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Sump in a sentence

What is a Sump.
connected to the sump.
then flows into the sump.
It's only just the sump.
back of the tank or in the sump.
the tank into a sump type setup.
"I've cracked the bloody sump," he said shortly.

The overflow and attached sump area is nice too.
or one that is for use in a sump, hook it all up now.
Ok, the first thing I learnt, a sump is not a refugium.
You don't want to start using a bunch AC in your sump or.
The drop-ins have a cooling coil that is placed in the sump.
 Total comes to $200 and you have 1 reactor in your sump.
continuously, the electric sump pumps hummed and the flow of.
any saltwater supplements to the sump instead of the main tank.
(He plodges through their sump towards the lighted street beyond.
A return pump in the sump returns water back to the display tank.
In very cold areas drain oil from an engine sump before it congeals.
emotional sump whose only function is to be dredged for meaning by.
So with this in mind, I designed my sump as a three compartment sump.
Is a sump absolutely necessary for a saltwater aquarium? No, they are.
Her captors’ new torment shocked her right out of her sump of despair.
There are also setups that combine the sump and refugium into the same box.
The huge petrol tank had twenty gallons in it, and the sump was full of oil.
A hang on the back of the sump or plumbed inline refugium is also being planned.
She stooped down with him to look; the cast iron sump was crushed and splintered.
After the water passes through the sump or refugium it is pushed back into the tank.
As the water falls over the weir, it drains into the sump, and is then returned to.
filter basket that slides in and out of the sump area with the attached handle on top.
Desa hadn't cared much for her at one time, thinking that she was a useless yaag sump.
separate tank (a sump, for example) and there the water passes of algae mats, cleaning.

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Synonyms for sump

cesspit cesspool sink sump