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Technological in a sentence | technological example sentences

  2. Despite what any future technological.
  3. What is this new technological marvel?
  4. Buried in the tomb of technological waste.
  5. The technological age as we know it would.

  6. Creativity Coupled With Technological Touch.
  7. I took my first exams at the Technological.
  8. Depends on their technological capability.
  9. What I was witnessing left the technological.
  10. But the big problem is our technological and.
  11. Back to a sane, orderly technological universe.
  12. Another solution, though, would be technological.
  13. Technological advances could be too good at times.
  14. In a youth-oriented, ever-changing technological.
  15. They had to have the latest technological gadgets.

  16. This room is a technological façade of the original.
  17. Say, I have a business selling technological widgets.
  18. The next category involves technological obsolescence.
  19. Technological University, where he wanted me to study.
  20. Their technological advantage is simply too great.
  21. He watched, as his technological virtuoso went to work.
  22. They have not yet joined this new technological world.
  23. However, the technological gadgets within it were of a.
  24. I slowed down my studies at the Technological University.
  25. In this age of technological enlightenment we can neither.

  26. In between, he has also incorporated several technological.
  27. In our technological world, of course, there are ever more.
  28. Hallucinations are taboo in Western technological society….
  29. Sphere’s technological y advanced arsenal to knock him out.
  30. Yes, the Shadow Witch knocked out everything technological.
  31. What is possible through technological intervention, and what.
  32. The evolution of humanity is slower than technological evolution.
  33. We are backed by strong financial and technological resources.
  34. All around him, Jack could see highly-advanced technological devices.
  35. The rise of industrial and technological civilization has broken and.
  36. I do find that with the ever changing technological environment I.
  37. The bar-Seth was our ancestor’s greatest technological achievement.
  38. Even without technological assists, Tammas knew right away that the.
  39. Technological improvements need to take the planet into consideration.
  40. Locke never had been so close to such a great technological achievement.
  41. They, too, could travel through dimensions without technological devices.
  42. Keeping abreast with the technological developments taking place in your.
  43. It’s normal procedure and in this technological age is now done on-line.
  44. That however fitted with the very low technological level of this century.
  45. Everything inside the mountain was the pinnacle of technological wizardry.
  46. Cable television was one of the few technological advances she agreed with.
  47. Technological progress has changed market structures and liquidity sources.
  48. We exchanged technological information with usually peaceful alien species.
  49. Then they gradually let us close the technological gap between us and them.
  50. The rapid technological advances are exciting but also a little frightening.
  51. I can assure you that this technological advantage is not some Madison Avenue.
  52. Of course, the past 30 years have also seen wondrous technological innovation.
  53. I can if you can, but it's another example of technological advances that are.
  54. It was simple matter of searching through all possible technological anomalies.
  55. Technological changes have affected the ability of businesses to increase prices.
  56. If he were on Earth, he would have taken over Earth’s complete technological.
  57. We forget that we are a part of nature in this increasingly technological world.
  58. It is one of the few technological implants that are legally available to Earth.
  59. I don't like most human things, but some technological advances are indeed fun.
  60. The pretext of these training programs and technological inventions is often to.
  61. While I may have helped you I am in no way a technological virtuosos such as you.
  62. I still don’t know how Nancy managed to understand all this technological stuff.
  63. Technological breakthroughs spread through society in years rather than centuries.
  64. Candor does not provide us with protection, sustenance, or technological innovation.
  65. For another thing, they had more technological resources than we thought they had.
  66. No one gets much of a technological advantage over the other side, he said quietly.
  67. Unavoidable technological wizardry is underestimated – suits for the troops cause.
  68. How can that even be classified as a movie? Maybe it’s a technological comic book.
  69. In technological practice in some cases there is a necessity in retarding admixtures.
  70. In Iran, confession of the faith is also transmitted through technological means.
  71. This negative economic synergy is one of the bailiwicks of technological change.
  72. Since fixed costs are often associated with the technological inputs of a business -.
  73. Technological revolutions gains from opened windows catching the light of the spirit.
  74. Jim, can you assess the technological level of those aliens from these suits?’’.
  75. One often hears the argument that with the accelerating pace of technological change, U.
  76. This is however only the first of a series of technological challenges we have to face.
  77. People only like science, because they can play with its technological applications.
  78. Today there is a tremendous technological advancement in the field of communication, as.
  79. When technological procedures are invented and scientific principles are discovered, the.
  80. The tent went up quite easily, thanks to the technological advances of the last few years.
  81. This may explain why our super technological detectors didn't find anything ten years ago.
  82. That is the main problem with television and why it is such a huge technological disaster.
  83. When it comes down to it, creative problem solving in the technological sense is what you do.
  84. Bill and Quinn Hall, cousins extraordinaire, were diligent technological and literary advisors.
  85. Some of the most recent technological advances have been applied to instructional golf software.
  86. The engines themselves were a technological departure from rocket technology of previous decades.
  87. They had the technological capability to wipe us out the day we made first contact with them.
  88. Taming the Technological Beast: What Dangers Should I Be Aware of When It Comes to My Computer?
  89. Modern Man has become no less the servant (rather) than the master of his (technological) designs.
  90. Everyone has their own ideas of which have been the most significant technological breakthroughs.
  91. Low gas prices and technological innovation have changed the conventional drilling world forever.
  92. Reuben and Rashi focused on the technological advantages and disadvantages of the opposing forces.
  93. In the December 1968 Stock Guide there had appeared 45 companies with similar technological names.
  94. Technological advances and the democratization of finance arguably make the market more efficient.
  95. It's inhabitants have technological powers that can, and you do believe in technological powers.
  96. As you may have read (on my website), Ithink "The Web" is a political, not a technological concept.
  97. Only then can he or she find the most appropriate technological solutions for a given KM challenge.
  98. It wasn’t a proper fleet, but it was still a belligerently high-priced set of technological waste.
  99. By staying up to date on the technological front, the trader has an advantage over those who don’t.
  100. Some people believed that all of these modern technological advances like Triad were the Anti-Christ.

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