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  1. The triumph was in the subversion.
  2. Stalin ruled through subversion, conspiracy and terror.
  3. At one time they were a mark of subversion, but now they’re relics.
  4. Here is where subversion also exposes a core weakness of the punishment/fear model and the domination model in general.
  5. Bulstrode's subversion as an instrument of good; but the threat must have been permitted, and was a chastisement of a new kind.

  6. My father could not be persuaded that I would take part in an infamous revolt, whose object was the subversion of the throne and the extinction of the nobility.
  7. The book demonstrates that subversion within the West has pitted the traditional moral imagination of the West against what David Gelernter calls its dead opposite.
  8. Such, sir, is the logic of your bill; such the impartiality towards the belligerents; such and so barefaced the subversion of the great principle of the act of May last.
  9. As your superior, and remember, you may rule over my affections but this is my city under Chinese administration, and you know the penalty for disobedience and subversion.
  10. The people became alarmed at the extent of subversive activity of the socialist elements in the United States Government, and finally, the magnitude of the subversion was revealed.
  11. Here at home it would appear that the strong patriotism and strength of conviction for the freedoms of this nation have been gradually weakened by socialist subversion but not eliminated.
  12. The wisdom of Congress will, at the same time, determine how far it may be expedient to provide for the event of a subversion of the Spanish authorities within the territory in question, and an apprehended occupancy thereof by any other foreign power.
  13. The liberty of speech, and freedom of debate, are sacred by the constitution; and to refuse all debate, to deny us the privilege of speaking at all, on the most important questions of peace and war, is a subversion of the first principles of the constitution.
  14. The atmosphere of the following months was so tense that even Úrsula perceived it in her dark corner, and she had the impres-sion that once more she was living through the dangerous times when her son Aureliano carried the home-opathic pills of subversion in his pocket.
  15. Therefore the defenders of the existing social system are self-deceived when they say that, since violence barely holds the evil and un-Christian elements of society in awe, its subversion, and the substitution of the moral influence of public opinion, would leave us helpless in face of them.

  16. The subversion of the State would be a misfortune, not only where the minority are true Christians, but even supposing the whole people to be so; while the neighboring nations are still non-Christian, these latter would make their lives a martyrdom by rapine and murder and all manner of violence.
  17. The news that Remedios Buendía was going to be the sovereign ruler of the festival went beyond the limits of the swamp in a few hours, reached distant places where the prestige of her beauty was not known, and it aroused the anxiety of those who still thought of her last name as a symbol of subversion.
  18. And it has since come into proof, that at the very moment when the public Minister was holding the language of friendship, and inspiring confidence in the sincerity of the negotiation with which he was charged, a secret agent of his Government was employed in intrigues, having for their object a subversion of our Government, and a dismemberment of our happy Union.
  19. It occasions a general and most pernicious subversion of the fortunes of private people; enriching, in most cases, the idle and profuse debtor, at the expense of the industrious and frugal creditor ; and transporting a great part of the national capital from the hands which were likely to increase and improve it, to those who are likely to dissipate and destroy it.
  20. I have no hesitation in saying, that if a parent country will not or cannot maintain its authority in a colony adjacent to us, and there exists in it a state of misrule and disorder, menacing our peace, and if moreover such colony, by passing into the hands of any other power, would become dangerous to the integrity of the Union, and manifestly tend to the subversion of our laws; we have a right, upon eternal principles of self-preservation, to lay hold of it.
  21. If these proceedings are not all a sham, the territory in question is now in the possession of a people claiming to be sovereign and independent; and is it supposable that this people can behave so dastardly as to submit, without a struggle, to the incursion of a hostile army, whose avowed object is the conquest of the country and the subversion of its constitution and independence? And here permit me to remark, that the style and tenor of the letter from the Secretary of State of the 15th of November, 1810, to Governor Holmes, in answer to the letter of the President of the convention praying the recognition and protection of the United States, are not admirably calculated to give a welcome reception to the American Army.

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