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Suburbs in a sentence | suburbs example sentences

  1. The ogres are in the suburbs.
  2. Northern suburbs of Tel Aviv.
  3. She was a child of the suburbs.
  4. It is now, including suburbs, 700,000.
  5. They work mainly in the western suburbs.

  6. Sandton suburbs or outskirts of Pretoria.
  7. This was the western suburbs, after all.
  8. Rest rubble, sprawling suburbs, jerrybuilt.
  9. Lives in the suburbs, has offices in the city.
  10. Suburbs: A building outside the walls of a city.
  11. Ex-husbands should live in different suburbs.
  12. Gradually the traffic increased and the suburbs.
  13. The suburbs getting shabbier and the crowds thicker.
  14. In many of the outlying suburbs the ground suddenly.
  15. He drove off to the eastern suburbs on his motorbike.

  16. Our boat rose above the glittering suburbs of Dal as.
  17. They were coming into the spacey suburbs of the rich.
  18. By now, the saloon car had glided out into the suburbs.
  19. The border between the pinewoods and the suburbs moved.
  20. To study the suburbs is to study the amphibious animal.
  21. Barbook and its suburbs was a place that was somewhat.
  22. It’s one of the best known sabhas in Chennai suburbs.
  23. In the foothills in the haze suburbs are lying dreaming.
  24. It was rare that you saw a black man in the suburbs of.
  25. Living in the suburbs of Lyon, the city of three rivers:.

  26. They had just passed the last of the eastern suburbs of L.
  27. There are widespread reports of looting in several suburbs.
  28. The press to the suburbs and beyond brought people of all.
  29. As I said, I have lived in the suburbs for some time, and I.
  30. I needed something that I couldn’t find in the suburbs.
  31. This post was occupied by the National Guards of the suburbs.
  32. My parents have a unit in the eastern suburbs at Point Piper.
  33. Despite this I continued to live with my uncle in Kawe suburbs.
  34. He was married to Juliana and they had a house in the suburbs.
  35. They left the neat suburbs behind and turned onto the highway.
  36. He had flown back to Chicago to his home in the North Suburbs.
  37. Even paupers in the suburbs could raise the alarm if awakened.
  38. She left the suburbs behind and soon found herself in the city.
  39. The bus floated through the suburbs, and Philipp could not tell.
  40. Soon, she’d wake up with three kids and a house in the suburbs.
  41. Among the dead there were four National Guardsmen of the suburbs.
  42. She lived in one of the suburbs, at the house of a near relation.
  43. It was one of those suburbs where things were always a bit tough.
  44. When you moved into the middle class suburbs from a working class.
  45. I drove slowly through the crowded streets of the city’s suburbs.
  46. Elizabeth, and said he lived near another river, in the suburbs there.
  47. As the bus travels out into the suburbs, the dog takes in the scenery.
  48. They went on, invisible, as they had been before, into the suburbs of.
  49. Americans live in the suburbs where those problems are not so prevalent.
  50. Rick Zito was from the northern suburbs and got his JD from Notre Dame.
  51. It adapts itself well to live in the outskirts and suburbs of the city.
  52. The outer boulevard is their breathing space; the suburbs belong to them.
  53. He was four suburbs across from where he lived, but it paid to be careful.
  54. The little Polo sped through the outer suburbs of Odessa and out into the.
  55. Narrow paths led out into what were suburbs dominated by immigrants from.
  56. The first thing he decided upon was a comfortable home in the suburbs with.
  57. Until you told me otherwise, we thought the suburbs were the central cities.
  58. We made our way out of the city, headed into the suburbs to find Ben’s parents.
  59. As Wyatt drove through the suburbs, I could see Ben shifting anxiously in his seat.
  60. Susan writes from the Chicago suburbs with her three boys, two cats, and one husband.
  61. As they headed out into the suburbs, she dropped back to avoid being spotted, as a tail.
  62. Jason Sturner was born in Harvey, Illinois, and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago.
  63. In the suburbs of the city, there stood a five-story building with a large entrance hall.
  64. Nestled in between the Washington, DC suburbs of Annandale, and Belvedere, Pinecrest was.
  65. The Kingsbridge suburbs, and other towns, were seeing something like one in five afflicted.
  66. It had worked for years, and he was handling the biggest territory in the northern suburbs.
  67. On the day of my initial grilling, I awoke in the suburbs and found the room was revolving.
  68. He was also close to some of his old university friends who lived in the nearby Eastern Suburbs.
  69. So, they were heading towards those eastern suburbs, where Fred had chased a car only yesterday.
  70. He had a great job, a beautiful wife, three children, a house in the suburbs, and a beautiful car.
  71. Bahkmar had four, one of each wife, collected while they lived in the suburbs of greater Baikonur.
  72. Even here in Liverpool and its suburbs, there were only 36 churches and about 70 clergymen in 1837.
  73. Continuing her trip at high speed, she got to the first suburbs of Hamburg by four in the afternoon.
  74. Kara and her son are loaded up with bags as they enter their new semi-furnished home in the suburbs.
  75. Released at the far end of the double bridge, he stumped away through the suburbs without looking back.
  76. I thought a dog would be excellent company for a man who lived out in the suburbs in far too big a house.
  77. Prom, AP classes, graduation, college, a career, marriage, two children, poodles, a house in the suburbs.
  78. If not tribal, then a class war; between the poor and the wealthy; between the townships and the suburbs.
  79. Greenwich Village on a Friday at lunchtime was the opposite of everything Charlie hated about the suburbs.
  80. With the spade over his shoulder, he walked across the outer bridge, through the suburbs and into his past.
  81. But for the Daily Post, fourth-largest paper in Chicago, relegated to the suburbs, there’s room to sprawl.
  82. From a distance, the red brick-and-tile bungalow reminded Ellie of the Ward house a couple of suburbs across.
  83. We entered the dusty city and drove past suburbs of one and two-storey houses, studded regularly with mosques.
  84. He had lived in the suburbs of Baikonur all his life, the city of the greatest spaceport Earth had ever known.
  85. I often went to their home, an opulent villa in the suburbs with servants and cooks and drivers and bodyguards.
  86. Every day the police would try to move in rounding up whole families and relocating them to the western suburbs.
  87. Step-by-step Guide To Raising Chickens At Home ( Back Yard, In The City, Suburbs, Or Anywhere For That Matter!).
  88. You would fall in with some grand guard of the line or the suburbs; they will spy a man passing in blouse and cap.
  89. I was sneaking through some flats and back through to Torrens or a swerving to a mates place in the near by suburbs.
  90. Walters lived is definitely in Cuyahoga County – you have to go way out past the suburbs to be in the next county.
  91. When she looked down, she saw that the lights of the suburbs of Eastern Johannesburg were getting smaller below them.
  92. Fred followed the directions to the highway so as to drive back to the eastern suburbs along that other possible way.
  93. I’m trapped in my fat body, in my house in the suburbs, in a country that disapproves of my most private affections.
  94. With the arrival of morning, we were at the outskirts of Namangan, a city in which suburbs were small, low clay houses.
  95. However, supplies in the warehouses in the city and the suburbs seemed capable of keeping most of the restaurants open.
  96. Far, far below was spread the entire central valley containing a miniaturized San José, all its suburbs and the airport.
  97. Back at the coast we looked for a safe house in the washed-out beachside suburbs because they were now the least populous.
  98. We also have seen the closing of many churches in the cities and the subsequent rise of the large parishes in the suburbs.
  99. He might be very mature for his years but he was very vulnerable in the dangerous world beyond Canberra’s leafy suburbs.
  100. By November 28th, German troops penetrated as far as Moscow's outer suburbs to observe the towers and domes of the Kremlin.

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