dividend rate is seen to be important, apart from the earnings, not only because the investor naturally wants cash income from his capital but also because the earnings that are not paid out in dividends have a tendency to lose part of their effective value for the stockholder.
  81. As an aside, modern capital theorists seem to measure attractive finance solely by interest rates, deeming, say, a 6 percent margin borrowing by an OPMI stockholder as more attractive in a substantive consolidation context than a corporate issuance of 12 percent subordinated debentures.
  82. As confirmation that tenure improves stockholder returns, consider this: Of the 28 long-term CEOs above, 25 of them had total shareholders returns during their tenures that beat the S&P 500 index (with total shareholder return calculated as stock price change plus reinvested dividends).
  83. Stockholder claims of violations of federal securities law may be of only limited help, since in most instances such suits are controlled by attorneys for stockholders who frequently have to be primarily interested in promoting settlements rather than obtaining full dollar value for stockholders.
  84. The speculator who wants to reduce his risk by operating in convertible issues is likely to find his primary interest divided between the enterprise itself and the terms of the privilege, and he will probably be uncertain in his own mind as to whether he is at bottom a stockholder or a bondholder.
  85. They should submit a separateannual report, addressed directly to the stockholders and containing their views on the major question which concerns the owners of the enterprise: Is the business showing the results for the outside stockholder which could be expected of it under proper management? If not, why—and what should be done about it?7.
  86. Baker Fentress appeared to be an attractive investment using our approach, because the stockholder would benefit from having competent investment management working to enhance, for the benefit of the stockholder, a good grade, unencumbered asset value that the stockholder acquired at a substantial discount from a reasonable measure of net asset value.
  87. On this last point, Fitch Ratings published an interesting article on April 20, 2004, in which it recognized that stock options were basically a stockholder problem, not a creditor problem; but then went on to state, Because of their dilutive effect, many companies have a high propensity to repurchase shares issued upon exercise of employee stock options.
  88. The State of South Carolina is a very large stockholder in some of her State banks, and if a selfish policy, contracted to the narrow sphere of the unique advantage in dollars and cents of the Government of that State—in contradiction and disregard of the great body of her own citizens, and the citizens of the rest of the States in the Union—could have weighed a moment with her Legislature, I too might have been instructed.
  89. Try tracing the effect of a stockholder, to a chairman of a corporation, to their corporate polices, to what political clout the corporation has, to what resources they consume, to what they produce, where it is manufactured, where it is sold, how its products are used, the effect of those products on the environment: and you get a vast segmented array of influences and forces: each cloaked and insulated in secrecy, each considered to be separate from the other.
  90. There have to be adjustments of past per-share figures on earnings, dividends, and book value, and of calculations in connection with antidilution provisions in convertibles and warrant instruments; stockholders have to be mailed new certificates, and there may be a tendency for XYZ’s stockholder list to become burdened with large numbers of odd-lot shareholders, whom it is quite expensive to service with dividend and stockholder report mailings, relative to the market value of their investment.

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