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  1. There was mail, some telegrams, some papers to sign.
  2. Ten minutes later two telegrams flashed over the wires.
  3. Alexey Alexandrovitch took the telegrams and opened them.
  4. But he wrote letters each day and sent telegrams to Alice and the baby.
  5. But there were no more telegrams, except the two that were sent last night.

  6. Senator Newlands suggested that the telegrams, some signed by the name of Mr.
  7. Telegrams from commanding officers to dead soldiers’ next of kin began that way.
  8. Rogers Takes a Stand on New European Dispute, in Will Rogers’ Daily Telegrams, vol.
  9. As for the foreign telegrams of the Daily Post, he cared not how they would be subedited.
  10. After dinner several telegrams were sent to people interested in the result of the election.
  11. However, it is not you, Prascovia, that I am blaming; it was not you who sent those telegrams.
  12. Tom Bolles rushed to the Western Union office in Poughkeepsie and fired off telegrams back home.
  13. In the meantime tens of thousands of telegrams flew from Russia to France, and from France to Russia.
  14. Franklin then produced a thick package of telegrams which he had received in relation to the disaster.
  15. But he wrote letters each day and sent telegrams that said brief, nice, direct things to Alice and baby.

  16. Olenka had received telegrams from her husband before; but this time, somehow, she was numbed with terror.
  17. A passenger on the Carpathia said there was no wonder that none of the wireless telegrams addressed to Mr.
  18. Herzen's prophecy of the modern Ghenghis Khan with his telegrams is completely realized by this governor.
  19. That he had some, and pressing ones, was soon borne in upon me by the number of telegrams which he received.
  20. The same occurs in the telegrams which were exchanged between the Emperor of Russia and the President of France.
  21. In fact, she said that she had sent telegrams to many of the actors apologizing to them and asking them to return.
  22. The first cable was put down during the years 1857–1858; but after transmitting about 400 telegrams, it went dead.
  23. Yes, I know all about the sending of the telegrams to inquire whether 'the old woman is likely to turn up her toes soon.
  24. But when we put in at New London and send ashore for further instructions, and for the papers, you can send your telegrams.
  25. During the six days of my visit he had never fewer than three or four telegrams a day, and sometimes as many as seven or eight.

  26. Again there is in both telegrams a gratuitous mention of peace, which has nothing in common with the celebrations of the sailors.
  27. But for his last telegrams, she would not have started even now, because she did not realize the dangerous character of his illness.
  28. Oh, by the way, all telegrams for the Yard are coming here, so when they come in, do take them down to the basement, won’t you?’.
  29. In short order, telegrams began to rattle out of Dix’s office to the chambers of commerce of every city, town, and hamlet in the state.
  30. The so-called financial services are organizations that send out uniform bulletins (sometimes in the form of telegrams) to their subscribers.
  31. Rick Spalding had followed with interest the flurry of telegrams and phone calls in and out of the Presidential residence in the last few weeks.
  32. They claim that four days before the attack, FDR could have sent telegrams of condolence to the families of the servicemen he was allowing to be killed.
  33. I happen to know that the late Lord Southerton's valet was in his pay, and that he used to have telegrams from him every few hours to tell him how he was getting on.
  34. Amaranta fetched the ledger where she had written down the facts about her nephews and as the telegrams arrived she drew lines through the names until only that of the eldest remained.
  35. He hardly opened his lips during that weary trudge across the moor, nor would he enter the school when he reached it, but went on to Mackleton Station, whence he could send some telegrams.
  36. I foresee that every morning a regular crowd of them, provided with quarter-roubles from the editorial office, will be flocking round me to seize my ideas on the telegrams of the previous day.
  37. In order to build a strong union of laborers on the dock Richard had taken to writing advertising copy, letters to editors, telegrams to politicians and whatever means he could muster to stir the controversy pot.
  38. It was very late when it occurred, for my relative, who had been receiving even more telegrams than usual during the day, went off to his study after dinner, and only emerged when the household had retired to bed.
  39. The old gentleman liked the fun, and amused himself by sending odd bundles, mysterious messages, and funny telegrams, and his gardener, who was smitten with Hannah's charms, actually sent a love letter to Jo's care.
  40. They had moved far afield of the subject when a maid interrupted them to hand Fermina Daza a letter that had just arrived by special urban mail, a recent creation that used the same method of distribution as telegrams.
  41. That left the eleven telegraph operators in Hildebranda Sanchez’s province who had handled telegrams with their complete names and exact addresses, and Hildebranda Sánchez herself, and her court of indomitable cousins.
  42. We shot telegrams, teletypes and phone calls back and forth, with me standing in front of the big board at field number one and perhaps Howard-Smythe, or Bernie, or Dawley on the other end, staring at the map on their board.
  43. She would not let him out until the fourth day, when the telegrams received from different places along the coast made it clear that the fury of the invisible enemy was directed only at the brothers marked with the crosses of ash.
  44. A vast number of cities and provinces decided to send special deputations to Toulon and Paris, in order to welcome the Russian guests and to offer them presents to remember France by, or to send to them addresses and telegrams of welcome.
  45. I have heard the captain criticised because he did not answer telegrams, but all that I can say is that he showed us every possible courtesy, and if we had been on our own boats, having paid our fares there, we could not have had better food or better accommodations.
  46. Even the triumphant issue of his labors could not save him from reaction after so terrible an exertion, and at a time when Europe was ringing with his name and when his room was literally ankle-deep with congratulatory telegrams I found him a prey to the blackest depression.
  47. Churchill pretended to be captured by the Boers, then he pretended to escape from a Boer police station and he spent six months running around South Africa popping into Post Offices to send telegrams to the London press in which he self-publicized himself with fake heroic exploits.
  48. He was nine-and-twenty, and, though he pursued the unpoetical avocation of sub-editing the foreign telegrams on a London daily newspaper, retained some of the vehemence of undergraduate days when he had chosen the career—now abandoned—of poet, artist, dramatist and irreconcilable politician.
  49. I found his story in the memories of Olympians, former POWs and airmen, Japanese veterans, and the family and friends who once formed the home front; in diaries, letters, essays, and telegrams, many written by men and women who died long ago; in military documents and hazy photographs; in unpublished memoirs buried in desk drawers; in deep stacks of affidavits and war-crimes trial records; in forgotten papers in archives as far-flung as Oslo and Canberra.
  50. The crowd sees, for example, that triumphal arches are being erected; that men masquerade in crowns, uniforms, vestments; that fireworks are displayed, cannon are fired, bells are rung, regiments are marching with music, documents, telegrams, and couriers fly from one place to another, and strangely masquerading men with preoccupation keep riding from one place to another, saying and writing something, and so forth,—and, not being able to verify whether there is the slightest need for what is being done (as, indeed, there is none), ascribes to all this a special, mysterious, and important meaning, and with shouts of transport or with silent awe meets all these manifestations.

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    Unfortunately we have no example sentences for this word yet.

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1. He handed me a telegram.
2. I have a telegram for you.
3. Huxtable had sent a telegram.
4. Is there a telegram for me?
5. Received a telegram from Grot.
6. Marilyn sent this telegram to Mr.
7. When was the telegram sent?
8. Madame told me about the telegram.
9. A telegram was traveling on its way.
10. Then it is you who sent me a telegram.
11. I have a telegram for Eight Dog Sugar.
12. It was a telegram, a long one, collect.
13. This telegram was received at six-forty.
14. Telegram was the reason why Greece and.
15. He wants to send some telegram or other.
16. The telegram was to be mailed that night.
17. I received the telegram only this morning.
18. Send a telegram saying I will come at once.
19. Doc laid the telegram beside him on the cot.
20. You can give him the general's telegram, too.
21. I received a telegram from her four days ago.
22. The telegram will cost only eighty cents, Mrs.
23. Tāgore sent a telegram to Gāndhiji saying:.
24. Wonderful inspiration! Telegram! A papal bull!.
25. Then he wrote a long telegram upon a cable form.
26. She suggested he send his old friend a telegram.
27. The Superior Evening Telegram, 30 January 1970.
28. Allcock that a telegram had just arrived for Mr.
29. I needed to send a telegram as soon as possible.
30. After sending off the telegram, she went to dress.
31. Alone, he sat at the table and read the telegram.
32. I was just notified by telegram that fellow you.
33. I’ll send her a telegram with the instructions.
34. Thank you for your kind letters since the telegram.
35. A similar telegram was sent to the King of England.
36. I sent a telegram to my stubborn, ineffective legs.
37. The telegram said there was trouble, Jed said.
38. Again he was alone at home when the telegram arrived.
39. I hold over telegram to Holmwood till have seen you.
40. George smiled at Lydia as he handed her the telegram.
41. I saw the celebratory telegram on the bureau nearby.
42. I got your telegram, and I came at the hour you said.
43. It was only this morning that I sent them a telegram.
44. He smiled contemptuously, and flung down the telegram.
45. The telegram sent by Nekhludoff crossed him on the way.
46. I waited till I had seen you, as I said in my telegram.
47. She opened the telegram with trembling hands and read:.
48. She was the one who had sent me the telegram, after all.
49. The telegram had reached Tarascon two hours ahead of him.
50. Was a “singing telegram” the first “voice mail?”.
51. The emergency committee received a telegram that Ernest P.
52. I received a telegram from the government this morning.
53. Nota bene, in Madam's telegram he went south from Carfax.
54. This evening, a telegram is delivered that Ava reads aloud.
55. The telegram still remains the only solid thing with which.
56. Scarlett was in Marietta when Rhett’s urgent telegram came.
57. A few days later she got a telegram: Harvey had been wounded.
58. A telegram was dispatched to each of the stations between St.
59. She sent this telegram to Ethel and Bobby on June 13, 1962:.
60. On Tuesday morning came a telegram from London that he was ill.
61. I think it was on the third day that a telegram signed Henry C.
62. Carruthers took a telegram from his pocket "That's it," said he.
63. The answer came in a night letter telegram about ten days later.
64. The hat was lined with cash; I sent a telegram and took a train.
65. Vronsky called the valet back, and told him to bring the telegram.
66. The very sight of his face frightened her more than his telegram.
67. The duty officer announced that a telegram had arrived from Moscow.
68. The telegram said nothing of what his injuries were, or how serious.
69. Then three days before my scheduled departure I received a telegram.
70. He read it and said, If it was me, I’d make it like a telegram.
71. If a telegram to say that we had become legatees had arrived from, St.
72. So that was how he knew where to send the telegram? Breckenridge.
73. Harker's telegram, there came a quiet, resolute knock at the hall door.
74. A telegram boy stepped in nimbly, threw an envelope on the counter and.
75. Unless Jed was lying about when he got the telegram, Breckenridge.
76. Why would he send a telegram to you before there was any trouble?
77. For more than two weeks, the director’s telegram has echoed in his head.
78. Just wondered, Wolf said, the lie as readable on his face as a telegram.
79. But on Wednesday he wrote a telegram to Bonamy, telling him to come at once.
80. I leaped from bed, seized the telegram, ran to the front door, threw it wide.
81. When he got the telegram, he had, of course, set off post-haste to our town.
82. Grace had promised to send a telegram once she was sure of what was going on.
83. Then, his head wagging, he came near, drew a folded telegram from his pocket.
84. This was the telegram which you appear in some inexplicable way to have seen.
85. Congratulations, dear friend, he told Úrsula, showing her the telegram.
86. With trembling hands Anna took the telegram, and read what Vronsky had told her.
87. He sent Schmeling a congratulatory telegram of his own: We are proud of you.
88. That evening, when Kelsey was visiting Martha, someone brought her a telegram:.
89. In the hall I met Quincey Morris, with a telegram for Arthur telling him that Mrs.
90. Even I can remember when a telegram meant just one thing— a death in the family.
91. In his telegram, Joe had told her she was going to resume her Montessori training.
92. You must send me the telegram every day, and if there be cause I shall come again.
93. The telegram was deliberately leaked to the US Ambassador by British intelligence.
94. I sent your telegram, Howard-Smythe recited, as we walked back toward the train.
95. As we had expected, the telegram was soon followed by its sender, and the card of Mr.
96. Vronsky’s valet came in to ask him to sign a receipt for a telegram from Petersburg.
97. I showed him the telegram, which read simply: 'Gravely injured come at once Sebastian.
98. Of course she’s furious—her not answering our telegram is proof positive of that.
99. He was hurrying out of the hotel to go downtown, when a telegram was put into his hand.
100. I hope that you did receive the telegram I sent from San Francisco two days ago?’’.

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