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    1. Although they liberated their country from the colonialism, yet they killed their spirits and became like that who seeks refuge with fire from the swelter

    2. His experiences at Göhren had been worse than ours, and Thiessow was right down at the end of all things, and had the drawback, obvious even to August, that whatever it was like we would have to endure it, for swelter back again over the broiling plain only to stay a second night at Göhren was as much out of the question for the horses as for ourselves

    3. We had to force them to break their shield-wall and we did it by not attacking, but leaving them to swelter within their own stinking mass

    4. Nor will you be thirsty in it, nor will you swelter

    5. In rapid succession we passed through the fringe of fashionable London, hotel London, theatrical London, literary London, commercial London, and, finally, maritime London, till we came to a riverside city of a hundred thousand souls, where the tenement houses swelter and reek with the outcasts of Europe

    1. Eddie Brickel sat in the sweltering heat and sweltered

    2. Calvert did not like barbecue food and declared that the smells remained in the house for days, so her guests always sweltered on a flat unshaded spot a quarter of a mile from the house

    3. Dunk kept his tunic on and sweltered

    1. She knew that from magazine pictures, a city with two rings of glass and grown towers, miles around, sweltering in the jungle, with lemphs running in cages turning big slow fans that hung from the ceilings

    2. It was utterly inhumane, especially in the sweltering heat that time of the year

    3. It was sweltering hot in the house, and I needed to air out the stench of unwashed freak that had been building for years

    4. But he appreciated the suggestion anyway, and began daydreaming about icepacks and cool baths to pass the sweltering afternoon

    5. So few wagons had been shipped that there was no transportation for their effects, and as regiment after regiment was rushed to the front, the men, labouring in the sweltering heat, discarded articles mile by mile, until they had nothing but the clothes they stood upright in, and the route of the advance resembled the trail of a retreating army

    6. There was/is one major difference however, that, compared with modern standards, ethnic neighborhoods, however rundown, were generally safer, crime was lower, immigrant classes better educated, families more tightly knit, homes cleaner, children smiled more and engaged in sidewalk games, neighbors gathered on stoops on sweltering summer evenings, unemployment was lower and drugs virtually

    7. He and his men marched in blistering heat through the pine forests along the wide coastal plain, extending inland one hundred sweltering miles before the first low hills

    8. What scorching question is sweltering in your mind?”

    9. Once past the peak of the half-moon bridge our tasks eased, and we managed to stumble into a shelter on the island, dropping the sacks but retaining our sweltering hoods

    10. A sweltering day like this was a signal to down tools and head for the pub

    11. The sweltering heat shimmered off the brick streets

    12. She popped up and strode quickly across the room, standing like a petrified creature as she felt the sweltering breeze from the metal fan against her skin actually send chills down her spine

    13. around town that hot sweltering day

    14. that there’s a Beagle who’s sweltering inside a van without any

    15. So what if nobody was about? It was the middle of the afternoon and many people took their siesta round about now; people always shunned the sweltering heat of the midday Smug and dozed in the cool of their shacks

    16. ” All along I thought a Mercedes Benz was a luxury car! I bet the people in the car are sweltering with no air conditioning and they’re probably sitting on orange crates

    17. Despite the sweltering heat from which she was protected, she remained perfectly cool in her formal silk afternoon dress that matched her hat exactly and that she had worn on many occasions to make her afternoon calls to the landed aristocracy in London prior to the war

    18. The features here were quite the same—a large brick-and-stone church with ivy climbing up the sides, tall stained glass windows, a dark belfry, a cemetery dating back at least 150 years where the church builders were undoubtedly interred, and the quaint gardens surviving remarkably well given the heat and the sweltering sun which seared down upon the delicate flowers despite the preponderance for precipitation back at the beach

    19. The days were sweltering in the mid thirties and the water was a clear, warm twenty-six

    20. toil for a living while being exposed to the sweltering elements

    21. “I'll tell you what,” he said as he panted in the sweltering heat

    22. The constant vigil was boring, nothing was happening on the Ocean Raider, his cramped cabin was sweltering even with the windows and hatches open

    23. He also thought about the recent steep climb up to the waterfall, in sweltering heat

    24. The sweltering population on earth and the vanishing of

    25. His head and shoulders now passed into the darkness of this sweltering hell

    26. The afternoon was sweltering hot outside their air-conditioned car, and the traffic through the city was painfully slow

    27. Despite the sweltering heat, he was still wearing his signature black trench coat that had been given to him as a token of appreciation from the entire force after he had solved a bizarre case that had placed the department’s reputation in question

    28. The pond looked enticing on that sweltering early evening and Thom hadn’t seen a bath in ages, it seemed, so he went for a swim

    29. It was a sweltering day and the shade of the trees was welcome, as they entered the rear of the car

    30. The Four Oaks was aptly named for the four enormous oak trees located on the property, one on each corner, which served as a parasol by providing shade from the sun’s sweltering heat regardless of the time of day

    31. The brass doorknob was oddly cold like solid ice, invigorating the nerves in his fingertips that instinctively sought to recoil, contrasting sharply with the sweltering summer heat

    32. Eddie Brickel sat in the sweltering heat and sweltered

    33. Two hundred and fifty kilometres to the south Greg’s best man was sweltering in the heat of Auckland and enjoying the benefits of an unexpected day off

    34. The rise of her breasts against him was monstrous and sweltering

    35. They ran on, sweating and breathing hard in the sweltering heat of the yellow sun and the closeness of the grass stalks

    36. It all begins on a sweltering Wednesday in The End Of All Things As Told By

    37. After grappling with Bombay’s gripping humidity for a week, the Raja Raos had to encounter New Delhi’s sweltering heat that June-end

    38. vacation? You want me to believe that in sweltering heat, you really are going around in a

    39. of Negro slaves who had been scarred in the flames of sweltering

    40. state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat

    41. escaping the smelly and sweltering heat

    42. It was I who was the victim of my sweltering

    43. “Why did you have to give birth to him in a sweltering afternoon at the end of June?” he

    44. enjoys this sweltering summer weather

    45. One who seeks the help of magicians, whoever they pretend to be and whatever clothing they wear before people, is indeed like one who resorts to a rebellious devil or turns to fire for help from sweltering heat

    46. I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a desert state, sweltering with the heat of injustice and oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice

    47. It is a sweltering day already

    48. He’d thought he was alone in the sweltering, afternoon heat

    49. That loud and sweltering city was, by its hot dulness, to bore her into awareness of him, to toss her by sheer elimination of other interests to his breast

    50. However the sweltering deity evaded him without any fuss and kept

    1. as the dusk slowly swelters

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    swelter sweat ooze

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    be uncomfortably hot

    suffer from intense heat