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Suburbia in a sentence | suburbia example sentences

  1. Suburbia, boring as shit.
  2. I could hide out more easily in suburbia.
  3. It was already surrounded by cars, station wagons, Jeeps, the family vehicles of suburbia.
  4. As it is, the suburbia region where I now reside is so cluttered with street lamps and other.
  5. I presume that was why we had our guards down cause can’t nothing happen in suburbia right? Wrong.

  6. So it is that the white kids of suburbia are oddly simpatico with the black American experience.
  7. A childhood in distant suburbia makes you appreciate everything that you experience in NYC that much more.
  8. The self she’d put together was a kind of Minerva of suburbia: fierce, cosmopolitan, dependent on no one.
  9. They lived near Mitcham Common, large parkland where he would often walk and it became his open space in suburbia.
  10. He looked out of the window as they lights of suburbia slowly dwindled and they left the city of York behind them.
  11. He had, for Lucy’s sake; but he longed for the green hills, the rolling suburbia, the friendly people, the smoke, and the grime.
  12. In the heart of midtown, Buckhead was next door to everything the city had to offer while remaining neatly tucked away in high-life suburbia.
  13. I left the driving to Trent and was grateful not have to navigate my way through the suburbia hell that had taken place in my absence from society.
  14. We need to move into our cities and revitalize them for shorter commutes and get away from suburbia thinking to lower the average commute and create and/or maintain farmland.
  15. As the city grew rapidly and the nature of the community changed from a relaxed easy going community to a bustling twenty something suburbia the aging members and leaders just did not relate to and membership started dropping.

  16. Minorities, especially African Americans and Latinos, have been unfairly criticized for the rapid rate of urban decline, (Remember what a nice neighborhood this used to be before ―they‖ moved into it?) although an honest assessment would inform any fair-minded individual that many of these neighborhoods were already in a transitional state of decline years before ―other‖ groups started moving in following the departure of White working and middle class families to suburbia in search of ―greener pastures‖.
  17. Suburbia with the constant scent of wisteria embracing her,.

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