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Succinctly in a sentence | succinctly example sentences

  1. Newell has succinctly recorded.
  2. Yeah, TJ, he said succinctly.
  3. Sacked, Murphy said succinctly.
  4. Ralph tells her as succinctly as he can.
  5. Too early, she objected succinctly.
  6. She was hungry he replied succinctly.
  7. Axiomatic and/or proverbial knowledge that succinctly.
  8. Then more calmly and succinctly, he stated, I want all the.
  9. The Baupost Group's Seth Klarman puts it even more succinctly:.
  10. Nothing expresses the German love of edible art more succinctly than.
  11. Bergen succinctly outlined the events surrounding the account held by Ms.
  12. However, I realize that I have not directly and succinctly described what I.
  13. Succinctly put…… It is not public demand that causes rising stock prices, but.
  14. Put a header at the top of each slide that succinctly summarizesthe topic of that slide.
  15. As the name clearly and succinctly describes, this pattern consists of two tops (peaks) of.
  16. What happened? he asked flatly and succinctly, more lucid-sounding, even to his own ears.
  17. Fuck you! Ted Bullock said succinctly and then turned and walked slowly back into his mansion.
  18. We sat and Adam briefly and succinctly outlined what he wanted from Tommy during the next few days.
  19. Steve Patrow, a visiting trader, summed it up succinctly when he said, That just seems really cruel.
  20. Doctrine of Two Spirits are succinctly enumerated is in the Dead Sea Scrolls’ Community Rule.
  21. The inspector was quite helpful – as Lady Macbeth put it so succinctly – ‘a little water rids us of the deed’.
  22. Succinctly stated, an economically successful man is the man who has a comfortable margin between what he owns and what he owes.
  23. The Cabinet Secretary succinctly outlined the first phase of the proposed plan, which now had the wholehearted support of the United States.
  24. I told them, as quickly and succinctly as I could, everything my father had told me, along with what I’d seen for myself in our last Disrupter battle.
  25. To these and many, many other questions, probing looks, pregnant silences and sudden demands from both inspector and constable, Robert answered thoughtfully, succinctly and calmly.
  26. By succinctly addressing the needs, challenges and issues that are facing your target audience in your tweets, you’ll be more successful at developing a more targeted and engaged network.
  27. The station played the whole thing, unedited, as she succinctly explained the origins of the coalition, the threat to their small town way of life, and their hope of reminding the people of what’s really important.
  28. Death is the waxen effigy in the coffin when you were six and Grandfather passed away — looking like a great fallen vulture in his casket, silent, withdrawn, no more to tell you how to be a good boy, no more to comment succinctly on politics.
  29. Let me say it succinctly and clearly! Candle pattern analysis should always be used with other confirming techniques, such as the filtering technique described in Chapter 9 and/or the techniques outlined by Ryan Litchfield in Chapter 10 involving support and resistance areas on charts.
  30. With her GPS unit and her satellite telephone in hand, she quickly called her handler in Tehran and gave the present position of the MV Heraklion, then resumed as succinctly as she could what had happened in the last 24 hours, plus passing the information about the identified Turkish intermediary.
  31. My views on the question may be succinctly stated as follows: Without entering into details, it will be generally admitted that I am accurate in saying that many people condone in young men a course of conduct with regard to the other sex which is incompatible with strict morality, and that this dissoluteness is pardoned generally.
  32. And Mac stated his case succinctly as: people who drink alcohol with reckless abandon are justifiably punished by society for the myriad physical, emotional, and financial damages they cause; people who eat with reckless abandon are not punished by society, period, for the myriad physical, emotional, and financial damages they are causing.

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