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Strobe in a sentence

2. A number of strobe lights.
3. Faces appeared lit by the strobe.
4. Flashing white light, the strobe effect.
5. Strobe flashes of memory, flooding his mind.
6. They responded with a strobe of flashing lights.
7. It gleamed in the strobe lights, slick with blood.

8. Their bright eyes swept across the room like strobe lights.
9. Akaman and the others disappeared with the flash of the strobe.
10. Across the opening to Penny’s cell, a strobe of light stretched across it.
11. Memories strobe past: the feel of her father’s trouser leg as she’d cling to it.
12. The view was magnificent (between the bursts of the strobe lights warning airplanes).
13. The culprit had then appeared in all his menace, even accentuated by the effect of the strobe.
14. Lit up, his every feature in the strobe, the voice and the words exact as if being back in that time.
15. The light of the moon sliced through the rooms as if it were a strobe and then the room was black again.
16. Around him the others were helpless with shock, as if frozen in place by a camera strobe or a flash of lightning.
17. Her movements seemed eerily disjointed as the strobe lightning effect caught her in various poses across the lawn.
18. Flood and strobe lights beaming, the H-3 was driven into the mountainous waves with the loss of the four man crew.
19. In the moments that followed, Maria was only able to register a series of images, like snapshots caught in a strobe light:.
20. Inside the tent, the strobe light still pulsed until he adjusted the weave to make it a very dim pale blue ball that outlined their faces.
21. The strobe of muzzle flashes ignite angry scowls, waxing wroth beneath black helmets, but she can't hear their curses over the deafening hail.
22. It was deep and dense, and strobe flashes of different colours flared somewhere deep in the heart of it, not sound, he realised, but fireworks.
23. The massed youth twisted and ground against each other to the tune of strobe lights their doped out senses lost in the euphoria of the wantonness of their actions.
24. Now that the mirrored building was lit up with strobe and fluorescent lighting, it was pretty impressive, especially for such a small town in the middle of Montana.
25. They were obvious novices and had never snorkeled before, but each one was equipped to the hilt, even with knifes strapped to their legs, cameras and strobe lights.
26. As Tim stood up quickly, ears ringing, the strobe painted a picture of Carl, his gun pointed at the floor, the smoke surrounding his feet almost obscuring the blood splatter.
27. When he expressed his feelings, they moved to the horizon, with the exception of two brightly flashing strobe lights, one directly in front of the other, which were approaching us at a low altitude.
28. Each time the lightning flashed, night turned to day, and like a brilliant strobe light, the lightning illuminated several giant wind turbines sitting high above us on towering stalks imposing a surreal presence on the scene.
29. He began cavorting around in the beam of a portable strobe light and carried with him a liquid light projector to provide psychedelic visual effects that were not often seen in the social clubs of Merthyr Tydfil and East Kilbride.
30. My domicile has never answered, to my satisfaction anyway, why it is that it can turn the air and heat on and off at will but can't be bothered to lock the doors after I leave, strobe the lights a little when I'm listening to my Saturday Night Fever CD or open the garage when it sees me pull in.

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