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Technicolor in a sentence | technicolor example sentences

  1. Clark was Oscar-nominated for his Technicolor cinematography.
  2. Technicolor ghost, black tailcoat, walking as I had been, through the grass, tossing aside.
  3. Production values are very high with the breathtaking location filming, lush, saturated Technicolor, and ear-pounding stereo sound.
  4. Well, until the discovery of the toddler in Penrith Lakes, which had brought the horror of it back in clanging, banging Technicolor.
  5. The bar glowed with technicolor, and the seating area had strange chairs that bent in ways that somehow made sitting more comfortable.

  6. June Haver competes with a pair of prizewinning mules for the affections of farmboy Lon McCallister in rural Indiana, all dressed up in Technicolor.
  7. The studio powers knew they would have to dress up the familiar plot with something spectacular, and that they did: Technicolor, CinemaScope, and stereophonic sound.
  8. Most of us knew this only too well, and to the unfortunate roommate of some wrestlers the match was fought all through the night with groans and technicolor nightmares.
  9. It is a bit like watching the Cannes Advertising Film Festival, there might be a few seemingly humanitarian causes wrapped up in those technicolor dreams, but at the end of the day, they are all selling a product.
  10. This big, splashy musical all dressed up in CinemaScope, stereophonic sound, and color by Technicolor, with its star-heavy cast, classic tunes from the Irving Berlin songbook, and Oscar-nominated costumes, had blockbuster written all over it.
  11. As film noir, the film has stood the test of time, and gives an inkling of what the future superstar would do with a highly emotional, offbeat role a year later—that of Rose Loomis, an adulterous wife, in the splashy 1953 Technicolor hit Niagara.
  12. The studio pulled out all the stops in this big-musical treatment—a time-tested Broadway hit, musical score by Jule Styne and Leo Robins, gowns by Travilla, musical numbers staged by Jack Cole with an army of talented singers and dancers, color by Technicolor.
  13. Marilyn can also be spotted in Scudda-Hoo! Scudda-Hay!—a Technicolor bit of nonsense set in the Hoosier state in which June Haver vies for the affections of Lon McCallister with a pair of prize-winning mules, while a ten-year-old Natalie Wood, as Haver’s bratty kid sister, just adds to the overall foolishness.

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