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Telekinesis in a sentence | telekinesis example sentences

  1. It's called Telekinesis.
  2. Why are true telekinesis.
  3. Slowly move tiny objects with telekinesis.
  4. He had never experienced telekinesis before.
  5. I had gentle powers of telekinesis and some.

  6. Objects moved with Telekinesis are not thrown.
  7. Telekinesis training is also Uncle Dylan's responsibility.
  8. Other than wires, and true telekinesis, I can offer no explanation.
  9. He wanted to dematerialise objects, levitate and use telekinesis to move.
  10. But if the character does NOT have Telekinesis, then this adds one die to.
  11. This Power can be used at a long distance if the character has Telekinesis.
  12. There was nothing for my sisters to hurl with telekinesis, and the angry.
  13. I have some psionic abilities, one of which is limited telekinesis, Garcia said.
  14. This Bonus al ows a character to throw objects using Telekinesis, See Throwing Things.
  15. IE: a character with Magnetism would only be able to effect metal objects with Telekinesis or Shape.

  16. I approached the door and cast a minor unlocking spell and then pushed the door open with telekinesis.
  17. He then turned his wand on me, but I used my telekinesis to grab a chair and hit him from behind with it before he could attack me.
  18. She was one of the strongest telepaths on Vulcan, with skills in telekinesis, healing, remote viewing, and, so some believed, the ability to predict the future.
  19. He then decided to practice a bit his telekinesis talents and used his mind to raise in the air, then flip over the slice of bread smothered with mayonnaise, dropping it in place on top of the sandwich.
  20. Thankfully, that person of interest saved our agent, along with herself, demonstrating in the process some incredible mental powers, like superhuman strength, making men burst in flames from inside, telekinesis and touch healing.
  21. Are you some kind of supernatural? I chocked out and he shook his head No, I’m as human as can be, the only supernatural thing here is my ring, it contains the power not me, I just control it in some sort of telekinesis.

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