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Temporal in a sentence

The temporal anomaly must be.
The temporal battle was tribal.
I will use the temporal modulator.
The temporal lobe of our brains is.
So, stop holding on to temporal things.
However, these were temporal fragmentations.

Your divergent self destroyed the temporal.
His harem filled with temporal state actors.
Now, the Temporal Directive had been violated.
STUS stood for Synaptic Temporal Uniformity Scan.
Where else would a temporal anomaly be held?’.
When used as a question, it asks for a temporal.
Apart from Him, everything is only temporal vanity.
M: All experience is illusory, limited and temporal.
Later, we argue that the different temporal modes.
The love of money trumped the love of temporal power.
They move between it and a temporal fire in rotation.
Torah and its teachings into every iota of temporal life.
And it delivers what it promises in this temporal World.
A large-scale temporal shield is exactly what is needed.
Because we live in a temporal world and there is a delay.
He would have to study the Temporal Directive for answers.
Inthe papal states the Pope exercised temporal as well as.
They would stoop to any low level to boost their temporal.
For example, what is the detailed temporal composition of.
You once asked me about my temporal sense, Guinan said.
Tempted by the pleasures of temporal power, alas, what a.
Man can, and will, do much to lessen his temporal sufferings.
My good temporal mother was, however, so kind as to use all the.
You wanted to know more about my temporal sense, Guinan said.
The temporal proximity of the signal precludes testing its role in.
The temporal lobe has also been implicated in near-death experiences.
Temporal: Relating to time, not to eternity; relating to earthly life.
Another view is an intermediate state of temporal punishment that is.
Though research to date bearing upon the temporal horizon hypothesis.
I hate temporal anomalies, Garcia muttered, rubbing his forehead.
The whole of the temporal world fades into unimportance and he sees her.
There is a temporal war coming, has come, will come, is currently raging.

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