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Synchronize in a sentence

1. It's important that we synchronize our efforts.
2. Cross alignments directly synchronize with this symbolism.
3. They synchronize to model the reality of a dualistic 11-.
4. Zechariah also synchronize with the grail stone symbolism.
5. He asked all of us to synchronize our watches to 50 minutes.
6. He said he was trying to synchronize the bottom and top panels.
7. The ship’s molecules and alien molecules synchronize together.

8. Clearly defined celestial events and dates that synchronize with pivotal.
9. Testament wisdom texts and prophecies tightly synchronize with this wisdom.
10. He had successfully managed to synchronize this universe by baptizing this existing sphere with `water`.
11. Spirits, they all perfectly synchronize to prove their meanings, relationships, purposes, and the fact.
12. Synchronizing permissions allow the user (or group) to coordinate (synchronize) the use of such programs.
13. She then pulled herself up to a sitting position and began swinging, making certain to synchronize herself with Garcia.
14. Both of these schemes provide the signal needed to synchronize the clocks of the transmitting and receiving workstations.
15. After we locate the exact habitat into which we presently are, then we could synchronize the actual timing of `nowàs well.
16. After we locate the exact habitat into which we presently are, then we could synchronize the actual timing of `now` as well.
17. Having just healed a foot fracture, Ramasamy would lean on his crutch and walk slowly; and Meenu would synchronize her steps with him.
18. When she pressed the envelope to her bosom, her breasts started heaving as though to synchronize her emotions with Sandhya’s anticipated feelings.
19. Lets see how damn good the best pitchers in the world are if they have to synchronize their pitches with eleven other pitchers… The scoreboard should be like a drag-race count-down… with the no.
20. You hear two stations at the same time… if you synchronize your transmitter to the same frequency as a radio station: you can transmit anything… and anyone who has a radio tuned to that frequency will hear you.
21. They are more gentle and caring towards each other than other birds because they look at each other head-on: and in doing so: a tiny bit of their split half brains synchronize enough for them to become aware of each other, and anything they look at in this way.
22. However, we, as the autistic savants to the global intelligence that is utilizing us as instruments to create It's universal genius of spirit, are being driven by more and more inorganic waves, causing us to synchronize to artificial vibrations rather than natural rhythms.
23. Though the ancient Egyptians are reported to have known that the solar year was a little longer than 365 days, they apparently had no automatic mechanism for calibrating their calendar with the solar year, although they could simply synchronize their calendar and the solar year by periodically waiting an additional day to begin the new year, based on simple astronomical observation.
24. Is it any surprise… that an adult undead entity secretly inhabiting the body and soul of a baby, a child, an adolescent… should slowly be able to synchronize their aura and be able to second-guess what that baby or child will do? And then practice its timing to slightly veer off the child’s intention or words or actions… until after years of this secret practice; they can easily corrupt the thoughts and feelings and actions of any human alive.
25. When a living host lets its bird aura take over, when the human host begins to relish evil, and plot and become a cunning sly deceiver… the human host’s aura begins to synchronize with the most insane ancient reptile intelligence inhabiting and permeating the living human’s corrupt soul and body… until the living human becomes an insane undead thing with a dead beak: stabbing its victim over and over again in a lust frenzy of the bird-aura: re-living its life… re-living the thousands of times it stabbed a living thing and killed it with its beak.
1. Not acting, but synchronizing with a role:.
2. I've spent thousands of hours enjoying synchronizing.
3. He impressed me immensely with his knack of synchronizing.
4. Our inner universe finally accurately reflects the outer universe by synchronizing with it.
5. This date math is yet another sign synchronizing with other 11 and 17 and 1 and 7 signs and.
6. He also worked solo on the far platform, synchronizing his return with the swing of his trapeze.
7. Why’s that? asked Rip and Krimshaw, who were getting quite good at synchronizing their questions.
8. Synchronizing permissions allow the user (or group) to coordinate (synchronize) the use of such programs.
9. Even more; they must stop thinking altogether and let their bodies take over, so the closest synchronizing of mind and body can be achieved.
10. The Path Finder and the Pa Nun followed the commandeered ships, synchronizing their warp speeds so that they would arrive shortly after they did.
11. By lying dormant for months, even years, by synchronizing their parasitic auras to their hosts, they have managed to fool living people for millions of years.
1. I synchronized my watch with the timer.
2. The symbology is tightly synchronized.
3. In synchronized union, these stationary.
4. They must be related and synchronized to be.
5. Genesis and the Quran and by synchronized symbolism.
6. I could only hope that the charges were synchronized.
7. My and my mother’s birthdays are purposely synchronized with.
8. But one month while doing the synchronized change, I ran into a snag.
9. Consequently, the translations must also remain tightly synchronized.
10. Would he then negate all that precisely synchronized advanced symbology.
11. The twins had worked as a synchronized unit that left their enemy confused.
12. In a perfect integrated and synchronized world, I will see myself as I want.
13. I tugged on Wash’s shirt again, and we both came to a sudden, synchronized stop.
14. Of course! Philippe synchronized, feeling he needed to resurrect the mood, too.
15. These two hurricanes directly and undeniably synchronized with the many other pairs.
16. The two brothers were sitting back to back and trying to move together, synchronized.
17. They remain tightly synchronized with the physical universe through known properties.
18. The end result of this conceptual framework, formed through layered, synchronized and.
19. Even if that were so, it is still amazing how it set the stage for and synchronized with.
20. These three great deceptions are purposely synchronized and well-sculpted forms of virtual.
21. A prime example of the purposeful and synchronized symbolism of these events is seen in the.
22. This different though tightly synchronized time ratio serves to model a parallel and summary.
23. The Apocalypse is the product of several synchronized bodies or layers of structured symbolism.
24. It gave him a strange double vision of his own image until he had the two perfectly synchronized.
25. Notice the pivotal 11 and 17 numbers again? This and much other synchronized information serve as.
26. This structured wisdom symbolism is framed using multiple layers of synchronized symbologies that.
27. Her mind, heart and body were perfectly synchronized and they all wanted Karan and wanted him completely.
28. They were strong and healthy creatures of the air, and they all landed in a synchronized order, all by rank.
29. Reacher saw an inch of their synchronized descent, and then he whipped away to the right, to find the second-base guy.
30. Olin synchronized his gentle pulls to enhance the swing in his direction and then slacked off when it swung away again.
31. And the thongs were a critical symbol of the new synchronized swimming team, so there was a majority vote to claim the thongs.
32. To keep the phone synchronized with the other stuff I made a list of words that corresponded to the numbers on the keypad and.
33. The resulting data set QUARTERLY (above) has eight observations, four for each year, synchronized on the QTR interval boundaries.
34. The remaining fleet was given its orders, ships’ clocks were synchronized and the ships jumped together to their final targets.
35. The plan had five moving parts, and all of them had to be synchronized exactly, and all of them were tricky, and all of them were vital.
36. This wisdom and the interlocking and tightly synchronized structure of the symbolism of the Philosophers’ Stone serve to verify the truth.
37. This was because, in the instant of enfolding Hrun gently in his claws, Ninereeds the dragon had momentarily synchronized their bodily rhythms.
38. This quadrant frame that is contained into a synchronized version of four ranks could now be itemized out into these features here as well:-.
39. Nightfall initiated a slight sweep of his baton, and the dogs began to sing in the manner of a barbershop quartet, swaying in synchronized unison.
40. Spain have clocked up the most wins of the Synchronized Swimming World Trophy by a national team with three in total, in 2008, 2010 and 2011.
41. What happened was all the women unknowingly synchronized their cycles with one dominant female and all would suffer PMS and etcetera on the same day.
42. It appeared to him from her demeanor that the craving she espied in his gaze synchronized with the longing his persona insensibly induced in her mind.
43. Along this chronological mode the factor of matter plays a major role since this style is synchronized and would present this particular format in the end.
44. Thus by means of noting the pulsation of our nature forms we could note whether our existing forms are astride and synchronized with our current lives or not.
45. Wherever there is ownership protected by law and enforced by gun, the gravity of GovCorp collapses social evolution into a synchronized orbit with Money World.
46. Therefore if we should take everything into consideration it would result that our lives exists over features that are all synchronized just like the lives we have.
47. All of these types of synchronized aspects relates out an essential bearings over which we all have to regulate our lives in order to exist upon this current bench here.
48. A synchronized state of `here and now` could only be graded and assessed precisely by us, for as long as we could note out exactly what is happening over `thereànd `then`.
49. The event was a massive synchronized global meditation for world peace and unity and its date tied in with Mayan cosmology and coincided with a unique planetary alignment.
50. A synchronized state of `here and now` could only be graded and assessed precisely by us, for as long as we could note out exactly what is happening over `there` and `then`.
51. It had been a challenge to run the games while linking my thoughts to the crowded gameplex, but our synchronized Blue Devils team trounced the rival Stevenson High players.
52. Loran (Long- range aid to navigation): a navigational system that fixes the position of a ship by measuring the difference in the time of reception of two synchronized radio signals.
53. Her words, her fiery response that she’d stayed because of him, synchronized something in his soul, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t knock it out of alignment again.
54. Even in the world of finance, it has been proven that the only way to effectively overhaul and mend any hemorrhaging economy is by a massive, synchronized, drastic, holistic approach.
55. The problem with this method is that the use of time stamps requires the clocks on all of the network’s domain controllers to be precisely synchronized, which is difficult to arrange.
56. Their obvious professionalism was reflected in their synchronized movements; both yielding a mature confidence, resembling a college professor who had seen pretty much all one could see.
57. The team effort—the perfectly synchronized flow of muscle, oars, boat, and water; the single, whole, unified, and beautiful symphony that a crew in motion becomes—is all that matters.
58. He gave each lady a pair and demonstrated their use: right hand clockwise in a moderately sweeping circle, and the left hand counter clockwise in a synchronized motion with the right hand.
59. The pace picked up to a fast trot as they became accustomed to the swinging motion of their precious cargo, which was diminished considerably when Moshe synchronized his step with Yigal’s.
60. Thus a mode of conceptions over perceptions could be used to indicate out our present timing that could be synchronized over the pulses of others by which we could regulate out our own personal 65.
61. Our body has so many beautifully synchronized systems that work efficiently at keeping your home on this earth so you can enjoy ice cream cone, the latest movie or the feeling of your lover’s arms.
62. It could have been night or day, autumn or spring, and only vaguely, deep in her consciousness, was she aware that the storm over the city was building up, as if the weather was synchronized with her coup.
63. Anything that has to feature out as `organized and precise` for us could only be defined out exactly by our own kind of `self` that is qualified to term this phrase upon a synchronized aspect that is finite.
64. Her two cats kept nudging her with their feline noses and tails as they paced across her lap and sofa, while vying for Kathy’s attention, as she absently petted all three animals in a synchronized motion.
65. Anything that has to feature out as òrganized and precisè for us could only be defined out exactly by our own kind of `self` that is qualified to term this phrase upon a synchronized aspect that is finite.
66. He proceeded to examine both legs at the same time, the movement of his hands synchronized as they found their way upwards along her inner thighs, stopping tantalizingly at her pubic triangle with each stroke.
67. What is interesting about this dynamic of integration is that the more synchronized your Inner and Outer Awareness becomes: the more your awareness of even having a Perimeter Awareness, and a Center Awareness fades away.
68. To the tune of the Final Countdown, by Europe, Clarity took off her pareo, revealing a sensual thong, and dove into the pool, followed by her teammates, who dove in sequence in a traditional, synchronized swimming entry.
69. Evel Knievil flying across the Grand Canyon in a fucking motorbike and being almost killed because the ramps and his lift-off speed weren’t perfectly synchronized; is just one example of human trying to act as if they are birds.
70. Matter forms are managed and directed over this synchronized mode that has to go astride with our kinds of lives upon a current bench in order to avoid discrepancies to happen or occur that would unbalance out this existing sphere.
71. By the time the 7 bytes of the preamble have been transmitted, the receiving system has synchronized its clock with that of the sender, but the receiver is also unaware of how many of the 7 bytes have elapsed before it fell into sync.
72. Unless the two communicating systems have clocks that are precisely synchronized, it is impossible to tell for certain whether a voltage that remains continuous for a period of time represents two, three, or more cells with the same value.
73. The spread of European culture and civilization was synchronized with the spread of Syphilis and Typhoid, and other diseases that killed more people across the Earth than all the massacres and genocides and killings combined by European killers.
74. She locked eyes for a moment with the tall man then, in synchronized motion, they turned to look aft into the foam of the wake at the figure thrashing there, then forward again, still in unison, to see Truman emerge from the door of the wheelhouse.
75. Thus in order to explain out these kinds of factor a method of a synchronized fashion have to be adopted out in order to explain out properly these factors that eludes our grips but could be versed out from the shadow that they all leave behind them.
76. As it raced on the rails, the sound of its vibrations synchronized with the pounding of her heart beats but when the train came to a halt at Kazipet ending her two-hour long anxiety, it didn’t take long for Roopa to jump into the waiting arms of Raja Rao.
77. The nearest thing to it he could remember was the night as a freshman when he had found himself out on Lake Union with the lights of Seattle twinkling on the water and the breaths of his crewmates synchronized with his in white plumes in the dark, cold air.
78. Though it lacked the full splendor of the London Philharmonic, this symphony had a special touch of wrapping the entire audience and the surroundings into the melody; it felt as though the entire ballroom was synchronized to move with the delicate flow of the music.
79. During the writing of this book, for example, Phelps Dodge (one of the largest copper-mining companies) launched a simultaneous double bid to acquire Inco and Falconbridge, both independent Canadian mining companies, in a synchronized transaction valued at more than $40 billion.
80. After turning her attention to the horizon, lined with coconut trees, and watching it for long in fascination, she interested herself in the vastness of the Godavari, and felt that the wavy currents of its bluish green waters synchronized with the romantic beats of her expectant heart.
81. One can also consider the use of Report Manager add-in which permits multiple sheets or print areas to be synchronized as one print job (so as to facilitate continuous page numbering) Additionally a Report Manager can work on alternate views and scenarios within a single synchronised report.
82. To keep the phone synchronized with the others I made a list of words that corresponded to the numbers on the keyboard and tried to use easy to remember combinations such as 667667 and 333363 which translated into MORONS (appropriate, isn’t it?) and DEFEND respectively, both valid passwords.
83. Thus a mode of conceptions over perceptions could be used to indicate out our present timing that could be synchronized over the pulses of others by which we could regulate out our own personal clock towards a model of perfection so long as we care to adjust whatever we could note to be at fault.
84. The explanation for that oddity lies in the fact that Kwajalein has served as a tracking station for US missiles launched from the US west coast and therefore had synchronized its time zone with the US west coast, remaining on the east side of the date line, while the rest of the Marshall Islands remained west of it.
85. The book of the road, has bought and brought me over, from my break-up with the Holy Ghost; for the world And the synchronized idiot in seismic force, in recognition by the elements; a soulless head of whispers and a vision full of infatuation, he conjures up a giant storm ten years long, in the thunder & the perfect mind.
86. Only when your inner and outer wisdom tells you that the time and place and environment and the people you are living with and the girl or boy you love is all synchronized in touching and cooperation and honesty and courage and fun and is a clean environment which will help your babies and children grow up to be better, stronger, wiser, and more positive than you are.
87. It took a synchronized conspiracy between the corrupt heads of the US federal govt; including the heads of the CIA, the FBI, the Pentagon, the Whitehouse, the corporate-owned American mass media, the BBC, combined to hoodwink and fool the world that the USA had been attacked from the outside: when the actual truth was that it had been planned and carried out and attacked from the inside: not from the outside.
88. Al-Quaeda has now been correctly identified as a puppet-shadow organization funded and created by the American CIA, they were used as ‘assets’ to fight the Russians in Afghanistan… then the CIA used this organization as a scapegoat, blaming them for the attack of 9/11, which was actually a CIA-Pentagon run operation; planned, synchronized and orchestrated by demons in the realm of the undead, using the CIA as their main instrument of evil.
89. Not that there was any reason to feel sorry, Dad said—the country had been at war on and off for a thousand years, like most of the rest of the globe, and anyway the Nguyens weren’t living in some shell-shocked Indochinese village but in a wide white ranch house in an unincorporated canton of the San Fernando Valley where they didn’t pay city taxes and where in the early evening when the light homed in low over the mountains and the DDT truck rolled through to spray for mosquitoes, the yards’ synchronized sprinklers could have been the fountains of Versailles, wasting their bounty on the ridiculous desert grass.
1. This precisely synchronizes with verse 13:11 that.
2. This also synchronizes with the symbolism merging Maat.
3. It sits between and synchronizes the four elements and the Zodiac.
4. This is why so much other wisdom synchronizes with and symbolizes the Seven.
5. The matching symbolism of The Apocalypse and the parable of Jacob and Joseph synchronizes.
6. Notice how all of the symbology created thousands of years ago tightly synchronizes with the.
7. There is much more than this to come and it all perfectly synchronizes to prove much truth and.
8. Sphinx–An ancient symbol for the Lion of the Tribe of Juda that perfectly synchronizes with the.
9. The time period modeled by the first six of the seven stars directly synchronizes with the work of.
10. Its satiation, however, can bring forth either life or death depending upon what it synchronizes itself to.
11. This precisely synchronizes with verse 13:11 that speaks of the USA, which celebrates its birthday on July 4th, 1776.
12. Sphinx–An ancient symbol for the Lion of the Tribe of Juda that perfectly synchronizes with the ancient wisdom symbology that permeates Hebrew prophecies and wisdom texts.

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