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  1. These pools may teem with life.
  2. The tide murmurs; the snails teem.
  3. And made it teem with corruption.
  4. And God said, ‘Let the water teem with living.
  5. Dreadful animals that teem in these seas and make them.

  6. Europe; the dappled teem towards Africa, India and Australia.
  7. Then God said, 'Let the waters teem with swarms of LIVING SOULS [soul-.
  8. That is a little of the meaning that is folded under the statement: and made it teem with corruption.
  9. Our woods teem with them both, and around every swamp may be seen the partridge or rabbit walk, beset with twiggy fences and horse-hair snares, which some cow-boy tends.
  10. Inland lakes and waterways of all kinds will also teem with life, with the exception of the Dead Sea and other areas of extreme salination, and those heavily polluted by man.
  11. They looked like father and son long apart, passionately met, embraced, yet more embraced, as the man lifted his wounded hand to gently touch the stricken face as the crowd, the teem, of illustrations shivered and flew now this way and that in microscopic forays quickly abandoned.
  12. But for the red teem,.
  1. By teeming millions who say.
  2. Capturing her in a teeming.
  3. The area was teeming with Sphere agents.
  4. The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
  5. Cal described its river, teeming with trout.
  6. There were reactionaries teeming antlike below.
  7. The teeming gulf--the sleepers and the shadows!.
  8. The passionate teeming plays this curtain hid!).
  9. The teeming gulf—the sleepers and the shadows!.
  10. His home was teeming with all the natural wealth.
  11. The opening of the Trans- The area is teeming with.
  12. Then for the teeming quietest, happiest days of all!.
  13. For days, the house was teeming with Baba's hired help.
  14. The playgrounds, parks and schools are teeming with them.
  15. Good servants would not come to such a teeming household.
  16. Samantha could see nothing at all through the teeming rain.
  17. It is a sea teeming with a truly wondrous variety of sea 33.
  18. It went on for hours and hours, teeming down with all its fury.
  19. It was really called The Beach House, and it was teeming.
  20. The water surrounding the city was literally teeming with canoes.
  21. I finally got into the house and it was just teeming with people.
  22. This state certainly is teeming with marijuana sales tax revenues.
  23. South East Asia was teeming with humanity, but this was different.
  24. Amulets and charms often help the discovery of the name by teeming.
  25. He was no longer in a deserted land, but one teeming with varied life.
  26. On a lovely summer’s day the place was probably teeming with people.
  27. Some walls were teeming with running water; others were as dry as a bone.
  28. Others were steady arc spotlights, and he felt teeming, seething movement.
  29. After all, any forest with a moderate climate should be teeming with life.
  30. This little valley reminded me of valleys in the east teeming with wildlife.
  31. Somewhere rooms were teeming with boarders and neighbors having afternoon tea.
  32. The current must be teeming with food washed from the continents near the Hub.
  33. There I was, shipwrecked in God-knows-where, in a world teeming with dinosaurs.
  34. Takina thought about launching an attack, but it was teeming with trolls outside.
  35. Perhaps Europe is forever a dark forest, and only Asia waxes healthy and teeming.
  36. I stood there, teeming with frustration and anger but knowing that Jill was right.
  37. But despite the city teeming all around, she appears through the viewfinder to be alone.
  38. The district was actually teeming with music, but I was too young to witness any of it.
  39. Or a teeming manufacturing state? or a prepared constitution? or the best built steamships?
  40. Until now it mapped as a jungle-covered mountain surrounded by a teeming pre-technical city.
  41. Ocean Drive is teeming with joggers and bicyclists and people heading, like us, toward the beach.
  42. There were many ponds and lakes in the village, which were ever teeming with different varieties of fishes.
  43. Would the silence truly hide him on that slender span of rock and metal, teeming with cars? He wasn’t sure.
  44. I found a lagoon teeming with them a short ride away and by late afternoon had all I could carry on the horses.
  45. I saw our planets teeming and suicidal, multiplying legions, its peoples of all hues, white, brown, black, 39.
  46. The calls of conch shell trumpeteers rang out louder than ever, delivered by the teeming masses of mermen soldiers.
  47. To add to our troubles no billets were available (the place was teeming with reserve troops for the attack at Loos).
  48. Eugenie drew her stitches with a uniform motion which revealed to an observer the teeming thoughts of her meditation.
  49. But if a modern human is catching one fish at a time with a spear; in the middle of a teeming school of thousands….
  50. The destination was a big old cavern littered with trash, teeming with wevn and smelling worse than a dead ogre's ass.
  51. Many centuries later, while testing out an improved hyperdrive, the Arct discovered a planet teeming with humanoid life.
  52. For he saw that I was casting my gaze around his primeval nest at those walls teeming with dozens of faces, forever young.
  53. Seventy beds keeps he there teeming mothers are wont that they lie for to thole and bring forth bairns hale so God's angel to Mary quoth.
  54. He preferred the halls to be silent and absent of other life, rather than noisy and teeming with cat-men or genetically altered creatures.
  55. Instead of being aware that the living Earth with all its teeming bacteria is more important than tall trees: it reversed that truth into a lie.
  56. Never wash your hair while you are taking a bath; the water is dirty, teeming with bits of flaked skin, soap scum and other undesirable elements.
  57. You see, to the evolutionist, not only should the universe be teeming with life, but the fact that it isn’t is a fairly significant problem….
  58. Our orders finally came through and at last we marched off on the long road to Albert the Battalion transport following us and the rain teeming down.
  59. Our hospitals, doctor offices, and clinics in South Carolina were also teeming with people who wanted help and demanded to know what was going on.
  60. Using a top online dating service is teeming with profiles and you have to do your utmost to make your profile stand head above shoulders over the rest.
  61. Usually the hallways were teeming with hundreds of students and hundreds of voices, but since I had arrived early, it damn near felt like a ghost town.
  62. Because Los Angeles was teeming with repatriated soldiers, inexpensive housing was all but impossible to find, so Louie was still living with his parents.
  63. Each hour the dance hall seems to grow progressively warmer, so by the eighth day, the air, walls, and floor are saturated with the hot, teeming odor of boys.
  64. The real world is the biblical world -- a universe designed by God with the earth at the spiritual focal point, not an evolutionary universe teeming with life.
  65. With that the black tinted window glided back up and the car purred its silent, luxurious way into the teeming lunch time streets of London’s hustling West End.
  66. I arrived in Marseilles yesterday and again, as if drawn by some instinct, made my way to the oldest and most congested area of this fascinating and teeming city.
  67. They rolled on the ground and knocked their heads off tree trunks, but there was no respite from the teeming horde of winged stingers that stuck to them like glue.
  68. Why so many elderly people left homes and families in the south, to spend their final days in this teeming ant-heap of retirees, stuffing bloated bellies with cheap R.
  69. The wedding and the party which followed was a very noisy and joyous affair, the garden teeming with many relations and friends from near and far came to the homestead.
  70. On the other hand, people inhabiting the area are emigrating away to other provinces and most of them are teeming up to the hospitals for a beforehand health check up.
  71. Saratoga, with its enormous hotels, teeming with a society busy and well entertained, has been perfectly satisfied with itself in spite of the fact that smart New York knew it not.
  72. They were teeming with an incredible number of annotations and questions, including basic ones about the constant of gravity and some comments on the different environment of the Moon.
  73. It was a short step to the Café Opera, but given that almost everyone of note was gathered around the monarch and his minstrels, this grand and usually teeming location was almost deserted.
  74. During the long sweep of days that passed during which the family had faded into its current state of dilapidated grandeur, the great city had, conversely, spread its teeming streets far and wide.
  75. He continued his verbal assault towards me, every syllable of his tirade teeming with rage, and even though I couldn't understand what he was saying I knew that he wasn't inviting me for breakfast.
  76. On the undersides of his eyelids he sees the interlaced ironwork of Zollverein, the fire-breathing mills, men teeming out of elevator shafts like ants, the mouth of Pit Nine, where his father was lost.
  77. He entered the hotel lobby which was teeming with policemen, journalists, and bewildered hotel staff, slipped past an elderly man interviewing the concierge, and leaped up the stairs to the second floor.
  78. This had become increasingly important over the last year, when he’d been forced to spend more of his life in waiting rooms, in a house teeming with black-clad cousins and people from temple, in the office of Dr.
  79. Teeming generations of immigrants from all walks of life, with their bellies full of hunger and a pocketful of dreams, bravely migrated to distant shores hoping to discover a better life for themselves and their families.
  80. The teams of cleaners finished their work and, wondering where their supervisor had disappeared to, signed themselves out of the building and evaporated back into the teeming maelstrom of the city from whence they had come.
  81. Given that the legend of Muhammad is memorized byline of the Musalmans, for the teeming multitudes of believers there is much in the Muhammad’s life to give solace and hope in this world whose worth the Quran deprecates any way.
  82. Apparently they hoped that it would give the poor teeming trillions something to watch on the video news programs, and they also have this conspiracy theory, where a bunch of bad guys were going to overthrow the Empire, and plunge the Galaxy in chaos.
  83. The independence that saw the beginning of the end of the Brahmanical order and with it the advent of the universal literacy, in time, raised the hopes as well as the abilities of the teeming millions of the backward classes and the other backward castes.
  84. Great stretches of the long grass, once the teeming jungle of summer, were almost deserted, with only a hurrying beetle or a torpid spider left out of all the myriads for them were gone and instead of their screaming cries in the sky, the twittering of August.
  85. But, acting in a public capacity, with the high responsibilities resulting from the great interests dependant upon my decision, I cannot yield to the wishes of lovesick patriots, or the visions of teeming enthusiasts; I must see the adequacy of means to their ends.
  86. There were days when he saw the multiplication of the squares reflected there as a teeming riddle, something with a life of its own rising up out of the schematic in the same way that thoughts and dreams arise from neurons or computer programs emerge from binary codes.
  87. Whatever, in India today, the backward classes that form the teeming Hindu multitudes, whose backs the Brahmanism had broken, no longer have to blame their karma, and instead they have every reason to thank the Hindu gods for their improved lot, which changed their religious attitude as well.
  88. Hazel could not help wondering whether he really would return, for he knew that Kehaar, like themselves, felt the mating urge and he thought it quite likely that after all he would be off to the Big Water and the raucous, teeming gull colonies of which he had spoken with such feeling to Bigwig.
  89. Shopping malls are teeming with underdressed and poorly educated women whose sole aim in life is to shop till they drop, spending their overweight and over worked husband’s money on worthless junk; never satisfied, never content, muttering the matron’s mantra When I have such and such, then I’ll be happy.
  90. He had gotten used to the new realm teeming with life - it felt as natural as shifting one dream into another - but every now and then Eric would spot a minor detail, which would send him contemplating and admiring the beauty and complexity of it all; be it a bug, the dance of a rustling leaf, or a smile that expressed a new feeling.
  91. There in the quiet, with the wind flicking tree branches and distorting the water’s mirror, I cooked improbable dinners in my disposable aluminum pans, made coffee so rich and sturdy it would float a nail, and, sitting on my own back doorsteps, could finally come to think about what I had seen and try to arrange some pattern of thought to accommodate the teeming crowds of my seeing and hearing.
  92. The bushes stretch across the paths, and, catching at me as I go by, remind me that they have not been pruned; the teeming plant life rejoices on the lawns free from all interference from men and hoes; the pinks are closely nibbled off at the beginning of each summer by selfish hares intent on their own gratification; most of the beds bear the marks of nocturnal foxes; and the squirrels spend their days wantonly biting off and flinging down the tender young shoots of the firs.
  93. But now I must go back again to that horrid Jakes and capture with my Quill the shaken, weeping seventeen-year-old Wench, who unlockt the Door, and with unsteady Tread, bloody Thighs, and bloody Linen, crept into her borrow’d brothel Bed to fall asleep and dream of the Home she had fore’er lost, whilst in her teeming Brain she could not ascertain—either by Logick or the wildest Guess—whether she would bear a Babe in nine Months’ Time or no; but she suspected the Truth and it terrified her.
  94. She had been told that, rough and brutal as they seemed just then, they were not like this all the year round, but were, in fact, quite civil persons save during certain weeks of autumn and winter, when, like the inhabitants of the Malay Peninsula, they ran amuck, and made it their purpose to destroy life—in this case harmless feathered creatures, brought into being by artificial means solely to gratify these propensities—at once so unmannerly and so unchivalrous towards their weaker fellows in Nature's teeming family.
  95. The point of the knife went deeper as Evette screamed, You regret! Oh I’m sure you have regrets Papa, but me and mama aren’t one of them! For instance I’m sure you regret the absence of the golden temple that was to have been built on this very spot, from where you were going to lead a great revival, as you preached forth with great eloquence to the masses that came teeming to bask in the glow of your righteous zeal! The absence of that I’m sure you regret! Tell me papa why wasn’t it built? Was it because you let your little girl that you let be used as a common whore, escape? Is that the terrible retribution that you faced?
  96. Sunk down amid huge buildings which wall it in like precipices, with a graveyard yawning at its head and a river surging at its feet, its pavement teeming with an eager, nervous multitude, its street rattling with trucks laden with gold and silver bricks, its soil mined with treasure vaults and private wires, its skyline festooned with ticker tape, its historic sense vindicated by the heroic statue of Washington standing in majestic serenity on the portico of that most exquisite model of the Parthenon, and with the solemn sarcasm of the stately brown church, backed by its crumbling tombstones, lifting its slender spire like a prophetic warning finger in its pathway—this most impressive and pompous of thoroughfares is at once serious and lively, solid and vivacious.
  97. We entered the city just before dawn not a sound was heard, the hill inside the eastern boundary of Xolalpan had a solitary tree on its peak and the traitor was chained to it, two of Wedon’s assistants brought forward a large earthenware vessel and Yaotl was smeared from head to foot in the jelly from the jar, as dawn was breaking Coatl dispersed the people to another hill overlooking the execution site, when the sun came up four flaming arrows were released, one to each of the compass points, drums beat out a loud, echoing, thump, thump, thump, a second jar of the jelly was ignited and burned with a fury, Coatl and I retired to a safe distance, we expected that soon this area would be teeming with the Teoti’s forces, our expectations fell well short, considering they were at war they were very slow in responding to the fire, it took almost an hour for the army to show any interest in the burning jar of jelly or the sign that Wedon had fashioned explaining the priests treachery and the sentence they were about to witness, suddenly a large crowd gathered and someone then noticed the priest tied to the tree and they began to gather around him, at that instant Coatl raised his arm and a flaming arrow landed at Yaotl’s feet, for an instant nothing happened, then one of the priest’s feet caught fire and he was immediately enveloped in a flame so intense the people had to move back six to eight paces, in one hour the hill in Xolalpan no longer had a tree or any other sort of vegetation, all that remained of the priest was a greyish brown heap of ashes, we then returned to Bo-elon a more subdued and quiet band than had left.
  98. By you and all your teeming life old Thames,.
  99. Here is not merely a nation but a teeming Nation of nations,.
  100. Amid all teeming and wealthy Ohio with all its cities and farms,.
  1. The world teemed with life.
  2. London teemed with life into the small hours.
  3. The shallow pool teemed with hundreds of black.
  4. The Kingdom of the Sea teemed with fish and strange sea-monsters.
  5. The insects invaded cavities, clogged her nose, teemed to her lungs.
  6. Strangers teemed around him, pushing for news on what he’d do next.
  7. Many beasts like the one Cleo killed in Shadow wood, teemed the place.
  8. Both teemed with jagged desert plants while being entirely inhospitable to human life.
  9. The dust was antique spice, burnt maple leaves, a prickling blue that teemed and sifted to earth.
  10. For in the week before Christmas the Dublin streets had teemed with raven flocks of children herded by schoolmasters or nuns.
  11. The public prints have teemed, and the tables of this House have been loaded with the proofs of their existence and execution.
  12. On the contrary, the Press, both in England and in America, teemed with suggestions and suppositions, most of which were obviously absurd.
  13. The twenty-five-meter-long blueheart table teemed with those whose estimates of their own importance accorded closely enough with the Imperial Chamberlain’s to get them a place at it.
  14. Then there came, one night which appeared of great duration, and which teemed with anxiety and horror; and when in the morning I tried to sit up in my bed and think of it, I found I could not do so.
  15. The forest beyond the river might seem desolate and vacant of life to the ignorant eye, but life teemed there, not alone of bird and beast and reptile, but also of men, the fiercest of all the hunting beasts.
  16. Fortunately, the block between here and Sixth Avenue teemed with New Yorkers as degenerate as himself, and when he felt dissolved among them, protected by them, he looked back and saw no such person waiting on the traffic island.
  17. The harts that had been hunted here, the witches that had been pricked and ducked, the green-spangled fairies that "whickered" at you as you passed;—the place teemed with beliefs in them still, and they formed an impish multitude now.
  18. It was some shambling horror spawned in the mysterious, nameless jungles of the south, where strange life teemed in the reeking rot without the dominance of man, and drums thundered in temples that had never known the tread of a human foot.
  19. We were thanked for our efforts and told we had put up a magnificent show and the what we had been waiting for happened and we were dismissed night was falling as we got back to our trench we slumped to the floor in a state of collapse were the cold bit into us and then the rain teemed down.
  20. Ever since the tree had first raised its huge crown to the skies the rooks had made it their home, passing their history and their grandeur down through every generation until the present day, so that the bird city teemed with life and every resident rook knew that he or she was a true aristocrat.
  21. Nowhere could he see the battlefield he had expected to find, but only fields, meadows, troops, woods, the smoke of campfires, villages, mounds, and streams; and try as he would he could descry no military ‘position’ in this place which teemed with life, nor could he even distinguish our troops from the enemy’s.
  22. Nowhere could he see the battlefield he had expected to find, but only fields, meadows, troops, woods, the smoke of campfires, villages, mounds, and streams; and try as he would he could descry no military position in this place which teemed with life, nor could he even distinguish our troops from the enemy’s.
  23. You know the city of Shurrupak, it stands on the banks of the Euphrates? That city grew old and the Gods that were in it were old…In those days the world teemed, the people multiplied…Enlil…said to the Gods in council, The uproar of mankind is intolerable…So the Gods agreed to exterminate mankind…but Ea…came to me in a dream…Son of Ubara-tutu; tear down your house and build a boat.
  1. Teems of up to sixteen.
  2. And more imagination teems.
  3. Glory with which our history teems.
  4. Teems of up to sixteen oxen were used.
  5. The black and the white teems went to the north, I.
  6. Casterly Rock teems with Lannisters, and nowhere a Casterly to be found.
  7. We have seen enough of it, to know that it teems with interest; little more.
  8. The parking area in front of the building teems with security robots alerted by the alarm.
  9. Nor would the Men, said he, for the Guinea Coast teems with Distempers, Agues, and Fevers.
  10. The deep and tranquil knowledge that we remain a part of the land that teems with joyous life is in us always.
  11. When I had lain awake a little while, those extraordinary voices with which silence teems began to make themselves audible.
  12. And life teems with uncertainty when everything is fluid and who the mouth that is not also the nourishment of the world?
  13. In response to human industry, aided by science and machinery, the fruitful earth teems with such lavish abundance as was never known or deemed possible before.
  14. I realise Athens too has its unfair share of insidious tourist traps just like Cornwall and no doubt the traffic is nightmare and yes, it's a sprawling jumble of concrete and marble, of ancient and modern, of the implausible and the miraculous, but then they say Athens teems with spectacular sights, superb cafes, and much more that you just won't find in any modern city.
  15. In the lurid, flickering light, he sees that the airplane was not alone, that the sky teems with them, a dozen swooping back and forth, racing in all directions, and in a moment of disorientation, he feels that he’s looking not up but down, as though a spotlight has been shined into a wedge of bloodshot water, and the sky has become the sea, and the airplanes are hungry fish, harrying their prey in the dark.
  16. That question, I said, is easily answered: the four governments of which I spoke, so far as they have distinct names, are, first, those of Crete and Sparta, which are generally applauded; what is termed oligarchy comes next; this is not equally approved, and is a form of government which teems with evils: thirdly, democracy, which naturally follows oligarchy, although very different: and lastly comes tyranny, great and famous, which differs from them all, and is the fourth and worst disorder of a State.
  17. When one remembers all those novels and their lust-kindling descriptions of love, from the most refined to the grossest, with which the literature of our society overflows; if one only remembers all those pictures and statues representing women's naked bodies, and all sorts of abominations which are reproduced in illustrations and advertisements; if one only remembers all the filthy operas and operettas, songs, and romances with which our world teems, involuntarily it seems as if existing art had but one definite aim,—to disseminate vice as widely as possible.
  18. For a failure of imagination and in the darkness, it feels as if  Werner has reached bottom, as if he has been whirling deeper all this time, like the Nautilus sucked under the maelstrom, like his father descending into the pits: a one-way dive from Zollverein past Schulpforta, past the horrors of Russia and Ukraine, past the mother and daughter in Vienna, his ambition and shame becoming one and the same, to the nadir in this basement on the rim of the continent where the apparition chants nonsense—Frau Schwartzenberger walks toward him, transforming herself as she approaches from woman to girl—her hair becomes red again, her skin smooths, a seven-year-old girl presses her face up against his, and in the center of her forehead he can see a hole blacker than the blackness around him, at the bottom of which teems a dark city full of souls, ten thousand, five hundred thousand, all these faces staring up from alleys, from windows, from smoldering parks, and he hears thunder.

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