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Stricken in a sentence | stricken example sentences

  1. Heloses and is stricken blind.
  2. He was so stricken he felt il.
  3. He looked tired and mud stricken.
  4. Her heart was stricken within her.
  5. Hilsith looked stricken with shock.

  6. She still looked pale and stricken.
  7. His mother was stricken with grief.
  8. Anna looked at the others, stricken.
  9. We are stricken by the tree’s history.
  10. Actually, I’m quite stricken with.
  11. Stricken, I left the church I’d loved.
  12. The other two had never looked so stricken.
  13. The town itself was near poverty stricken.
  14. Undoubtedly, he was stricken by Hope’s.
  15. We have to find her, he said stricken.

  16. The guards paced around with stricken faces.
  17. The true mother, terror stricken for her son.
  18. Dalynara drew in a breath, her face stricken.
  19. Stricken vessels burned, and when efforts to.
  20. The second section was stricken out—42 to 35.
  21. This stricken breast of mine deep notes of woe.
  22. Suddenly there was a moan from the stricken man.
  23. It was a sorely stricken man who lay before us.
  24. Good fortune now smiled on the stricken Soviets.
  25. Let us be the dew in their drought stricken heart.

  26. The man looked panic stricken, but was reassured.
  27. Stricken by those last words, the wanderer wavered.
  28. Books’s head spun toward the noise, face stricken.
  29. Seeing the stricken look on Tyler’s face, I winced.
  30. It was as if he was the stricken one and not myself.
  31. The ship they were on was stricken with a disease.
  32. What have you done? she said in stricken grief.
  33. Delaney reached out to touch it and was stricken down.
  34. His expression was horror stricken, his voice frantic.
  35. His hands flew to his face to cover his stricken eyes.
  36. He was stricken at the sadness in their emerald depths.
  37. The father faded away into a grief stricken hollowness.
  38. So the section for reducing the marines was stricken out.
  39. But David eluded the spear, shocked and stricken with fear.
  40. Then Thorin was stricken dumb with amazement and confusion.
  41. Rao was stricken by an irresistible urge to meet his Master.
  42. I knew what the symptoms were because I was stricken with.
  43. Ears tightly pinned he belly-crawled to his stricken Master.
  44. Fortnum turned back to his wife, who, stricken, glanced away.
  45. Just then, Rebecca materialized, her face stricken with grief.
  46. Then he went back to the stricken man and tended to him with.
  47. Before leaving Colon, Waddell was stricken with fever and the.
  48. William looked at him stricken in fear, but he didn’t answer.
  49. She turned to see Xen standing in the doorway looking stricken.
  50. I quickly looked at Jamie, who had a stricken look in his eyes.
  51. The driver of the stricken lorry jumped out, coughing from the.
  52. I believe that Miriam was stricken by leprosy in a split moment.
  53. Zavier was stricken as he tried frantically to revive his sister.
  54. This time the stricken dog could not shake the heavy snake loose.
  55. Then in a panic stricken moment I realized that Colt was gone!.
  56. Vanessa was stricken with concern in her eyes, how is he?
  57. His mother stood with her hands over her mouth, her eyes stricken.
  58. The guests looked at Hazel with stricken eyes, and no one laughed.
  59. But in the end he realized that most of all he was grief stricken.
  60. The fruit of knowledge was the first evil they were stricken with.
  61. Now he turned to gaze at me, stricken with alarms and growing hate.
  62. To the delicate sounds of the king, (the stricken wood and stone,).
  63. They both were terror stricken since Viliho seemed out of his mind.
  64. Are you the first that this hand has stricken? Have you not seen M.
  65. The second man---let’s call him Noli, was also in pain, stricken.
  66. One can only wonder that in so brief a timea man already stricken.
  67. He steadied himself as the stricken animal made a predictable turn.
  68. She grabbed his stricken father’s arm and they got on the elevator.
  69. She flew back to me as Joseph stood with a stricken look on his face.
  70. So greatly has your longed-for appearance stricken me with amazement.
  71. Simone, Rosie and Cressie lay in the hospital, stricken by the plague.
  72. Now billions of humans are being stricken with the fruit of Knowledge.
  73. The wretched girl was stricken dumb with despair at this announcement.
  74. They rowed the stricken Motion towards the shore and beached it before.
  75. GeorgeTwo smiled as the leprechaun waved his wand over the stricken man.
  76. She had no right, her injured mother felt, to look so small and stricken.
  77. Smilie moved the following as a substitute for the sections stricken out:.
  78. Murphy looked at the Colonel, stricken, We can't just leave her here!.
  79. Both boys lay stricken by the rain of gold and diamond fire that pelted them.
  80. He was gone and the memory of his stricken face would haunt her till she died.
  81. The overwhelming loneliness of being a stricken child had sapped her feelings.
  82. The voice at the other end of the line was that of a woman stricken with panic.
  83. Throws caution to the damned wind of stricken weirdness – calm and collected.
  84. Again the angel shakes him to his core and this time he is stricken unconscious.
  85. In fortress Stalingrad the conditions of the stricken army rapidly deteriorated.
  86. And I didn’t know how to tell my good friend why I felt stricken to my bones.
  87. Persecuted by ill-fortune, and stricken with grief, there seemed to be only one.
  88. Orphenn, still a bit stricken, peeked out behind the edge of the steel panel to.
  89. Until suddenly he heard Rob groan and felt the stricken mans hand tighten on his.
  90. Bibb's amendment, to insert, in lieu of those stricken out, several new sections.
  91. What remained of her stricken ship slowly tumbled on a collision course with the.
  92. Her eyes seemed to be watching her feet, and her face looked stricken beyond fear.
  93. She covered her mouth with her hand, stricken, and he liked her the better for that.
  94. As a young teenager, she had to manage our poverty stricken household most of the.
  95. He started to speak, a stricken look on his face, but she stemmed his words with a.
  96. He looked so stricken that I immediately felt terrible for suggesting such a thing.
  97. Barely able to whisper through dry, swollen lips the stricken man called for his dog.
  98. Suddenly as they talked they were stricken dumb, frozen as it were to listening stones.
  99. Imbrahim watched them leave, stricken by the somber mood that seemed to have infected.
  100. Only the frozen eyes of the stricken men at the bar twitched to find that sign: STOP!.

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