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    1. I tried to turn my mind off the impending take-off with some casual conversation about the library but, 'This is my first flight and

    2. she said, her hand in take-off motion above her head

    3. Running down the rough track towards the back of the mansion, Terry spotted a helicopter sitting on the helipad, rotor blades turning slowly, as though ready for a quick take-off

    4. I still stared out the window until it came back into my vision, gaining speed for the take-off

    5. “The Angels will be refueled, re-armed, and take-off within a half hour

    6. He practiced take-offs and landings over, and over again

    7. She jumped and opened her eyes when the intercom came alive with a buzz and the passengers were reminded to fasten their seat-belts as they were cleared for take-off

    8. "We'll be in Port Hardy before dawn," said Bird-dog as they climbed aboard the Lake Buccaneer and prepared for take-off in the cold, almost freezing pre-dawn air

    9. The pilots are robots and Grailem, from his position in front of them watches them prepare for take-off

    10. A few minutes later he gave a running commentary on the take-off of the tethered helicopter and its sudden landing again

    11. There they became cosseted in separate apartments to wait out the fifteen odd hours until take-off

    12. His face-to-face search of the Spaceport had borne fruit almost immediately as one of the technicians informed him that a Ministry Shuttle had just been prepared for take-off and stood waiting on Launch Pad 032

    13. In the distance a craft was preparing for take-off and taxied towards the exit gates of the building

    14. "No in more of a shouting out the answer to a quiz question, be it during a friendly Trivial Pursuit challenge with the neighbors, or whilst vegging out in front of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire or similar take-off program

    15. glimmer of hope, all four of the planes’ engines would start, run for a while, we’d sit back praying that this take-off wouldn’t join the rest of the aborted ones we’d suffered through, and then, once again, one by one the four

    16. The flight attendant reappeared, took the clipboard from her and then took a seat next her, ready for take-off

    17. Melanie took her take-off seat in front of the lady and directed her gaze to the floor

    18. Prepare for an Earth take-off and select a

    19. It was simply too expensive to land his great ship and take-off

    20. White-knuckles had the engine running, selected a little-used radio frequency, and called the control tower to request clearance to start up, taxi and take-off, all at once, and could he please have the local barometric pressure

    21. “What a value addition he had been at the office, and ironically that hastened my moral decline even more; as he refused to soil his hands with our murky deals, I had to handle the underbelly of business that heralded my nose-dive into a moral abyss; and equally worse, Imperial’s vertical take-off into the galaxy of infrastructure only pushed Ruma’s moral ethos further down the ladder of materialistic callousness

    22. As he watched, it turned and prepared for take-off

    23. Take-off was never in doubt

    24. The wealthy man hurried to apply the sheikh’s direction without hesitation, and so stood in the required position with his eyes closed, preparing for take-off at the edge of the mosque’s pond, and all the time in a state of great pleasure and happiness

    25. Minutes later, the pilot announced they had take-off clearance and that flight time to Ottawa

    26. According to this, he had been out in his small plane, when the weather became so bad that his take-off from Valdez has been delayed, forcing him to miss our evening appointment

    27. After take-off we went straight into the middle of the smoke cloud, and I started to realise why the Alaskan Airlines pilot had refused to fly

    28. But, two hours after take-off, they were forced to land because of the fog

    29. At present, there is no way for them to take-off

    30. A winter take-off can be rather complicated

    31. Because of the favorable wind, this is the best direction for take-off

    32. thought that the strip would end before take-off, the plane rose

    33. refuel in the next city as we were not aloud to take-off with full fuel tanks in

    34. To some extent it is a take-off on Planet of the Apes because all of the animals are intelligent,” says McDuff

    35. His capsule was lifted by a vast helium balloon that at take-off was 167

    36. Largest helicopter: The Russian Mil Mi-12 was 37 m (121 ft 4 in) long, had a maximum take-off weight of 103

    37. The main fire dangers are: before take-off when there is volatile fuel and vapour around the plane and especially when landing under difficult circumstances when fuel tanks could be ruptured and electrical or friction sparks ignite aviation spirit

    38. The gunners were in the section behind the bomb bays for the take-off and Allan and Bill had their seats on the left side

    39. Allan waited in his take-off seat with his map case in his hand

    40. Bill sat in his take-off seat and his bombsight was between his feet in its canvas case

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