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Summersault in a sentence

With expert precision the arrow went through the bird’s head, and it fell in a summersault out of the air.
I tossed my mobile phone in air and then started to shout and summersault before Abbu gave me voice from his room.
����������� ��Hell!� Who�se that fury?��� Said one of the policemen as Nancy used a nearby car to bounce high in the air and do a summersault above the head of her assailant while parrying with her ASP another knife thrust.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

He had to leap backward and after several summersaults and back.
Her heart did summersaults as she heard Derricks voice over the speaker phone, all saddened and depressed.
My stomach started doing summersaults, my palms and forehead were sweating, my hands were shaking, and my breathing kept getting heavier.
� She next did a few balance exercises, performing front and back summersaults and walking on her hands, to the astonishment of a few early strollers.

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flip somersault somersaulting somerset summersault summerset