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Talmud in a sentence

The Talmud has two parts.
another that knows the Talmud.
post, on the doctrines of the Talmud.
The law actually originated in the Talmud.
He laid out the scrolls and the Talmud too.
No said Nathan, Because of the Talmud.
Thomas told him of the Talmud and Zohar volumes he.

Testament of Christianity and in the Talmud of Judaism.
occupiers, this incident isn’t reported in the Talmud.
The Talmud TELLS of what happened millions of years ago.
Now this is what the Talmud has to say about this passage:.
The Talmud teaches that there are different levels of giving.
the talmud has a great prescription for healing– repeating.
The Talmud says: From Hatred Moses received the Torah….
The same form of speech is met with in the Talmud and the Rabbi.
Talmud: Connected with the Arabic term Tilmidh, meaning disciple or student.
Talmud volumes he had purchased with his and the money others had gifted him.
Laws, which are not found in the Bible, but are only found in the Talmud.
Sitting in the center was our Son Jesus, expounding on a point of the Talmud.
The Talmud is a Flame that Penetrates the Mind and throbs within the body.
They are reported only in books of the Talmud, and not in God’s Book, the Scripture.
Nevim (The prophets): Jewish writings which are believed to have come from Talmud teachings.
At thirteen, he is bound to the commandments and at fifteen he begins the study of the Talmud.
He says modern Judaism is not the religion of the Old Testament but is a religion of the Talmud.
The Talmud is not the Old Testament but it is used today in synagogue services as the chief textbook.
The Talmud says that actual meaning of the Torah’s words are: From Hatred Moses received the Torah….
The Talmud and the Hebrew calendar were banned; and ten scholars were made an example of and publicly martyred.
’ Professor Hudson adds, 'There are in the Talmud traces of Restorationism—chiefly in behalf of Israelites.
This young man was steeped in the Law and the Talmud, but interpreted both with more heart than the last Rabbi.
The religion of the Khazars was the "Talmud," which is still used today by the Jews, not the Hebrew Old Testament.
This is the reason why the Talmud states that there is an Halachic difference in attitude between the bodies of non-Jews.

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