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Stooge in a sentence

Oswald has a stooge.
The people who played him as a stooge did not.
He was nothin’ but your stooge, THE IDENTITY CHECK.
I couldn’t take any chances with this stooge of a driver.
Goddamn he real y is a stooge, Jermaine muttered, as the.
I can tell you, according to the documents I read, they indicate the stooge.
He then proved to me that he was no stooge of the Christian Church, nor was he intimidated by it.

Oh what a shame! I failed to ask the apostle what actually went wrong between him and King Aretas of Arabia and his stooge governor.
Ah, ya soft-headed, sponge-hearted stooge, he croaked out, and he stood and pulled Durstan into an embrace so that his friend wouldn’t see him cry.
Naturally, on that first night – a time when members of the new regime visited the shelters – he suspected her to be a stooge, there to garner the loyalty of the Chosen.
The woman had been living in a marriage from hell, she said, and even though she was now divorced and living with a protected identity her ex-husband had managed to track her down and send some stooge to harass her.
She smoked cigarettes all afternoon on the veranda of a hotel that would still tolerate it, and we even managed to quarrel when I implied that something she had said had been diffident, and she took violent exception to my use of the word, until I had to remind her that I was not a record company stooge or one of her enemies in the press but just another songwriter.
On Sundays, Ralph and Betty would sometimes host a few expat Aussie thespians such as the great actor Leo McKern, who later became famous as Number Two in Patrick McGoohan’s The Prisoner and as Horace Rumple in Rumpole of the Bailey; Bill Kerr, who I knew as the innocent stooge to Sid James’s scheming spiv in Hancock’s Half Hour; and Shirley Abicair, who sang bewitching songs on the television, accompanied by the zither.

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butt goat laughingstock stooge flunkey flunky

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