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  1. Oh there you are! Sues eyes lit up.
  2. Bureaucrat sues feds, says he was punished for whistleblowing.
  3. American society runs over each other and sues each other lately.
  4. The designer then sues the broadcaster for copyright infringement.
  5. It can even happen where a woman is married and her husband sues the new guy but obviously that is something else called adultery.

  6. It is twenty-four minutes into the film and we see Sugar Kane (Marilyn) for the first time as she walks along the side of the train with the all-girl band, the Sweet Sues, to board.
  7. This action has been found so effectual a remedy, that, in the modern practice, when the landlord has occasion to sue for the possession of the land, he seldom makes use of the actions which properly belong to him as a landlord, the writ of right or the writ of entry, but sues in the name of his tenant, by the writ of ejectment.
  8. If the guidelines are NOT enforceable in a court of law, it means the FTC can pressurize you to bow to just about anything and you won’t have the chance to defend yourself in a court (they say that in US anyone who sues a government agency goes bankrupt, but not so in India – here, private organizations have sued the government left and right several times and won too, as long as the.
  1. They’re suing us.
  2. Jackson is constantly suing the U.
  3. Stopford, 41, is suing the Canadian Forces.
  4. Or use them as a bargaining chip in suing for peace.
  5. Start suing them all the time and I’ll get you a gun.
  6. She said, I’m suing the City on behalf of A-Rey’s family.
  7. Marcy’s mother is contemplating suing the university and also.
  8. Alex said they’d take a look at suing them, Lana said with a grimace.
  9. Simmons is not part of the lawsuit [150 former sailors and Marines suing Tepco].
  10. While they were suing each other, Gavrílo lost a coupling-pin out of his cart.
  11. Chief has just spent two hours and a crate of whiskey calming Jack Forman down to stop him suing.
  12. I thus say that we conduct an open vote on the question of continuing the war or suing for peace.
  13. What we have is a payoff with the promise of the payee keeping his mouth shut and not suing, ever.
  14. I knew it wasn’t a coincidence that the man suing my mother had the same last name as the boy I ran away with.
  15. One of the main problems in suing a corporation for wrongdoing is that proving a definite cause is nearly impossible.
  16. Chelsea said, So if I was thinking of suing Chofsky’s estate it would actually be this poor girl who would take the hit for her father.
  17. So it was shocking when parents began suing therapists claiming they were deliberately destroying families by blindly overbelieving patients.
  18. After the mop-bucket incident she tried suing both the janitorial company and the mop bucket for slander and malicious defamation of character.
  19. Then I found a whole standing file case relating to my mother’s company, as well as full drawers concerning Royal Rampling, the man who was suing Maud.
  20. Had my parents’ fight centered on Royal Rampling, the man who was suing my mother for fifty million dollars? His name gave me serious twists in my stomach.
  21. She tried to force the questions away while putting together a time line relating to a customer who’d been injured in a fall and was suing a department store.
  22. Reuben J was bloody lucky he didn't clap him in the dock the other day for suing poor little Gumley that's minding stones, for the corporation there near Butt bridge.
  23. There has never been an enactment where 26 states sued to have a law repealed and now other states are suing to get him to protect our borders and stop illegal immigration.
  24. There were the Merryweathers, a nice, simple couple who’d sunk their savings into a small home that was now being threatened by a sleazy sub-prime lender suing for the entire balance.
  25. I dare not stay, lest that notion should possess his wicked head! And besides, Edgar has not been kind, has he? And I won’t come suing for his assistance; nor will I bring him into more.
  26. It obviously pissed Envirocon off badly when I got all over the cases of their preferred van line at both origin and destination, finally suing the van line in small claims court in Missoula.
  27. I dare not stay, lest that notion should possess his wicked head! And besides, Edgar has not been kind, has he? And I won't come suing for his assistance; nor will I bring him into more trouble.
  28. While the neighbors were wrangling over the affair, each suing the other, it happened that a perch-bolt from Gavryl’s wagon was lost; and the women of Gavryl’s household accused Ivan’s son of stealing it.
  29. We certainly considered suing this forensic auditor for the huge costs we had to pay the advocate but that would have been the wrong strategic move for who knows what we would have to reveal in court afterwards?
  30. The latter had been frustrated by the unlooked-for events which had placed all his prisoners beyond his control; and he now found himself reduced to the necessity of suing for favors to those whom it had so lately been his policy to oblige.
  31. At the same time, knowing that, in addition, your frivolous stepfather has squandered money which is exclusively yours, I have decided to absolve him from a certain moiety of the mortgages on his property, in order that you may be in a position to recover of him what you have lost, by suing him in legal fashion.
  32. When Dunmore, Governor of Virginia, in 1775, found it necessary to quit the seat of government, and go on board the fleet for safety from the Revolutionary vengeance of the patriots of Virginia—at a period, too, when the Americans were suing for justice by their humble petitions to the King and Parliament; and when that Chatham, the gentleman from Virginia has so highly extolled, was the advocate of our violated rights—Dunmore issued a proclamation inviting the negroes to his standard; to cut the throats of their masters; and promised them a pardon.
  1. The company hated being sued.
  2. She even sued him because he.
  3. He consequently sued AWARE, Inc.
  4. I was being sued for a debt that I.
  5. If a parsley farmer is sued, can they.
  6. Tom’s parents sued the school, won a.
  7. Unless I sued that nasty little man….
  8. He had sued so many wayward corporations.
  9. She sued the SFPD and they destroyed her.
  10. I’ve been sued by better lawyers, Mr.
  11. He counter sued on the basis of free speech.
  12. I should have sued the SOB’s immediately for.
  13. You ever been sued for pointin’ a gun?
  14. Sued by her husband--Damages awarded to him--.
  15. He also sued Lonerock Coal, a Nevada corporation.
  16. Now I have to worry about the gallery being sued.
  17. Other fast food chains have also been sued in court.
  18. Have you heard about the boy who sued the world.
  19. The federal government has sued Arizona and in turn.
  20. If a parsley farmer is sued, can they garnish his wages?
  21. In 1987 the EPA fixed levels for six pollutants and was sued.
  22. Many of the states sued and questioned the accuracy of the.
  23. He sued the town hall, pretending more money, to be able to pay.
  24. He sued her for three years until the courts granted his request.
  25. And for that they are currently being sued by Dominex for slander.
  26. He did not contest the action and she sued for additional support.
  27. Dane would be sued not the paper because he owned the paper No need.
  28. However, there was more than ample evidence for MTV and Bic to be sued.
  29. The FTC sued me out of business two years ago yesterday- here is my story.
  30. The EPA sued Occidental Petroleum, who agreed to pay $129 million to the.
  31. Remember the traffic accident Tony had before? Well, now he was sued by the.
  32. Ken and Barbie know the system is a mess, if they’ve ever been sued, he.
  33. The police department could not be sued for carrying out normal police policy.
  34. Did he ever! Went on about how I would be humiliated publicly, even sued.
  35. I’ll probably get sued or at least booted out with my books on the next visit.
  36. So Spain sued for peace and offered money for Aguinaldo’s exile to Hong Kong.
  37. Carle is one of four women officers who have sued the RCMP, saying they were.
  38. TIN was sued over the 2009 failure of a Texas bank that it had spun off in 2007.
  39. I was sued by the family of the so-called victims and I could have lost everything.
  40. The tribe didn’t want the white man’s exit, so Grandpa sued the government, and won.
  41. The company should have been sued – for many other reasons besides coffee, but read on.
  42. In the early 1980s, an atheist sued to have the cross moved because it was on public land.
  43. He had a lawyer pass the title on the real estate over to his wife and she sued for divorce.
  44. Thanks to class action attorneys, numerous corporations are being sued by their own employees.
  45. As I see it, whoever treated her in the States should be sued for negligence and malpractice.
  46. As far as I knew, we were being sued by Royal Rampling, who had promised to make us destitute.
  47. At the risk of getting sued here by an angry lawyer, I found that a contract lawyer makes his.
  48. Out of a lack of interest in getting sued, I can't say who the following email was from beyond.
  49. On 9/17/2010 the state of Texas sued the EPA in a federal appeals court in Washington, DC claiming.
  50. With the Angels dead, Morris Sampson could write another book about them—and probably not get sued.
  51. Bush made most products of hemp illegal, but Bronner sued the DFA since hemp oil is not psychoactive.
  52. We know we live in a litigious society, and that these days you can get sued for practically anything.
  53. Since this was all part of a Pepsi promotion, Michael sued the company and all was settled out of court.
  54. Rampling lost fifty million dollars because of my parents, and he had sued the Angels for every nickel.
  55. In 2007, Bronner sued Avalon Organics and Kiss My Face for falsely advertising their products as organic.
  56. Wherefore the plaintiffs now sued for the recovery of the value of their whale, line, harpoons, and boat.
  57. Benny: Makes me long for the good old days when celebrities could molest women on TV without getting sued.
  58. I was thinking to myself at the time that these people could be sued for asking these types of questions.
  59. A man tortured at a CIA black site has survived and sued the contractor that flew him to the torture site.
  60. Plausible Denial by Mark Lane, 1991: Documents Counselor Lane’s defense of a magazine sued for slander by E.
  61. He opened his own, one lawyer plaintiffs’ personal injury firm and sued insurance companies including the USF&G.
  62. In 2001, the SEC sued Dunlap for many instances of fraud and barred him from serving as a public company executive.
  63. If things go well some very wealthy private companies could lose huge amounts of money and become liable to be sued.
  64. I thought if I sued I could get enough money to get Kevin the treatment he needed so that he could be himself again.
  65. The former sued the latter over McGarrah’s failure to keep current the Orkin pest control and inspection contract.
  66. Maounis’s gamble in hiring Hunter, who earlier had sued Deutsche Bank over a withheld bonus, seemed to be paying off.
  67. I have not heard of too many cases where a corporation sued a consulting firm on behalf of one of its contract workers.
  68. But his former landlady, Ann Karpik, sued him, claiming that they agreed to split any winnings, a claim that Bud denied.
  69. Other people answering questions could be sick but refuse to speak out because their employer is the business being sued.
  70. He sued a fellowplayer for the price of a few bags of malt and exacted his pound of flesh in interest for every money lent.
  71. Most probably because the SAP was sued in the past, there was a very strict policy on what a SAP roadblock should conform to.
  72. On 9/17/2010 the state of Texas sued the EPA in a federal appeals court in Washington, DC claiming that four new regulations.
  73. I let it go then because I had successfully sued Allied, New London, and Missoula agents, in Missoula’s Small Claims Court.
  74. Thousands of objections whirled around in Darren's mind, but all he could come up with was a feeble, "But we could get sued!".
  75. Many of the states sued and questioned the accuracy of the percentage established as well as to whether each state was identical.
  76. In Los Angeles county alone… banks process over a thousand foreclosures a month due to the owners being sued for medical bills.
  77. It was probable, in fact, that the only reason Maud was being sued was because of the cloud Morris Sampson had hung over her head.
  78. Scott sued in Missouri courts to claim his freedom under the Missouri Compromise, lost his case, and appealed it to the Supreme Court.
  79. She hated this part, the force of the wrench from the water, someone would be sued if she couldn’t bare children she joked to herself.
  80. John Hopper will be sued by Hinckley’s many victims, saying that Hopper should have known he was dangerous and placed him in a hospital.
  81. The county health department had unsuccessfully sued old-man Ford for distributing such food products without proper government inspec-tions.
  82. Why mention it then? Merely because it means legally Mr I am the big bankster can be sued for his wrongful deeds and feel the heat for a change.
  83. Heather did so in 2009, and by the end of the year had sued Mike in the Family Division of Family Court for child support and exclusive custody.
  84. The Stella Award is in honor of Stella Liebeck, the 81-year-old lady who spilled coffee on herself and then sued McDonald’s because it was too hot.
  85. The new Bolshevik govt that sued for peace and opted out of ww1 could not be taxed and made to pay war reparations since it had not started the war.
  86. Akbar went into work wearing his distinctive polo shirt which he covered his denim jacket over and Muhammad wore a red neck jumper and a sued jacket.
  87. His older sister’s divorced and offloads her brood on us far too often, and his older brother’s being sued for maintenance by at least two women.
  88. In all the legal maneuvering following my firing, I should have sued the ACO personally for tortiously interfering in my employment contract with PSL.
  89. Italy’s courts just ruled that the MMR vaccine is responsible for causing autism and has set up protocols by which vaccination companies can be sued.
  90. He sued the government for wrongful arrest and imprisonment and was awarded a large amount of money that meant his criminal career came to an abrupt end.
  91. The marbled murrelet is a diving seabird that has sued the Pacific Lumber and the 9th Circuit Court decided that the lumber company had to stop logging.
  92. At last he lost patience; he was being sued; his capital was out, and unless he got some in he should be forced to take back all the goods she had received.
  93. I have to stop and mop up my eyes and nose—the heart is beyond Kleenex ( -brand facial tissue—writers are supposed to add all that or risk getting sued!).
  94. In 1984, Texaco acquired Getty Oil Company, but it was sued by Pennzoil, which contended that Texaco had interfered with its prior contract to buy part of Getty.
  95. There was a case in a state court in which a thief trying to rob a school fell through the roof of the school building and successfully sued the school district.
  96. By the 1980s every Riot Unit had a video camera to record events as the SAP was not only sued by my future law firm but also criminally investigated all the time.
  97. When the tenant sued his lord for having unjustly outed him of his lease, the damages which he recovered were by no means equivalent to the possession of the land.
  98. Whether it was Roger’s fear of being trapped or sued, or whether it was a feeling of revenge on his part, those veiled openings did not amount to anything positive.
  99. After which she successfully sued the TV manufacturer for making remote controls that were too physically demanding to operate, causing her to lose her wonderful job.
  100. Is it really possible that a company can be sued by a diving seabird and found guilty? It is also time for us to consider the impeachment and removal of court judges.

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