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Surfaces in a sentence

1. It still surfaces on occasions.
2. John vomits sea water as he surfaces.
3. Wash surfaces of tired and dirty wood.
4. The shapes of surfaces shown in Figure 1.
5. She has new wingtips and vertical surfaces.
6. You may be surprised what surfaces over time.
7. Another spark cracked between the two surfaces.

8. The ceramic surfaces worked as an entry shield.
9. Try to use only cutting boards with soft surfaces.
10. His gaze bounced off the surfaces around the room.
11. First you began with a geometry of plane surfaces?
12. He asked me to keep from touching surfaces in my room.
13. She pulled her eyes away from all the gleaming surfaces.
14. The highly polished surfaces were flawless, but with a.
15. Whenever you are alone, that loneliness erupts, surfaces.
16. They were still circling over each other’s surfaces at.
17. Occasionally, an individual surfaces that has the blood on.
18. Five surfaces were blank; the sixth was open to the corridor.
19. They both went into the kitchen and survey the work surfaces.
20. Their polished stone surfaces shone brightly in the sunlight.
21. Dab a soft rag into the solution and wipe onto wood surfaces.
22. Then something from one of my conversations with her surfaces.
23. Sadly, an inch of dust had accumulated on all of the surfaces.
24. With a single fire outdoors only surfaces facing it are warmed.
25. Its inner surfaces were coated by the same golden hue as the.
26. It explodes with pieces of egg all over the microwave surfaces.
27. Valves should have smooth internal surfaces with the seat and.
28. He stopped for a moment to peer closely at the concave surfaces.
29. Surfaces of shining black, and all the colours that lay beneath.
30. They all had runes, symbols or patterns carved on their surfaces.
31. All acts of humanity are inscribed on the surfaces of their spirit.
32. It’s a paint usually applied to wood and other similar surfaces.
33. After dumping the bags on the kitchen surfaces, Liz burst into tear.
34. They walked over to different gravestones and searched their surfaces.
35. Smooth internal surfaces help to avoid roughness and crevices within.
36. The moonlight reflected from their burnished surfaces as he flexed them.
37. I open my mouth to cry out that two-syllable word, but nothing surfaces.
38. That fourth part witch of yours surfaces once and a while, I must say.
39. The inside and the outside merge as in the internal and external surfaces.
40. Mim continued to roll around each other’s surfaces near the ceiling as I.
41. In one with complex surfaces the varieties of light and shade are infinite.
42. Like holes drowned with water, nothing but black reflects on their surfaces.
43. So we suffered from the cold on our exposed surfaces, eyes, nose and cheeks.
44. I was speaking in a foreign language, so I attended closely to its surfaces.
45. Brush the surfaces of the dough with olive oil and add the toppings of your.
46. It is only in a mind that wonders about things, that this fact even surfaces.
47. Our investigation is ongoing and as new information surfaces, we follow up.
48. As far as I can tell, they have only fought wars on planetary surfaces before.
49. We make pillars to support the mine roof and smoothing off rough wall surfaces.
50. Level fields became lakes, broad and gray, and the rain whipped up the surfaces.
51. Once an adhesive is applied to adjacent wood surfaces and the pieces are clamped.
52. White light reflected off the hard bleached surfaces that should have been earth.
53. Refil s the bucket with ice and water as required and wipes the outside surfaces.
54. To remove marker pen off hard surfaces, spray on hair spray and then wipe it off.
55. Caroline designed a logo which they painted on Buddy and Daisy’s flight surfaces.
56. Smoothing plane #3 – a smoothing plane is used for final planning of surfaces as.
57. The reflections of the neon lights on the wet surfaces added to the magic of the night.
58. Under their soft black surfaces they seemed to be laughing at him, making light of him.
59. Unimodal surfaces have a single peak, while polymodal ones have a multitude of such tops.
60. Insulating materials exposed to stainless steel surfaces should be free of chlorides to.
61. She gathered some sturdy sticks and sharpened them to points and smoothed their surfaces.
62. The middle gear is the one that is used the most on flat surfaces while at cruising speed.
63. Heat waves shimmered as the air bounced off the surfaces of the buildings in the distance.
64. These surfaces would thereby be at least partially insulated from the steam condensation.
65. Parents should check for hot surfaces on playground equipment before allowing children to.
66. A second later, a weird human–animal sound surfaces from the same vicinity of the rustle.
67. Yes, this idiot had torn off some major control surfaces, lots of shredding on his ship.
68. Today the game is played with bigger bodies that can run faster on more dangerous surfaces.
69. It is well known that when the surfaces of leaves are covered with oil, they will soon die.
70. Clean and polish all the surfaces in the house, keep the heating off and the windows open.
71. It has large hooves and their tough soles make them ideal for clambering over rocky surfaces.
72. Ingrid, haggard, looked quickly at her instruments, then at the outside surfaces of her plane.
73. The lab technicians had been all over the place; surfaces were smeared and sticky and smudged.
74. Tropical fish with velvet will have rapid gill movement and may be rubbing on surfaces in the.
75. All surfaces in contact with feed water and pure steam are constructed of type 316L stainless.
76. Sell one of your current holdings if a better one surfaces from your stocks to watch worksheet.
77. Twenty minutes later, a diver surfaces and hands a dripping metal box to the elderly gentleman.
78. My great-grandfather owned the wooden mallet for pounding or hammering wooden surfaces together.
79. Ball to ensure that the tank’s internal surfaces are completely and continuously wetted by hot.
80. Eshta glanced from the gleaming surfaces of the ship to Ellanara in sheer horror at her statement.
81. Use a plastic caddy, not valuable shelf space, to store cleaning supplies for surfaces and floors.
82. The surfaces turned more to the source of light receive the greatest amount, and are the lightest.
83. Decks, in the general sense, are flat surfaces commonly referring to the floor areas of ships.
84. Despite the general similarity of the two surfaces, there is one important difference between them.
85. In architecture, decks are basically flat surfaces, which serve the similar function of floors, but.
86. This mucus coats the colon and other internal surfaces and interferes with the function of that area.
87. It wasn’t fifty steps later before a handful of demons crawled out from behind rock surfaces, snarling.
88. Product Edit view that surfaces textboxes, dropdowns and checkboxes based on the current state of a.
89. Greg’s entire fleet was deployed in the asteroid belt or on the surfaces of system’s many small moons.
90. Sample volatility surfaces for the FTSE 100 options and wheat options are shown in Figures 24-12 and 24-13.
91. The vehicles were painted white with blue highlighting and carried the Star of David on their flat surfaces.
92. Amelia could hear the harsh slapping of metal against steel, the sizzling of water against hot metal surfaces.
93. Hot rocks beside the fire can be used as grilling surfaces or food skewered on sticks and held over the fire.
94. Eventually, the tug sustained enough damage to its flight control surfaces that it could no longer stay aloft.
95. The warmth of the sun and sea water would kill off any virus from the boat surfaces, their clothing and bodies.
96. There was no stone or wood, but only gleaming metal and glass and painted surfaces of wondrous color selection.
97. The cold in the earth centre causes the concentration of heat by space reducing, as all cold surfaces tend to do.
98. The cold in the Earth centre causes the concentration of heat by space reducing, as all cold surfaces tend to do.
99. They hadn’t been there, had they? They must have been spray-painted on these surfaces within the last 48 hours.
100. The others had rugged black surfaces, measured up to fifteen centimeters in width, and were ten or more years old.
1. The rock surfacing should be replaced.
2. Maria shook her head, her frustration surfacing.
3. As the days go by, the past kept surfacing to me.
4. Nothing, she relied, a smile surfacing on her face.
5. She had to bite her lower lip to keep a smile from surfacing.
6. Still surfacing from the depths of sleep, she turned around and smiled.
7. For two, three years we lived in dread of their surfacing in some catastrophic way.
8. When it finished surfacing the top of the conning tower was about even with the dock.
9. Time was running out and the usual, familiar desperation of parting started surfacing.
10. Plans finalised, they bent with nervous relief to their final tasks, not surfacing for an hour.
11. Cars, houses, road surfacing, lighting probably didn’t seem strange to you, also for that reason.
12. Maybe he was quietly regretful inside, by not surfacing the issue when it first occurred as a child.
13. Her vulnerability reminded him of Emily, and, despite himself, he felt his protective instincts surfacing.
14. Often they gave quite a show, surfacing, blowing, diving, and breeching and on rare occasions bubble netting.
15. He watched her as she rose from the depths, her hand high above her head, surfacing, her hand clutched around something.
16. To his surprise, surfacing was images, sounds, and more importantly feelings he had not felt since there inception.
17. One question that kept surfacing in his mind was how Spalding was able to obtain a seat on the Convention Center Committee.
18. But instead of surfacing next to her, he gently tugged on one of her ankles and pulled her down into the depths of the water.
19. Something is happening to me, she was twisting her hands, (very unlike herself Duncan noted), things are surfacing.
20. We assure you that there is no physical damage; this is layers upon layers of concentrated negativity surfacing for cleansing.
21. The torment of the others surfacing from the TIAR program? Maybe it was L-Seven-Six alone with the awareness of what was happening.
22. What you are experiencing is unbalanced emotions surfacing for processing, though all your imbalances are from conditioned thinking.
23. But he is getting increasingly frustrated, what with one thing and another, so I want you all to look for any signs of this surfacing.
24. He was immersed in L’Ile des pingouins, the novel that everyone was reading in those days, and he answered without surfacing: Oui.
25. The emotions were all surfacing as unhelpful-harmful ones not only to the individuals but also to the organisation that they represented.
26. I pictured us surfacing at the marina in Silverlake Harbor as confused and perplexed Ocracokians stared at us as if aliens had just landed.
27. Deep holes were appearing on the crust of Earth and roots of the trees were surfacing in the Realms and they spread to smother every other plant.
28. Another concern, somewhat contrary to the first, is that there is increasing unrest and discord surfacing among the creatures once removed from their home planet.
29. But her thoughts from idea to mouth moved too slowly today, as if they had to swim miles through black river sludge before surfacing to be heard, and most of them drowned somewhere along the way.
30. There will be ideas surfacing in the scientific world that will lead others to the conclusion that there was not a random series of events that lead to the creation of the world or any other galaxy.
31. But if these blind urges are deflected, reflected, subverted, sabotaged, distorted, they end up just changing shape and surfacing as something else: as endless recurrent urges, needs, symptoms, addictions, fears, obsessions.
32. Even though the river’s flow was now only a trickle, surfacing every so often before disappearing under the sandy riverbed, the banks were lined with tall cottonwoods, densely packed clusters of Russian olive trees and salt cedars.
33. Having no idea how to respond, Con remained silent and watched Rex tickle his wife‘s swollen clitoris, making her laugh, then they both slithered into the water, surfacing on the other side of the pool to gaze in surprise at their audience.
34. The surfacing of old wounds,.
35. Thank You for the old memories that are finally surfacing,.
1. He surfaced with a foul.
2. Leila surfaced with a smile.
3. She surfaced, the cold water.
4. Now a sense of shame had surfaced.
5. Your friend not surfaced yet?’.
6. Before these older tears surfaced.
7. Cautiously I surfaced on the street.
8. Her real name surfaced in the news.
9. It surfaced at the back of his mind.
10. Sachie’s face surfaced in his mind.
11. A memory surfaced, made itself known.
12. Hank surfaced in his own long thoughts.
13. Why that notion had surfaced was now.
14. Once they surfaced anywhere on Earth.
15. When he surfaced, she was not on top.
16. They surfaced and demanded expression.
17. David surfaced and heard Tim’s voice.
18. They unfailingly surfaced every few months.
19. He surfaced near a small beach with partly.
20. And that’s just what has surfaced publicly.
21. Nim finally surfaced on March the fifth, 2004.
22. After he surfaced he started to swim to what.
23. Because it had surfaced and maybe would steer.
24. Faces surfaced from the oblivion and sank back.
25. And a malevolent air surfaced on his face….
26. A wave of dead silence surfaced in the chamber.
27. Years of being under the claw of Zeus surfaced.
28. It surfaced now with the urgency of a bad cheque.
29. The forewarning about Lucia surfaced for a moment.
30. Then a weight on his shoulders as she surfaced and.
31. He surfaced again, took another breath and swam down.
32. Newton’s failures surfaced and with it the entire.
33. During nearly fifty years, the tragedy surfaced only.
34. In spite of their situation, when Penn surfaced he had.
35. When he surfaced, his men were cutting open their packages.
36. He surfaced a little ways from the wall, holding onto Star.
37. He sank, surfaced again and took another mouthful of water.
38. Garcia surfaced, dragging Kristin up and towards the shore.
39. Whenever he pushed down a lump, another surfaced elsewhere.
40. Before she could answer, Garcia surfaced, and took a breath.
41. He swam to her and touched her as he surfaced in front of her.
42. Azura surfaced from the water with a big splash and flung back.
43. As his wife surfaced from beneath the rolling waves of slumber.
44. When her hands finally surfaced, they held a bundle of tissues.
45. A smart retort surfaced amidst it all, but she stopped herself.
46. She fingered the clothes and that resentment surfaced once more.
47. Harold, I had to admit he surfaced from adolescence with a pretty.
48. Max surfaced with barely enough strength to move his arms and legs.
49. By the time that their mother surfaced to greet the day, there was.
50. No! Eli’s spirit surfaced only because I opened a link with it.
51. One of the telltale signs that we were where god wanted us surfaced.
52. You’ve got to go slow; if you surfaced all at once you’d explode.
53. Father Haralambos watched as the realization surfaced on Eva’s face.
54. The face looked like it had completely surfaced from beneath the water.
55. Among the American forces, a horrifying piece of news had just surfaced.
56. He pressed call again, but a man’s shadow surfaced through the windows.
57. But what has surfaced since 2011 is something called the private giveaway.
58. He never saw the woman again, though her daughter surfaced about a year.
59. Finally, he surfaced thirty metres from where the Alliford Bay went down.
60. Calypso surfaced in the dark waters and Alain immediately opened the hatch.
61. The thought of pregnancy surfaced in her mind, but she pushed it back down.
62. Then I saw some of the unknown aggressors as they surfaced briefly for air.
63. Perhaps it was a feeling of having corrected the problem before it surfaced.
64. When he surfaced, he yelled, Wow, it’s really nice! Come on out, Nikki.
65. They had surfaced between the ship’s hull and the stone wharf, out of sight.
66. And you’re yelling at me again! More than a trace of anger had surfaced.
67. Tress quickly pulled herself back together, her real emotions rarely surfaced.
68. The Freeland’s survival, doubts surfaced whether he could keep such a promise.
69. The creditors, however, had lucked out when the tapes of him and Rayna surfaced.
70. My intention to write about life’s truths actually surfaced several years ago.
71. I was able to recall some general things while details surfaced with difficulty.
72. It had been so many years since Beck surfaced now he was within reach once more.
73. Another man, a bearded man, surfaced, and he was dragging the limp body of Garcia.
74. Martin detained them to retrieve anything they might have surfaced in his absence.
75. The details of Donald Sands’ plane crash and his work in electronics all surfaced.
76. Shapiro only half-listened to her as the reality of what was about to happen surfaced.
77. The moment Valera applied my lipstick, emotions and feelings surfaced with a vengeance.
78. A terrible fear crept into him as images of his children with nosebleeds surfaced in.
79. I yawned, stretched and sat bolt upright as the memories of the last few days surfaced.
80. Jazzed was the term that surfaced most frequently when the subject was discussed.
81. Nath had been denied a Congress ticket after his name surfaced in the Jain hawala scam.
82. First of all, I don’t understand why Camilla has surfaced after all these years.
83. Over the past two years, complaints had surfaced about Zyptorin's claim as the superior.
84. My obligatory question surfaced as always in these situations and I asked him how it was.
85. Before all this trouble surfaced with her parents, her latest dream was to star in a movie.
86. She was weatherworn and exhausted, and she sobbed as the magnitude of her efforts surfaced.
87. The US1 just watched the four until they were well clear of the shipping, and then surfaced.
88. Turkey had surfaced, proceeding to startle everyone with the vast amount of money it was worth.
89. I slid off the seat and fully submerged myself, then surfaced and ran my hands through my hair.
90. It was another instance where Monroe’s paranoia surfaced; Cyd Charisse’s bra was not padded.
91. When the European debt crisis and double-dip recession surfaced, the stock came down to around $4.
92. Unbidden, a memory surfaced of that teenage summer when he had a brief affair with a girl in France.
93. He was in prison there about the same time that all those photos surfaced about abuse in the prison.
94. But the kind of res-pite from that boredom that had surfaced overnight was not at all a pleasant one.
95. He surfaced clutching his nose and completely unaware that his borrowed swimsuit was no longer intact.
96. Since the book was published, similar cases that surfaced later were also described using such a term.
97. Turning to Travis, he said: The dark one -- Dracos? -- he surfaced but became caught in the narrows.
98. They only surfaced when he was around water–of any sort–or when he was confined to any small space.
99. He surfaced and grabbed a lungful of air and water, but the rock was too smooth and slippery to grasp.
100. Throughout this time, press reports surfaced concerning the ongoing worries about Don Hume’s health.

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1. It was a surface smile.
2. Much of the surface is.
3. Pull her to the surface.
4. Do not touch its surface.
5. The bow broke the surface.
7. On the actual surface of.
8. I dove below the surface.
9. Clear surface of the lake.
10. It will rise to the surface.
11. We surface in two minutes.
12. And all this is just surface.
13. He went back to the surface.
14. I sink beneath the surface.
15. On the surface of the ocean.
16. The children began to surface.
17. The surface started to give.
18. It had a level surface to it.
19. It will adhere to the surface.
20. Whether on the skin's surface.
21. He broke the surface coughing.
22. All looks well on the surface.
23. That only scratches the surface.
24. Notice that these are surface.
25. Or so it seemed on the surface.
26. I searched its surface for an.
27. Its surface was dry, not slimy.
28. I was soon at the surface again.
29. The blood beaded to the surface.
30. Underneath the top most surface.
31. On the surface, maybe it does.
32. The surface was perfectly still.
33. One set deployed to the surface.
34. It met the surface with a loud.
35. On the surface, this makes sense.
36. He saw that the surface of the.
37. So the top Surface area is not 0.
38. But then he came to the surface.
39. He kept his eyes on the surface.
40. He examined the surface closely.
41. The gash was surface, had to be.
42. The result is a surface that in.
43. Skin but never breaks the surface.
44. Sometimes on the surface of the.
45. He tried standing on the surface.
46. Bounce the ball on a firm surface.
47. Bounce the ball on a soft surface.
48. Armstrong touched the surface of.
49. Eventually the truth will surface.
50. New subjects will probably surface.
51. Coins glimmered below the surface.
52. The surface is sensitive to touch.
53. The surface will reveal everything.
54. He easily lifted it to the surface.
55. Gray ash spread across the surface.
56. I think you skimmed the surface Dr.
57. It felt great to be on the surface.
58. Suddenly the surface was quiet—.
59. Its sleek black surface yielded no.
60. A better way is to use the surface.
61. The inside surface of both of them.
62. Then we went back up to the surface.
63. The tears lay very near the surface.
64. At the surface, it would be boiling.
65. Ingrid's arms flailed at the surface.
66. Roll out on a floured surface to a.
67. Emotions are just below the surface.
68. On a floured surface, roll half of.
69. Tears broke the surface of his eyes.
70. The tears were close to the surface.
71. ATV bounced along the uneven surface.
72. On the surface, it seemed legitimate.
73. Imbedded into the surface of it was.
74. Its surface revealing nothing to him.
75. Like the aluminum surface of a plane.
76. Jenova is on the surface once more.
77. Sun's surface toward the corona above.
78. I helped bring it to the surface of.
79. But it is just scratching the surface.
80. On its surface dark continents moved.
81. Rachel for weeks welled to the surface.
82. Its surface rippled like oil in water.
83. You are not on the surface of Earth.
84. He appeared on the surface, swimming.
85. On the surface, this sounds wonderful.
86. He could not let this feeling surface.
87. Character is not a surface level thing.
88. He broke the surface and looked around.
89. You can't really cheat on Surface Speed.
90. And this didn‘t apply to the surface.
91. We can measure volume and surface area.
92. She could make it to Ephron’s surface.
93. And the surface is…wood, not concrete.
94. Affixes one end on the surface of the.
95. The truth is always hiding on a surface.
96. His pain had come to the surface once.
97. The way to the surface lies before you.
98. He helped Tyler to the closest surface.
99. In fact the surface was extremely ir-.
100. Who has given it this leveled surface?

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