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Teenagers in a sentence | teenagers example sentences

  1. Many of the teenagers were.
  2. They act like unruly teenagers.
  3. It's mostly children and teenagers.
  4. The teenagers eyes, empty, lifeless.
  5. Teenagers, in my opinion, are the best.
  6. Then fold the $10 into Teenagers left hand.
  7. A middle-aged professor and two teenagers.
  8. They were both teenagers, the boy maybe 13.
  9. How Drugs are Taking Heavy Toll on Teenagers.
  10. It’s dangerous! Teenagers are usually more.
  11. They gave her away when they were teenagers.
  12. The oldest teenagers were basically the parents.
  13. It’s just that teenagers are drawn to violence.
  14. A gang of teenagers spots the helpless creature.
  15. Three children, all teenagers still in school.
  16. The teenagers laughed uproariously at his mistake.
  17. The bodies though were reminiscent of any teenagers.
  18. When teenagers are asked what they want to be when.
  19. Thomas when my dad and his brothers were teenagers.
  20. Crowds of teenagers mobbed them wherever they went.
  21. There is even an epidemic of obesity among teenagers.
  22. I was wondering how long the poor teenagers had been.
  23. Her adorable children as babies, toddlers, teenagers.
  24. Prescription drug abuse is on the rise among teenagers.
  25. Let’s consider unemployment figures for teenagers:.
  26. Your forum should be about teenagers and weight issues.
  27. There really weren’t any teenagers to hang out with.
  28. He's a teenager, this is good, good news for teenagers.
  29. That is why it takes teenagers a lot less to get there.
  30. So the two teenagers cried for the loss of their family.
  31. That’s what some teenagers were calling me yesterday.
  32. Four Camrose, Alberta teenagers (3 aged 15, the fourth.
  33. As soon as my paws hit the gravel, a group of teenagers.
  34. Teenagers in college join many organizations and groups.
  35. Doug hugged the teenagers and Morse and got into his cab.
  36. Every Saturday the two teenagers would meet up in London.
  37. I had teenagers and adolescents for my mother and father.
  38. For the teenagers who were into the more cuddly and safe.
  39. And then, two teenagers came to my table, a boy and a girl.
  40. His two young daughters were scarcely more then teenagers.
  41. Teenagers have teenage rebellion hard wired in their makeup.
  42. But teenagers, especially teenage girls, tend to cry a lot.
  43. I pulled Aspen towards the teenagers, two girls and two boys.
  44. FGM has been performed on babies to teenagers in their mid-.
  45. He had brought Rachel to her house when they were teenagers.
  46. My son was innocent, Eliz… Yes, they were both teenagers.
  47. Now it could be done by a couple of teenagers with an iPhone.
  48. When he lied to these teenagers about the train, he wasn’t.
  49. Were these teenagers married? Was the boy really a preacher?
  50. Four teenagers were sitting at his table, watching us alertly.
  51. These stories weren’t just to keep teenagers out of the tun-.
  52. Those two events first energized, then enraged the two teenagers.
  53. When Samantha and Lucas were teenagers, Samantha had to move to.
  54. Media sort were babbling about teenagers and their addiction to.
  55. All four of us were teenagers when we met the Swordsmen in combat.
  56. Yesterday’s teenagers were the ones making today’s accusations.
  57. I know, love, but they’re teenagers, all hormones and attitude.
  58. Bozo disappeared as the teenagers passed without a word or a glance.
  59. As a lot of teenagers do, they search for who they are within books.
  60. Unfortunately, however, there was a group of teenagers in the al ey.
  61. Along with teenagers wage slaves: working for less than minimum wage.
  62. Teenagers can see the example from the behavior of their own parents.
  63. But these soulless teenagers are unaware that they are being stalked.
  64. The place was full of adrenalin psyched teenagers, pumped for action.
  65. Some teenagers believe that having a baby will help make things better.
  66. The most dangerous form of depression is the one suffered by teenagers.
  67. The teenagers bunched together, making a game of trying to intimidate him.
  68. You and a bunch of teenagers sold dope on the south side of Chicago?
  69. Maybe it’s just teenagers experimenting, I said, grabbing the box.
  70. It was difficult to find adoptive homes for teenagers, but not for Ashley.
  71. Approximately 80% of all acne sufferers in the United States are teenagers.
  72. Teenagers steal trains, cars, boats and airplanes all the time these days.
  73. By 1988, 35% of black teenagers (16–19 years of age) were unemployed as.
  74. Somehow these four teenagers hardly seemed like the monsters others would.
  75. This is a prepaid card for teenagers that could be loaded by their parents.
  76. The two teenagers lay there amongst the grass amidst a most awkward silence.
  77. O’Hara lit himself a cigarette and then glanced back at the two teenagers.
  78. They seemed the brightest, most interesting teenagers I had ever seen, like.
  79. Sadly, one of the common problems associated with teenagers is that of drugs.
  80. When the bus pulled up, a group of older teenagers and young adults got off.
  81. Teenagers: honouring your parents - to tell your mum and dad: I love you.
  82. Jensen had brought over Chinese takeout to share with Morse and his teenagers.
  83. It started, as with so much else in the life of teenagers, with the Internet.
  84. The music scene among teenagers in England at that time was divided into two.
  85. Teenagers and pre-teens may simply have a harder time dealing with bedwetting.
  86. The lot was deserted, except for a few teenagers hanging out next to the road.
  87. Family history of drug abuse has a profound impact on the teenagers themselves.
  88. Nancy did four more return trips with children and young teenagers before 484.
  89. The Marines were all a lot younger than me—practically teenagers, some of them.
  90. I could never understand why, since he barely spent time with his own teenagers.
  91. Teenagers, barefoot and wearing ripped jeans, are all the rage, these days.
  92. I wondered what he meant by it, but I could just as well ask the teenagers myself.
  93. Many of us were more instinctual and intuitive when we were children or teenagers.
  94. The fact that our heroes were once teenagers, is usually far from our minds, and.
  95. He noticed an equal assortment of adults and teenagers out on the sandy sidewalks.
  96. The problem is that many teenagers and pre-teens are working very hard to become.
  97. Nancy then kissed both teenagers on the cheek, tears starting to roll on her face.
  98. One look at the two teenagers made Bill understand why their ship had such a name.
  99. When the bus pulled up, a group of older teenagers and young adults got off.
  100. Teenagers are usually prone to drug abuse when they are in the state of depression.

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